Here We Go Again


Here We Go Again

Well yet another sideshow in the circus of politics has begun.   And as with all such sideshows, it is designed to go nowhere and exonerate the government and those in it from any and all wrong-doing.

Whose better qualified to investigate any wrong-doing by anyone in the government then the government itself?   Definitely no bias there.

This latest sideshow is dealing with the so-called “Russian interference” in our national elections.   Is there any actual validity to this claim that was generated by the leftists to try and create an excuse for the massive defeat they were handed by the American people in the 2016 election?   No.   But where the left is concerned validity is not a requirement.   It is only the accusation that matters.   In fact, as always, truth is extremely detrimental to the left.  It always has been and it always will be.

To counter the left’s claim of President Trump “colluding with the evil Russians” to defeat their criminal candidate Hillary Clinton, President Trump raised an issue of he and his associates being wiretapped by the previous administration.   This accusation threw the entire left and especially their media into a complete frenzy.   Instead of them being on the attack as they originally intended they now found themselves on the defensive.   A position they do not like and never even fathomed they and the rest of the left would even be in.

So the instant denial of any direct wiretapping of Mr. Trump and his associates was put forth and has been staunchly adhered to by both our owners’ privately owned and controlled government and their media.   After all, the people should know that their highly trustworthy government would never do anything as criminal as wiretapping American citizens without direct court issued authorization.   And no such direct authorization was ever issued by any court.

Congressman Devin Nunes was chosen to head this latest dog and pony show because he is the present Chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Mr. Nunes stated that no evidence of any wiretapping of President Trump and those associated with him by the U.S. Government can be found, and he also made a formal request while the cameras were running that if anyone has any evidence pertaining to this matter he would like for them to come forth and present this evidence.


If Mr. Nunes actually wanted anyone with information about this issue to come forward, then WHY has he not acknowledged the following letter he received?   WHY was there no mention of this letter at the hearing so that it could become public record?

The following is a letter to Mr. Nunes by Mr. Larry Klayman, Esq., Chairman and General Counsel of Freedom Watch Inc.  Addressed to Mr. Nunes directly with copies being sent to many others.





After this hearing was finished for the day, all over the web from the star-struck popcorn and cotton candy chomping political circus groupies of Representative Gowdy came nothing but  glorious praise for Rep. Gowdy.  Stating how Mr. Gowdy really tore into Mr. Comey and how Mr. Gowdy “REALLY WANTS to expose Comey as a liar”.

Again … REALLY?

Mr. Gowdy did such a magnificent job as ring master of the so-called “Benghazi Hearings” that he SHOULD have been awarded a ring master’s hat at the close of it.    ALL those months of that taxpayer heavily funded dog and pony show to see WHAT at the close of it all?   A complete exoneration of all politicians including Killary Clinton involved in that totally preventable murder of Americans, and a thorough admonishing of all those high ranking military officers who were ordered to stand down and not render assistance that may very well have saved those American lives.

But Mr. Gowdy puts on a magnificent dog and pony show embellished with courtroom theatrics that almost ALL spectators are completely captivated by, so he was perfect in this hearing.

Representative Trey Gowdy was one of those who received this letter PRIOR to this hearing (click on each picture of who received this letter to verify this).   Where was his questioning pertaining to what is in this letter?   Who at all asked any questions at all pertaining to what is in this letter?

We can totally discount all the pure conjecture that was placed into the public record by the leftists on that committee, because they are STILL doing nothing more that trying to uphold a phony excuse for their devastating loss back in November.   But Mr. Nunes and Mr. Gowdy have both stated publicly that they want the truth to come out, because this is a “very important” issue.   If that in itself is the truth, then WHY did they not bring this information forward and make it part of the public record, being that they were in receipt of this letter PRIOR to the very first day of that hearing.

This letter is not even the tip of the iceberg comprised of all the illegal actions committed by those in government.   There is a great deal more.   In fact it has now been stated and apparently indisputable proof exists that President Trump; his entire family and a great many others have been continually spied upon for well over a decade now.   Apparently beginning back in the G.W. Bush years.   Why?   Because he began to speak politically and as such with his known views about what was taking place in this country by those in control, he was regarded as a potential threat the the elites and their New World Order agenda.

Now does anyone HONESTLY think that this latest “inquiry” will actually result in anything truthful being disclosed in reference to governmental surveillance of U.S. citizens?   Will anyone at all admit the truth that President Trump like many other Americans was unlawfully spied up by those in this nations’ “government”?    Not any of those in our owners’ puppet congress.   And not any of those in control positions in the various divisions of our owners’ privately controlled “government”.

Political commentary from writers – The House intelligence committee hearing on the wiretapping of President Trump is just another dog and pony show

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