Here Comes THEIR 19th Nervous Breakdown


Here Comes THEIR 19th Nervous Breakdown

The Mental Status of many Americans is careening toward a Psychotic Break. Everything invokes an irrational and sometimes violent response. It’s getting so bad singular words are driving people crazy.

Dare not to murmur the word ‘Traveler’ for fear the cracker doodles will close their eyes and see General Lee atop his horse. I fear the Body Snatchers are here to stay and Life Imitating Art may very well be factual.

The Left is somehow stuck in a game of chicken they know they can not win. They are teetering at the edge of sanity in their Video Game of Life. It’s a sad time when men, women and children of all ages run around in Black, wearing Masks.

Little distinction from White Robes and Hoods.

Too much TV, Gaming, sitting in the garage without a job, or clue, they rally a the mere sight of a Tweet. These are people we are speaking about, not a hoard of ants.

They call themselves Social Warriors with names like Antifa, Black Lives Matter and a host of idiotic acronyms that only they understand.

They are proficient with their thumbs, so how many jobs does that equal?

There seems to be a collective collapse of rationality. They chant, pump their fists and dance around in groups hysterically. These are the behaviors of primitive humans. We’ve all seen them beating drums, eating psychedelic plants, painting their faces, puncturing their bodies that are covered with Tattoos.

Who are these people and what are they looking to accomplish?

They abhor Racists and label everyone who resists their insanity a racist. If you’re White, Supremacy is your game. This is the result of Group Think only possible when the consequences are expulsion and isolation.

These people need to be part of something, and it doesn’t matter any longer whether that something is Evil.

The rest of us are instructed by Bottom Feeders and the Lost to do as they do.

Apparently Einstein had it wrong in his definition of Insanity, as History Repeats its Mistakes.


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Theodore Miraldi

THEODORE MIRALDI What I try to convey are the socio-political ramifications of deviant social evolution. Behaviors born solely by convenience, and not conviction. Unfortunately many ethical mistakes have long lasting effects upon our lives, and our communities. My comments have been published in Letters to the Editor NYPost over 150 times since 2007.

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