Helter Skelter …. WORKS PERFECTLY



It is an absolute given that the political memory span for about 95% of Americans is 6 to 8 months at best.  For about half of the remaining 5% it lasts about a year to a year and a half.

That leaves the other half of that remaining 5% continually facing the “ho hums” and the “yeah whatever’s” from the rest of the nation when they keep trying to bring up things like the Benghazi cover up, the Fast and Furious cover up, the Extortion 17 cover up etc. etc. … ALL of which are falling further back in history with each new day that arrives.  Even the most openly fraudulent national election in the entire history of this nation is only spoken of by an ever dwindling few now.  Most people now say ‘well … we’ll just have to concentrate on the NEXT election’.

Admittedly MOST of it is orchestrated memory loss initiated by the Media, because America is now a 100% Media driven society.

As they are instructed to do by the owners of America’s government the Media will continually bring up a host of new issues and hype them to the max in order for people NOT to have the opportunity to remember all the other serious and unanswered issues.  As such they are highly effective in getting people to run over here … no, over there, … no wait, over here again … oh look at this, … now look at this,… no, over there, … no, over here again, … wait, look at THIS!

When a question does come up about any of the past never answered issues, just as the regime that is presently occupying America’s White House does, they dismiss it as a “non issue” and immediately move on to a different topic of their own choosing.

There was a time when network news programs were meant to inform the nation.  Now the primary purpose of those same network “news” programs is to do nothing more than provide cover for the gross inadequacy as well as the extreme anti America agenda of the regime that is now in absolute control of the executive branch of America’s government structure and whose cohorts are in control of almost half of the entire legislative branch and who will soon dominate the judicial branch.  ALL of which is to bring America as it was originally founded to an abrupt and maybe even a very physically painful end.

Never before in the entire history of the nation has such a group of total and complete misfits been in absolute control of the executive branch of America’s government.  They are without question, without equal and without defense the MOST INEXPERIENCED and the MOST INCOMPETANT bunch of louts that could ever be assembled in one place at one time.  That is excluding those people housed in mental institutions.  Without exception, every single one of them involved in the executive branch of this nations’ government possess an extremely long and an extremely steep uphill climb ahead of them to even reach the level of being awkward.

Setting aside the now quite obvious lack of Constitutional eligibility to even attain the office of the presidency for the one who was ‘placed’ into that office by the actual owners of America’s government, not even one person in that entire group of misfits is capable of performing the required duties of their particular office.  ALL of them without exception are totally inexperienced and totally incompetent and totally unqualified to hold the positions that they do.  Their combined capabilities are not even equal to a high school student government group.  In fact they are more on the level of middle school student government.  The ONLY unifying qualification of that entire band of misfits is that ALL of them in their past have expressed a hatred for America and what it has always stood for.  And now, one of those inexperienced and incapable misfits, a devout Marxist the same as the one now occupying the office of president, has separated herself from the gang and is beginning HER campaign to become head of student government.  And the even more pathetic thing about that is HALF of this nation has now been dumbed down by the American Media and the Marxist controlled public education system to the point that they will actually vote for her to quite probably finish the job of ending America.  Because they are most definitely THAT mentally impaired and will only and always do what the Media TELLS them to do.

Overall too self absorbed and too much into living only for the present to remember that the founders of this nation originally intended the CITIZENS of America to be the leaders, the vast majority of the American people for multiple generations now have been on a never ending quest to find “leaders”.

Those who actually own America’s government through the use of the Media they also own and control were very happy to provide America with those “leaders”.   And now that they have become totally Media controlled the American people only wish to follow those “leaders” that have been anointed with that title by the Media.  That includes BOTH sides of America’s actual owned and controlled ONE political party system.  If the Media hasn’t anointed someone or even some group as “leaders” of either side of the party, then Americans have no interest in that person or group.

The hastening of America’s demise actually began in the 1970’s when Carter was elected president.  Carter was ultimately to be justifiably labeled the weakest and worst president in America’s history.  Like ALL those seeking high political office Carter had an immense ego and as such was literally desperate to attain the office of president.  He was approached by the Marxists who had been steadily gaining political ground in America since the 1960’s.  They offered him a few million dollars in campaigning money if he would grant them total and complete control of the education of America’s youth via the public schools in America if they were successful in getting him elected to the office.  Caring more about his ego and nothing at all about America’s youth Carter accepted.  He ultimately won the election and honored his commitment to the communists so they could begin in earnest to indoctrinate the youth of America toward socialism and they setup the so-called “Dept. of Education” where from that point on they had absolute control over what America’s youth would learn via that system.  However … almost 40 years later Carter would lose the title of being the worst president in American history and instead would retain the title of being the worst American president of the 20th century.

