High School kids demand meeting with CEO of Smith and Wesson


High School kids demand meeting with CEO of Smith and Wesson

Democrats like Joe Biden, who invented and implemented the gun free zone in the schools is either really dumb, or is just playing dumb. It delivered the opposite of what they promised. It doesn’t make anyone safer, it makes them sitting ducks. It makes them unable to fight back. Just like Obama’s Hope and Change delivered the opposite of it’s intended definition. No-one knew he meant change America into a shit hole except for him and his handlers. Democrat double speak usually delivers opposite results than what they promise.

The people behind this push for gun control really think they are smarter than us.   They think the US is over, and we small minded people who didn’t go to the universities to be indoctrinated just don’t understand higher learning. Their unicorn and rainbow utopia which doesn’t exist is the driving force behind their motivation.   They consider themselves to be morally and intellectually superior to us after changing the definitions of words like racist, fascist, and NAZI to mean what they do not mean, to label people who are not what the labels imply.

They actually believe America’s Founding Fathers were terrorists for resisting the Crown, the Vatican and the Rothschild’s.  Who is flooding our schools with that garbage??  The Crown, the Vatican and the Rothschild’s.  Just doing what they’ve planned since the 1800’s to destroy the US.  Needless to say, by the time it trickles down to the public high school, it’s an irrational frenzy driven and charged by manipulated emotions.

Last night they tried interviewing some of the people protesting Smith and Wesson, they were all uneducated children who never, not once, made a legitimate statement with a camera and a microphone in the face, as to why they deserve to be heard by the CEO of Smith and Wesson, when he knows that bowing to their demands is financial suicide. They can’t change the laws because what they want is unconstitutional and illegal in the US so they are attempting to bully companies that make and sell guns and ammunition.

I think this is going to boil over and explode.   Or just fade away like so many emotionally charged fads usually do.  I’d make a statement to the media if I was the CEO, but I wouldn’t piss up their entitled uneducated asses if their guts were on fire.  Their demands are directly responsible for the deaths of 94 Million innocent people in the 20th Century, and they are demanding that we implement it here.  4 out of 10 don’t know what the holocaust was. They don’t know history.  They don’t deserve to be heard. They deserve nothing!  They are the driving force of mass murder and need to be treated like they are complicit in it because they are!!

This entire situation is the left emotionally manipulating and conditioning voters so that they will vote against Donald Trump in 2020 in favor of a candidate whose platform will be to kill the 2nd amendment.



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