Most don’t follow politics closely. Many who say they are informed and up to date … aren’t. To be on top of all the calamity and chaos in the political theater, one needs to be clued in from several sources, and then do their own research to see what is factual, and what is fake.

Most on the Right will now tell you that CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, the NY Times, and the WaPo are fake news agencies. They are controlled by the Left, and certainly have a Leftist ideology and agenda at play. Right now, they seem to be working in conjunction for one thing, and that is to dismantle President Trump and his agenda to make America great again.

So you may ask: Why anybody would want to see higher taxes, why anybody would want to see veterans die while waiting for quality health care, why wouldn’t everyone want everyone to have quality health care that is affordable? We can go on and on, such as: Why would we want to ship jobs overseas, while hiring immigrants to replace American workers, or who wants to see our roads, bridges, and airports remain in decay? You see, most people don’t, but most people do not rule the roost, either. Americans have been and continue to be manipulated by a system implanted many moons ago to maintain the control of the money, the power, the people, and to see that their lineage remains intact to continue this charade that we call “American politics”.

Ask yourself this: How did we manage to elect scores of conservatives to both the House and Senate, only to have them become obstructionists now that they have the power and control they have demanded for the past eight years? Did someone get to them to give them an offer they couldn’t refuse, or were they never conservative to begin with?

The answer may be both, as the Powers That Be have their ways of planting their own selected candidates, or by dealing with those who refuse to work with them to fulfill their global agenda. The PTB give them wealth and fame for playing along, or they use and/or create information that gets them removed or not re-elected if they refuse. All one has to do is to sit down with an ex-politicians for a while to have them tell you the truth, or read a “tell-all” book they have written since being a representative. The truth is there, but one has to look for it. Most expect the truth to come running up to them, and that is part of this fallacy… it never will, as the only thing you will have fall into your lap is fake news that is propaganda of, by, and for a Leftist agenda.

The stories that come from the Left are so far from reality that anyone with any intellect can see that it was contrived. Examples are: The Left claims President Trump’s ratings are plummeting, down to the lower 20% range. If that were true, how could he draw tens of thousands to a rally every time, the same as he did while campaigning? The Left claims he is despised in Europe, and that Obama’s ratings today are 10 points higher. But Europeans will say just the opposite, that they love Trump to death and hated Obama with a passion. It is only the troll Medias of Europe who say President Trump is a train wreck, as their people are on the same globalist payrolls as those in America… maybe deeper.

Have you ever heard of “Secret Society” groups that JFK and others have talked about, such as Bilderberg, Council of Foreign Relations, or the Tri-lateral Commission, to name a few? If you never have, then you really need to look them up to get educated on exactly who these members are, and the rolls they play in world politics, economics, manufacturing, environment, education, military, business, and religion. They are the dice rollers at craps, and they have the dealers and pit bosses paid off, as well as having the dice loaded. If you know who these people are, then I don’t need to tell you how important it is today to expose these people, and find ways of shutting them down. And it all starts at the United Nations, a globalist organization that Trump has deemed un-American and communist in their agendas, that needs to be de-funded and removed from American soil.

As Ann Coulter said, “America is being orchestrated from the coasts. Middle America is never included in decisions of what is to be played, but must play the sheet music that has been placed in front of them from the coasts, with the exception of Chicago, and look at the prime example of how they are in taking care of problems. If you don’t come from Harvard, Yale, or USC, then you are a nobody, and regarded as a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.”

And, Washington and the Left still don’t get it. Their world is New York, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, and LA. And each city is hard-core Left. There may be a 50% American population within these progressive cities when you combine them, but the vast amount of states are within the heartland, and the heartland said they are sick and tired of Obamanomics and progressive ideological agendas that never benefit them, but only enriches the coastal, monolithic-powers. The heartland has come alive, and is now fighting back.

A Democrat politician never steps out of line. They goose-step march to Pelosi and Schumer, as you never hear from a single one that they agree with any of the Trump agenda. It’s not that they don’t want to see America made great again, but they want America made great under their decree of statism… full control of every aspect of American lives (and their money), from cradle to grave. The conservative ideology leaves people behind, and only benefits those who are closer to the above average income brackets, so they believe. And to a Liberal, anyone who is left behind is one too many, which makes free markets, business enterprise, and an entrepreneurial society flawed to them. Although it has been proven time and time again that the conservative ideology works best, it will have flaws when the opposition creates roadblocks and chuck holes along the path to detour.