Now thanks to the combined efforts of the American Media and the rightfully nicknamed Department of Indoctrination who have been extremely busy eliminating not just patriotism for America but the morality and intellect of America’s youth for more than two complete generations, the owners of America’s government decided to escalate America’s demise.  In 2008 they manipulated the elections by requiring all the more capable candidates on the right side of the party to withdraw and allowed the worst of all candidates to be given the nomination for president and as a result of that placed not just a complete idiot into the office of president who knew absolutely nothing about governing anything at all, or even anything about what was really involved with that particular office, but someone who along with his wife had expressed extreme hatred for America.  Both of them are racists, and her quite probably more extreme a racist than he is and once placed into that office he and his gang of misfits pushed racism at any and every given opportunity in order to create civil unrest in the nation.  From the very beginning he has degraded not just that particular office but the American nation as well.  His bowing to every world leader and even deeper bowing to muslim leaders doesn’t just make a fool of him and prove him to be nothing but a pathetically weak imposter in that office, but it signals to the entire world that America is now weak and without any leadership.  He re-enforced that belief when he went on a world apology tour apologizing to the entire world for America even existing. America became so ashamed of his occupying that office that in the make believe election of 2012 he quite probably not only was defeated in the election but more than likely by the wide margin that all the credible polling organizations predicted.  However …by that time the control of the outcome of any and all elections went to whoever was able to program the electronic vote tabulators that the nation is now stuck with because the American people no longer want to fight the use of those machines.  As such, the result of all future elections can be pretty much predetermined.  Americans give up very easily now and seem more content with complaining rather than doing.  So just as the 100% conservative counties and precincts voting 100% communist democrat and precincts with around 50 registered voters turning out more than 900 pro communist democrat votes was allowed to stand totally unchallenged by the other side of America’s actual ONE political party system in 2012, openly committed fraud will be allowed to go unchallenged in future elections as well..

But this article is not about the fool and his band of misfits that are making a worldwide laughing stock of America itself as well as doing all they can get away with to destroy the nation from the inside.  It is about those that have the twofold job of swaying the less intelligent to vote for a fool like that and then the never ending job of covering up for him and them that accompanies the task.

“News networks” in America are no longer news networks.  They haven’t been for a very long time.  They are theatrical production organizations designed to take what would have been news and twist it in whatever manner is necessary to fit the political agenda.  They are ALL nothing more than propaganda machines now with actual ‘news’ merely a tool to be spun in whatever direction they want to spin it.  They are highly influential in swaying the thought processes of those who view them.  For the lesser intelligent side of America’s actual one party system (the left side) they are actually the establishers of any and all thought processes.

But as has been perpetually proven over the past six years now their job of spreading and then actually defending misinformation gets steadily more difficult with each new day that arrives.  And their task of indoctrination is going to get progressively more difficult if the owners of America’s government once again decide that they want to keep placing people from the left side of the party into office.

The Media was successful back in 2008 in taking a completely empty container and tying a ribbon around it and presenting it as something new and exciting and good for America and placing it into the highest singular political office in America.  They weren’t so lucky in 2012 and massive voter fraud had to be used.  But they now have absolutely nothing again to promote for 2014 and 2016.  That is IF America can still survive as a nation that long.

The left side of the party contains absolutely no one at all that is fit for high political office.  Those placed into so called leadership positions of that side of the party are comprised of ex drug users (if indeed they are ex users) and a various assortment of actual criminals; comprised of sexual offenders; murderers and terrorists; frauds; embezzlers etc.  And the American public has finally begun to awaken to what is actually taking place in their country that they have up until now cared nothing about paying any real attention to.  Even some of those on the left side of the party are suddenly realizing that they need to actually care about their country or they may wind up seeing it ended in their own lifetimes.

So the people of America may actually see a slew of nervous breakdowns of those involved with the Media occurring over the next couple of years.  Because they will not only need to continue defending and covering up for these grade school kids in control of America’s executive branch at the moment, but will also need to start creating new lies, distortions, deflections and cover-ups for those that America’s owners may tag from the left side of their party to continue the escalated demise of America.  If the owners decide to not give America a rest period and go ahead and package more of those from the left to continue the job of ending America then the … run over here … no, over there, … no wait, over here again … oh look at this, … now look at this,… no, over there, … no, over here again, … wait, look at THIS … takes on an even wider range for the Media and many of them may just collapse under the tremendous weight of it all..

Because although Helter Skelter works perfectly to a large degree to keep the public in place, it most definitely does have consequences.


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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