Hillary Clinton will always be first in history


Hillary Clinton will always be first in history

With nowhere near the level of “drama” the leftists had been desperately hoping to incite, it’s now OFFICIALLY finally over and Donald J. Trump has passed the final barrier that could have been used to prevent the man who is the clear choice of the majority of the states in America from taking his well fought for and well-earned position as America’s 45th President.    Yes the media as expected and predicted was concentrating on the leftists demonstrating outside the various capitals thinking they could still change the outcome.    But it’s FINALLY over.

ALL HOPE for the Clinton cartel, solidly backed by the establishment and their main stream media to stop him has been vanquished.

First: they had their green party candidate whose presence in this election they hoped would pull votes away from Mr. Trump demand a recount of the votes.    But only in the three states that put President Trump over the top and gave him and the American people their win.    That recount not only failed, but it actually DID uncover voting fraud that was not in favor of President Trump but rather was in favor of Clinton.

Next: Even though during the campaign they condemned President Trump for saying he might contest the election if it was found that voting fraud was used against him in sufficient numbers to prevent his winning, it was THEIR candidate that lost.    Then they themselves tried to create the illusion that Trump and the American patriots won because RUSSIA hacked our elections.    The establishments’ media began to blast this false narrative twenty four hours per day seven days per week, hoping that they could get enough patriots to change their mind and get congress to actually nullify the election based solely on their fraudulent story.

They failed in THAT attempt as well.    They failed because after witnessing firsthand the openly displayed bias of the media against President Trump ever since the first day he declared his candidacy; And knowing the truth that it was NOT the Russians who hacked into the DNC and Clinton emails that displayed so much corruption by them as well as racism etc. but rather it came from A LEAK from a disgruntled DNC insider that caused the total exposure of the DNC and Clinton.    And knowing the truth the public was not going to be fooled by them.

Next: They tried to get electors for Trump to go against the will of the voters of their respective states and thus place themselves above the will of the people and change their votes over to anyone BUT President Trump.    THAT was backed up by the left with the usual and to be expected harassment of the electors, coupled with the usual death threats if they did not change their vote.    AND quite probably bribes were offered as well considering Soros was more than likely behind some if not most of it.    THEN they even assembled a group of hollyweird has-beens to make a video “appealing to the electors” to go AGAINST the will of the people of their respective states, because they thought that since MOST on the left actually worship actors and want to emulate them, that maybe those on the right might follow suit.

ALL of their attempts to STEAL THE ELECTION away from Mr. Trump and the American people FAILED and today the Electoral College ratified the election of 2016.

But the left is not done yet.    They lost the 2016 election three times over but they will continue their fight to convert this nation into a complete Marxist state.    Yes, the communist left does not give up.    Unlike those on the right who accept a political loss and move on with their lives, the Marxists will continue their fight against President Trump and the American patriots who still want this country saved and restored to the magnificence it once held.    And they will continue that fight every single day that President Trump is in office.

The open bias that our owners’ media showed during the primaries and the election cycle itself is nothing really compared to the onslaught they now have planned for at least the next four years, if not eight.    Their attacks against President Trump will be daily.    No matter what he and his administration do, they will be found at fault for some not as yet created reason.

Soros will now quite probably fund even more mob riots against President Trump.    He may even put all of his professional rioters on a permanent employment basis.    They will purposely mix the professional rioters in with the Marxist indoctrinated snowflakes that have been meticulously indoctrinated in America’s public “education” system to grow up hating what this country was founded to be and to favor communist socialism.    Leftist idiots like Moore and others will be setup as the originators of those “demonstrations” that turned violent “through no fault of the peaceful protestors”.     And the establishment’s media will continue to spur ALL of it on with pre-scripted blame attributed to President Trump and his administration.

And ALL BECAUSE the establishment and their Marxist minions and America’s actual foreign enemies FAILED to install the Queen of lies and deceit into the oval office to finish the destruction of this nation and its conversion to complete socialism.    A transformation championed by the one that is now leaving office and who has recently been forensically proven beyond even a shadow of a doubt by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation team to have produced a totally fraudulent birth certificate to claim he is a natural born citizen of this nation as required by the constitution, and as such is now more than ever shown to be the first foreign national to ever hold the office of POTUS.

But even though Hillary Clinton, and the establishment, along with their foreign backers have FAILED, she has STILL EARNED HER PLACE IN AMERICA’S HISTORY.  And she holds MANY ‘firsts’ in her political resume’.

She was the very first woman to ever reach and permanently retain national political prominence strictly by clinging to the coat tails of her husband.

She was the very first woman to repeatedly escape prosecution for multiple scandals she was clearly involved with while the wife of a president.    And primarily because she was the wife of a president that the establishments’ media openly loved and continually praised and protected from HIS crimes as well.

She was the very first woman to ever be given a Senate seat for no other reason than she was married to a former president.

She was the very first woman with absolutely zero ability and experience other than being married to a former president to be given the office of Secretary of State as a consolation prize for bowing out of contention for the presidency at a time when playing the race card was the plan behind putting another totally inexperienced, totally incompetent and even ineligible establishment puppet from the democrat side of the party into the White House.

She was not only the very first woman but the very first person to use the office of Secretary of State as a personal business enterprise, garnering Millions of Dollars for herself and her husband selling political influence.

She was the very first woman to receive the official nomination for president from the democrat side of our owners’ political party.

She was not just the very first woman, but the very first person in America’s entire history to have committed both espionage and treason and be spared from indictment and prosecution by a corrupt political Justice Department, strictly in order for her to become the official nominee for the democrat side of our owners’ political party.

And she was the very first woman to LOSE the SAME election, not just once, but THREE TIMES IN A ROW.    The election itself, the recounts and the attempted interference in the Electoral College to try and STEAL the election away from the person who actually won it.

Yes Hillary Rodham Clinton will forever hold the title of being first in many different ways.    But the ONE TITLE she will NEVER hold is that of PRESIDENT because her time has finally passed.    She is too old now and apparently in far too poor a state of health to ever try again to attain what she has wanted above all things for almost her entire life.

Yes Clinton, the Clinton cartel, the establishment, the establishment’s media, the Marxists in America and the foreign governments who wanted ever increasing control over this nation have all been defeated with the end of this one long fought battle that has lasted more than a year and a half in its’ entirety.

They were NOT defeated by President Trump alone, but rather by the American people themselves.    People  who finally came together in a unified group to prove their disgust for those who only regard this nation as their private domain to do with as they please, and to continue to profit off the sweat and taxes of those Americans still lucky enough to hold employment after the disastrous twenty four long years that preceded their win.    And MOST ESPECIALLY after the last eight years.

HOWEVER … as long as this battle was, it was still only one battle.    It was only the beginning of the revolution Americans have longed to see come for many generations now.    The revolution to take their country back from those who have owned and controlled it for over a century.    It’s in the hands of the people now to continue their quest for freedom and make this country great again.

They definitely COULD have done MORE with this election than they did.    They COULD have removed a great many of our owners’ puppets in congress and replaced them with Independents that would actually represent the people and NOT the establishment.    But they didn’t.    They left the majority of government control in the hands of the establishment by retaining all those who wear the democrat and republican brands of our owners.

But hopefully with the midterm elections of 2018 they will realize their mistake and continue their long wished for revolution, and begin the process of replacing all democrat and republican puppets with Independents.

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