How about a DIFFERENT type of Unity day?


Americans seem to have developed an actual NEED to LABEL everything.  We are now close to another national get together day to be held on May 16th in the district of corruption.   Some people are trying to label it as “an American Spring”.

We saw the million bikers day where quite probably MORE than a million bikers came, rode through the streets in the district of corruption and THEN went home.  Even though it was meant to be seen as another “warning” to the owners of America and their puppets in congress, what it really accomplished was to show that more than a million people own and ride motor cycles.

There are the TEA Party rallies where people get together in mass and listen to well scripted speeches by the highly paid media darlings who are supposed to be “on the side of the people who still believe in America’s Constitution”.   VERY HIGH PAID media darlings that the media itself has appointed as “spokespeople for the patriots” and who the people flock to because the media has anointed these persons as the “people’s leaders”.

The crowds will gather for this “American Spring Day” the same as they do for ALL the TEA Party rallies.  The people will waive flags (both the American flag and the Gadsden flag).  The cameras will be rolling from the pre constructed platforms and the highly paid media darlings will give their well written, well rehearsed patriotic speeches from the pre setup stages.   ALL saying essentially the SAME thing which as always is “THEY (meaning the puppets in those government structures) CAN’T DO THIS TO US as well as the usual WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE”.   There may even be a couple of the owner’s herders from those government structures showing up to say “we’re on YOUR side and we are doing ALL THAT WE CAN to help you, but we NEED your CONTINUED support to keep fighting for you”.   People (as usual) will be heard to shout ‘yeah and yea’.   There may even be several “Hooahs” heard from the crowds as well.

At the end of the day the crowds will disperse and return to their home towns and the perceived safety of their dwellings and ALL feeling good about themselves.  ALL of them thinking “we really showed THEM this time didn’t we”.  The stages and camera platforms will be taken down as the street and park cleaning crews come in to do their job.  The Hotels and Motels and gas stations and restaurants and convenience stores will ALL have enjoyed a good day as well.

The following day the country remains the same as it was the day before the rally took place, with the owner’s puppets continuing to destroy this nation more and more.   BUT … at least the people will feel good about themselves for awhile again and THAT is really ALL that matters.  Isn’t it?

How about Americans doing something DIFFERENT?   Since Americans seem to need to schedule things long in advance, how about selecting a specific day to initiate a REAL American Spring?

NO mass get together to feel good about ourselves rallies.  NO stages setup for the highly paid media darlings to give patriotic speeches from.  NO stages for the owner’s herders to continue to keep the people “in line” by claiming to be on the side of the people but needing the people’s support to continue.  NO bands, NO camera’s … NOTHING.

JUST PATRIOTIC AMERICANS getting together with friends and family in the privacy of THEIR OWN HOMES.  Getting together to discuss just HOW MANY of America’s freedoms have they seen lost in just their lifetimes alone.  To discuss how the owners of this nation’s government are using their puppets in government to bankrupt this nation.  How the puppets in government on BOTH sides of the owner’s political party are inviting millions upon millions to illegally INVADE this nation, taking jobs away from Americans who are already at ridiculously high unemployment figures and FINANCIALLY REWARDING THOSE INVADERS with American taxpayer money and services paid for by the taxpayers.  How the courts in America have been corrupted.  How under this present owner’s administration this country is now funding terrorism instead of fighting it.  How America’s youth are being brought up in the public “education” system to favor Marxist socialism over freedom.  How America’s youth are being deliberately indoctrinated to be vassals of the state and nothing more.  There are a myriad of atrocities that NEED to be DISCUSSED by all true patriotic Americans.

THEN people should begin to discuss among themselves how much better and better off this nation would be if ALL those in political office at any and all levels were once again representative of the people of this nation and not the owners’ party.

Then from each of those groups, one or two people should be designated to be the representatives of that one particular group.  FROM those home meetings OTHER home meetings should take place in the individual homes of those who were in attendance at the first meeting.  From THOSE GROUPS one or two people should be designated to be the representatives of THOSE groups and placed in contact with the representatives of the first groups.  And keep linking the representatives from all those groups together.  It could even be done through a website.

Soon enough there will be meetings held in every city, town, borough and village in this nation by people who want to see this country not only saved, but restored to the original intent of its’ founders.  And if representatives of each group meeting were placed in contact with the representatives of all the other group meetings, soon enough you would have true representatives of the people actually formed nationwide.  Inadvertently a new political party would actually be formed.  A party OF the people … created BY the people of this nation themselves … and a party FOR the actual people of this nation.  A party NOT under the control and direction of those who purchased the existing major political party and in the process America’s actual government.

At ALL of these group home meetings people should ONLY discuss what has been done to this nation and how it could still be saved and restored to the original intent of its’ founders.

At ALL of these group home meetings people SHOULD NOT discuss the raising of money because the raising of money is a deliberate self defeating psychological weapon used by the owners through their media to intimidate the populace into self defeatism and continued submission to the owners.  UNIFICATION of the populace needs to take place FIRST.   AFTER unification takes place, THEN and ONLY then should finance be addressed.

IF those in America who are STILL loyal to this nation and its’ Constitution TRULY want to experience a TRUE American spring, then they should follow the EXAMPLE that was set FOR them BY THE FOUNDERS of America.  The founders didn’t have large well orchestrated party atmosphere get togethers.  There were no highly paid media darlings appointed as “leaders of the people” to direct the thought process of the people, because there was no large owned and controlled media.  They were not a technology empowered and technology enslaved populace.  THEY WERE PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT FOR THEMSELVES.

Their thoughts were conveyed in SMALL groups in private homes and little by little expanded from there.  But they FIRST discussed in earnest in their OWN HOMES.  They began in small groups to choose WHO should represent each group.  From there they decided on THEIR OWN just WHO should represent combined groups.  When the first “American Spring” took place aka the American Revolution it was THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES and AGAIN from their own home groups that decided just WHO was to be placed into the newly formed government.  They had no financial group to provide their leaders for them and make the populace only choose from those people.  They chose THEIR OWN people for government.

It CAN be that way again.  But first a TRUE American Spring needs to develop and grow from the roots of liberty germinated in the true soil of America which is in America’s homes.

And since Americans for some reason need to preplan and setup a particular date to do something, then USE THIS COMING FOURTH OF JULY AS THAT PREPLANNED DATE.  In between the swilling of beer and the Bar-B-Q’s and before going to the taxpayer funded fireworks shows, try discussing all that was stated above.  Then move forward in earnest from there.


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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