Honest Questions Pertaining to Syria


Honest Questions Pertaining to Syria.

Honest Questions pertaining to Syria can never even hope to be honestly answered by anyone involved in orchestrating this latest America backed regime change.   But I will venture to ask a few of them anyway.   Because there is so much about what has occurred and what is continuing to occur in the Mideast that just does not seem to make actual sense.

Over the past few days I have read many different articles about Russian fighter jets deliberately flying too aerial saber rattling 2close to American military planes which is in violation of international flight safety guidelines.

Those actions were in undeniable response to our military shooting down a Syrian military jet that was bombing an American and Saudi funded terrorist camp inside of Syria.

I have also read several articles about NATO fighter jets deliberately flying too close to Russian aircraft in order to taunt THEM.   Even though THOSE incidents will never make it to the American public because our owners’ media will for the most part not allow such things to be known.

Then I watched a video of an American General saber rattling, claiming that if Russia were to actually shoot down an American fighter jet that we would retaliate with extreme prejudice against both Russian and Syrian military airfields in Syria, totally destroying all of them.   I also watched a translated version of a Russian General doing saber rattling of his own speaking about defending a sovereign country against American aggression.

ALL of this deliberate escalation of hostilities by our military in that region of the Mideast tends to bring up a slew of honest questions that we Americans as usual will never receive any honest answers to.

Honest Question One:  WHEN did Syria declare a state of war against America?

Honest Question Two:  When did America declare a state of war against Syria?

Honest Answer:  Neither Syria nor America declared war against the other.

A typical indoctrinated media viewer would say:  The United Nation’s decided on its own to inject itself into Syria and America is a member of the United Nations.

Honest Question Three:  Did Syria declare war against the U.N.?

Honest Question Four:  Did the U.N. declare war against Syria?

A typical indoctrinated media viewer would say:  The U.N. injected itself into Syrian Affairs for Humanitarian reasons.   Assad was killing his own people.

Honest Question Five:  If Assad was killing his own people then why did the clear majority of his people actually support him and braved terrorist assaults to get to the polls to cast their votes to keep him?

Honest Question Six:  Was it not just the American and Saudi funded terrorists that opposed Assad because they wanted him ousted from his own country?    And was it not the American and Saudi funded terrorists who started all the killing in the first place?

A typical indoctrinated media viewer would say: The media said Assad used deadly gas against his own people, not just once but twice.

Honest Question Seven:  Was not the first gas attack in Syria proven to have been committed by the American and Saudi funded terrorists and not by the Assad military, and was not the second gas attack found to have not been lethal gas that was used, and was in reality a staged event widely publicized by the media blaming Assad and the Syrian military?

Honest Question Eight:  Why would the inhabitants of Syria, one of the few Mideast countries that actually embraced the twentieth and the twenty first century; where the country and the people themselves openly tolerated ALL forms of religion from islam to Christianity; where education was openly encouraged equally for the female as well as the male inhabitants of the country; a country where western literature was not banned; voluntarily want their country thrust back to the medieval times that other Mideast countries have now been forced back into?

Honest Question Nine:  Why do our owners always have their privately controlled puppet government actively pursue regime change in any and all countries that are not as economically and militarily strong as America just because those countries do not agree with us politically, and they do not want America to have any vested interest in their country?

Honest Question Ten:  The entire world including America benefitted from the defeat of both the Nazi’s and the Japanese Empire in WWII, but can anyone name one single war our owners gave Americans to die in AFTER WWII that benefitted the American people themselves?

Honest Question Eleven:  When was the last time our owners’ highly scripted media ever told the actual truth about this country’s REAL involvement in the overthrow of any foreign regime?

Our founders were very much against even the thought of America forcing it’s will upon other countries.   That is until the Monroe Doctrine was initiated.   However … there was a small bit of legitimacy involved with the Monroe Doctrine.   When it was created it was to provide protection for America itself by “protecting” all of South America as well as Canada from military conquest and even forced colonization by foreign powers, thus insuring the safety of America itself.   In essence America claimed “the right of self-protection” in order to become the policing power of most of the western hemisphere.   By that time no other country in our hemisphere was strong enough to protect themselves and America already possessed a formidable navy and army.   Thus there was no real objection registered against the act.

However … that act seemed to have somehow granted our owners “license” to begin the expansion of “our protection” to cover the entire world and begin what is now referred to as “American Imperialism”.   We claimed “just cause” to use America’s military to protect American investments in foreign countries.   But America has no “investments” in Syria.  And Syria does not want American investments in Syria.

After WWI, Rockefeller, to protect his own foreign investments as well as the foreign investments of his friends, was very instrumental in creating the first “League of Nations”, which failed but was later recreated as the flag of world dominationUnited Nations”.   Now America’s owners could legitimately use the financial and military might of America itself to protect their own foreign interests.   After that NATO was likewise created to further their military protection.   With those as their foundation, the long dreamed of New World Order had finally begun.

But a different tactic needed to be found and used to bring that New World Order concept to fruition.

Our owners’ are all capitalists.   Communism is anti-capitalist.   But communism cannot exist without capitalism to fund it, and thus the communists could easily be managed because they needed money the same as the capitalist side of the party did.   So after taking financial control of both the democrat and republican parties that Americans were foolish enough to totally turn their own country over to, an illusion was needed to maintain the idea that both political parties were not under the same ownership and control.   To create that illusion Marxist Socialists were allowed to take over complete managerial control of the democrat side of the party.   Our owners’ media touted all the socialists as “true Americans who cared about the people” and the people were gullible enough to fall for it.   To help prevent the possibility that Americans could wake up to the fact they were being manipulated toward their own national demise, Jimmy Carter was induced to sell out the future of most of America’s youth by letting the Marxists purchase complete control over the public education system.   Thus changing it into the public Marxist socialist indoctrination system where entire generations could then be raised believing in and supporting their own self-destruction.