So far, what President Trump has done has worked to improve America’s recovery from ten years of dismal, progressive failure of the Left. Of course, those on the Left proclaim it has failed because Hillary wasn’t elected to complete what they had started. And if they were excited about what Obama did, and didn’t do, while in office, then there could never be a robust economy, national safety, good education, strong military, and rational immigration for this nation. America was quickly headed for a “1984” style of living, and Hillary would have pounded that nail in our coffin, had she been elected.

The Left is grasping as hammers to drive that final nail before the dead arise to take back what was once theirs. And this is why we are seeing a collective campaign from every angle that the Left manipulates to try to take down conservatives, Christians, and those who support Trump. Their last resort to regain America back into the progressive world will be a major war to throw upon this nation, and the Powers That Be are manipulating that one as we speak. This is why the Left is very dangerous, and those in Power are nothing but pure evil. They will sacrifice millions in dollars, and in lives, for their agenda.

This is the rabbit I’m afraid they will pull out of their hat. Trump is winning the war on terrorism, and annihilating ISIS in the process… and the greater Powers are not too happy about that. They seek a full caliphate of the Mideast, and Trump is restoring sovereignty in the Arab states. Of course, the Military-Complex Machine that Eisenhower warned us of, wants war with Russia, and there is no way Trump will allow that to happen. So who, then, becomes our new foes for them? Obama sort of neutralized us against Iran, but Iran is strong allies with North Korea. And who better to start a major war than a mad man with his finger upon nukes?

I hope President Trump becomes the negotiator Trump who made so many sweet deals in the past. His hopes are with Russia and China to keep bastard Kim-Jong in his crib. I’d say to assassinate the little paper hanger, but that would spark an invasion into South Korea, and may launch missiles at Japan and other countries by those war-mongering idiots who follow the munchkin dictator around like puppies. And that would play into the global Power’s hands like a Stradivarius.

The rabbit I do want to see pulled out of the hat is subpoenas against Rice, Clapper, Comey, Holder, Wasserman-Shultz, Jarrett, Hillary, Soros, and Obama. These people are all guilty of crimes of treason and espionage against the American people, and all need to be dragged into court, and then placed into prison, as the evidence is overwhelming against them. Sean Hannity is a broken record on the radio and TV over this, yet the do-nothing Republicans won’t begin to serve justice. We, the people, have to see to it that it is!

But this is one reason why the media and representative from the Left stay on the Trump/Russia collusion train. So long as they can focus attention to it, then the true guilty will remain free. This is why they need a war.

My NSA friend told me this weekend that he seriously doubts that the munchkin dictator has the capabilities of delivering a nuke via ICBM to America. Nothing has proven this as factual. But the Pentagon claims it, and they are the “Military Complex” that works for the global Powers. He claims that the CIA has been looking for a rogue nuke small enough to move into Alaska or Oregon. If they can detonate it in a non-essential city, they can manipulate the computers to make it appear North Korea launched it, such as in the film “Fail-safe”. The media will quickly point the finger at Kim-Jong, and the game will be on, as public outcry will demand retaliation, and the War-machine will want to wipe North Korea off the face of the planet. At that point, who will care what Hillary, Obama, Soros, or Holder did?

Remember, trillions went missing in the Treasury, and trillions disappeared from the Pentagon just the day before 9-11 happened, and to this day there has never been an investigation to where that money went. A coincidence?

We all need to remain sharp and in focus. We need to rally in demand of justice, not of Trump, but of the Deep State of Collusion against Trump, and against us, the people. This is a war, and we all need to realize it as one. We cannot let these people win! We cannot let this nation fail! We cannot allow the crap that has marred our systems for far too long to go unavenged! When the people control the systems, they work pretty well. When government controls anything, it is destined for failure every time.

It is time we reach in to pull that rabbit from the hat, and show how we, the citizens of America, can work our own magic, and make certain people, certain systems, and certain agendas completely disappear.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda


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JAMES HOVDA There are 2 things that are very important to me: God and my family. And I guess if I had to choose 2 others they would be: helping people to gain their financial freedoms, and the other is to help Americans keep their freedoms. I hate politics and believe in GOD, FAMILY, FREEDOM, AMERICA, and AMERICAN VALUES & PRINCIPLES(also Mom and Apple Pie). Want to make something from it? I also love a challenge!

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