That was not enough though.  Pitting communism against capitalism in America alone would not bring about the NWO agenda fast enough.  A global catalyst was needed.

Abraham Lincoln (the great “emancipator of the slaves” that huge monuments have been built in adoration of) could not have cared less about slaves.   But the newly formed Republican Party wanted to win the presidency.   So Lincoln created the issue of slavery in the famous Lincoln/Douglas debates and then ran against it.   THAT ‘creating an issue to run against’ is a strategy that has been duplicated MANY times hence.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when he was under-secretary of the Navy, sent an open and un-coded telegram to England stating that the Lusitania, a civilian passenger ship was carrying arms and ammunition to England.   An action that was completely forbidden under international law.   The Lusitania was torpedoed resulting in the FDRloss of a great many civilian lives and that issue got America involved into WWI.   Roosevelt deliberately created the issue that was successful in getting us involved in that war.

When he was later made president, Roosevelt knew ahead of time that Japan was planning to attack Pearl Harbor.   He let the attack occur and then used that incident to claim the “day of Infamy” issue which got us involved into the Second World War that he had been trying to succeed in doing ever since Hitler invaded Poland.

John F. Kennedy committed military troops to assist our military advisers who were already in Vietnam since the Eisenhower term.   He committed those troops because he was one of those who believed that communism could actually be stopped militarily.   But it can’t REALLY be stopped that way because communism is an ideology that preys upon the weak minded and gets those of lower intellect to become willing servants of totalitarian masters.   Kennedy quickly realized that actual military involvement was destined to failure as the South Vietnamese government backed further away from conflict and let America take over.   Kennedy then decided to withdraw our military from Vietnam which may have been yet another contributing factor to his murder.    Lyndon B. Johnson and his group created the totally fraudulent “Gulf of Tonkin” incident, knowing that the American people would be ignorant enough to fall for it and he began the massive buildup of American troops in South Vietnam.   But it was a war that our owners never intended to win.   They instead were using it as a testing ground for new weaponry and tactics.   When it was later exposed that the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident was false, the reply was nothing much more than, “well we’re there now so just deal with it”.   Johnson and his group followed the tactic of Lincoln by “creating the issue” which ultimately caused America the needless deaths of well over fifty thousand Americans.

George W. Bush followed the “creating the issue” tactic when he and our owners decided to invade Iraq.   A country that had absolutely nothing at all to do with the September 11th 2001 attack on America.   He claimed that Iraq had ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and indeed Iraq most definitely DID have such weapons because Hussein actually used them against the Kurds.   But what they ALSO knew AHEAD OF TIME was that Saddam Hussein had transferred his entire arsenal of gas to Syria.   The same gas that was later used against the Syrian people by the American and Saudi funded terrorists and then blamed on Assad and the Syrian military.   But as always the American people were gullible and would fall for the lie because they wanted retaliation against someone, anyone at all for 9/11.   So with the nonstop hype of our owners’ media about “weapons of mass destruction”, coupled with the speeches of our owners’ puppets in their privately owned and controlled congress claiming the same story, America has once again become involved in a never ending war costing us thousands upon thousands of MORE American lives and TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars.

What was conveniently ignored by our owners’ congressional puppets as well as their entire media is that ALL countries with a military possess “weapons of mass destruction”.   There are no exceptions.   They also “conveniently forgot to mention” that muslims have been killing and torturing other muslims ever since that cult was created and forced upon others.   It is and always has been an accepted existence for any and all who live under the tyranny of islam.   But Americans were angry and when they are angry people can quite easily be manipulated.

George W. Bush and his group created the issue that not only got us involved in yet another endless war, but was also used to “hit the hornets’ nest” and officially revive the muslim dream of world conquest using “immigration” into the countries meant for conquering as their initial act of conquest which is then followed by terrorism and political upheaval.

But like Iraq, Syria could not in any way, shape or form be connected to 9/11 either.   So the “gassing his own people” (even though the majority of them actually supported him) was created to be used against Assad.   The gassing only occurred after the American and Saudi funded terrorists began their assault on Syria, but that is something Americans are not to concern themselves with.   Our owners quite probably figure that if their media was so successful with that same story against Hussein, and since almost all Americans take their entire directions in life from the media, then just “use what works” again.

There are always multiple sides to every issue, and in this world that is being deliberately made more volatile everyday, people need to step back and actually look into all sides.  To not do that is to admit they are willingly indoctrinated and wholeheartedly believe only what “their side” puts forth.

So what is the REAL reason America is being used to overthrow yet another country that never attacked us; never intended to get involved with any group or country that intended to attack us; and just wanted America and its’ owners to leave them alone?   No one other than our owners will ever know.

There is no need for me to include any videos in this article.   I have already placed video documentation about the gas attacks and what the Syrian people themselves reportedly think about what is happening to their country in another article titled … Why Do We Allow This? … and that article with those supporting videos can be seen by just clicking of this included title of that article.

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    Cliff Schans on

    The whole articlecwas spot on and as I’ve constantly beenc speaking out on is we unConstitutionally involved ourselves in this war, as we did with Bush, Johnson and a degree with Kennedy. But in the present we need only to go back to Bush and Obama–and Obamanation for Lybia and a degree Egypt and other terrorists

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      Thank You. And as I stated in the article, our owners do not care about this nation’s constitution just as they do not concern themselves with the people of this nation. To them, we are only here to serve them which includes having our military die in their wars without ever letting the people know WHY . They feel that ALO they have to do is create an excuse for war and their media will relentlessly beat the drums of war until the American people “pick up the beat” and begin the war chants themselves.

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