WHY the Greatest Fraud Ever Committed Against America Will Stand


WHY the Greatest Fraud Ever Committed Against America Will Stand

I was originally going to title this ‘WHY the Quite Probable Greatest Fraud Ever Committed Against America Will Stand’, but the undeniable evidence to commit the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against this nation and its’ people is just too overwhelming, so I left out the ‘Quite Probable’.

The national election is over.  The Electoral College vote to ratify it is over.    Donald J. Trump will officially be inaugurated America’s 45th President on January 20th 2017.

The economic rebuilding of America has already begun.    The protection of America’s national sovereignty will begin after January 20th.    The strengthening and rebuilding of America’s military will begin after January 20th.    The constant wasteful spending by America’s congress will now begin to come under relentless attack by the Trump administration which is now shown to be the most actual successful experience qualified administration in any of our lifetimes.    Hopefully literally thousands upon thousands of economy stifling and citizen impairing regulations that were passed for no other real reason than to harm America’s economy as well as increase totalitarian governmental control over the populace themselves will begin to be removed.    By the end of his term hopefully Americans will once again walk around with their chests swelled with pride that ‘THEY are Americans’ because this is once again the greatest country not only in existence, but is once again the greatest country to ever have existed.

The political battle waged by the majority of this country against the establishment and their subservient minions to make Mr. Trump the President was the longest and by far the bitterest political campaign ever waged.    But the American people won.    And by winning they bestowed upon President Trump a title that up till now was held by only one other President in our history.    Mr. Trump now holds the same title that only George Washington held.    President Washington and President Trump are the only two Presidents who were not part of the political establishment prior to becoming President.    They are BOTH truly the ‘Peoples’ President’.

Even though the campaign is now officially over, the animosity against President Trump will linger on for years.

He is literally hated by the entire communist left in this country that firmly believed that after the past eight years of anti-America control of the executive branch, that all they needed was one more anti America regime to finish off this country and convert it to a complete Marxist socialist state and ultimately under U.N. control.

He is literally hated by the entire establishment in this country that controls the communist left, and up until this election mistakenly thought they controlled the right as well.

He is literally hated by the majority of the establishments’ mainstream media which up until this election mistakenly thought they controlled the entire thought process of this nation as a whole, and thus were able to dictate to the people who THEY wanted to be placed in control of the executive branch and have the people do as they were told.

He is literally hated by the leftist printed media who were so sure that the American people would do what they were told to do by their masters and place the establishment’s preferred contender into the position of president, that one of them even printed their magazine cover with the establishment’s choice calling her “Madam President”.

And he is hated by many of the establishment’s subservient loyalists on the right, because they wanted only an establishment contender to be their nominee for their side of the political party of our owners.

However … where the winners of this election are concerned, there is ALSO a great deal of animosity.    After the WikiLeaks exposure of the extreme corruption of not only Hillary Clinton and those surrounding her, as well as of the DNC, the people want justice served.    THEY want to see Hillary Clinton INDICTED, TRIED and hopefully CONVICTED and IMPRISONED for the crimes of Treason, Espionage, using her politically given public office of Secretary of State to personally enrich herself and her husband by millions upon millions of dollars from the selling political influence, to the money laundering operation her and her husband set up known as “The Clinton Foundation”, and more.    Crimes that were openly stated by FBI Director Comey prior to his recommendation that because she is who she is, and only because she is who she is, American laws should not apply to her like they do to “regular Americans”.


President elect Trump has already stated (and in complete opposite of what he said during the campaign) that he will NOT have his Attorney General pursue criminal charges against her.    She WILL get a pass.    THAT STATEMENT has angered millions of people across this nation.    Whether it was stated as a ploy to move the left away from demanding a full pardon for her before Trump takes office or not we do not know.    Because he is not a politician but rather a very shrewd executive, and because of that no one knows for sure what he is thinking or planning.    All they can do is assume.

But there is no need for us to concern ourselves with it because a full pardon for any and all crimes she has committed has more than likely already been prepared and is only waiting for the present occupier of the oval office to sign it.    And he WILL grant her that pardon.    He will grant it because he HAS to grant it to her or face being criminally linked to her in a trial if she IS indicted.    So by issuing her a pardon, his own criminality cannot be brought to bear against him for anything they were BOTH involved in.

Once that pardon is granted, there will NO WAY it can be undone without bringing up and providing irrefutable truth in court that a different crime that is now even MORE evident was committed back in 2008.    If the INELIGIBILITY of Barrack Hussein Obama can be proven, then everything he put his signature to while in office automatically becomes null and void.    Including any and all pardons granted.    And now openly displaying his contempt for this nation and it’s people he has now granted more pardons to actually convicted criminals than any other president in American history.

Only a few days ago Sheriff Joe Arpaio officially closed his long investigation of the birth certificate that the White House posted claiming it to be the “official birth certificate” of Obama stating he WAS born in Hawaii.

From the time that birth certificate was produced it was known to be a forgery.    It was disclosed a forgery by a great many people within only hours of it being placed on line.    Disclosures that the White House and our owner’s entire media as well as many in congress brushed aside as “conspiracy theory”, and continued to ignore it the same as they did back in 2008.

Sheriff Arpaio however set out to prove the legitimacy of it.    His investigation lasted a few years and that document was given to some of the most highly respected forensic examiners IN THE WORLD to examine its authenticity.    It was the unanimous decision by ALL of those world renowned forensic examiners that the document published by the White House was irrefutably A FORGERY.    The investigation by sheriff Arpaio and his team even uncovered the exact birth certificates that were actually used to manufacture THE FORGERY.

Now the fact that the birth certificate was false has been known for years, and obama’s own attorneys even ADMITTED in a New Jersey court room when a case was filed to prevent him from being on the New Jersey ballot in 2012 that yes it was a forgery, but then argued that it shouldn’t matter because he already was the president.    But sheriff Arpaio wanted to put the entire matter officially to rest and continued his investigation with the final result being disclosed at his news conference.

BUT IT DOES MATTER.    The constitution clearly states that the president MUST be a natural born citizen of THIS country, and being that Obama has SEALED his records the way some others in politics have done to protect their past from being exposed, NO PROOF OF ANY KIND WAS EVER PRODUCED TO SHOW THAT HE IS EVEN AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.    Which means that it is VERY POSSIBLE that Obama could actually be the very first FOREIGN NATIONAL to hold the office of president in complete and deliberate violation of this country’s founding constitution.    Now if he is NOT a citizen he himself CAN NOT be charged with TREASON.    However if he is NOT a citizen he CAN be charged with committing the highest criminal fraud ever perpetrated against this entire nation, as well as nullifying everything he did while in America’s oval office.    Those around him who were part of the conspiracy to commit the fraud can ALL be charged with TREASON including Nancy Pelosy who deliberately changed his eligibility document to not contain the words ‘as required by the constitution’.    Something that had never been done before.

So WHERE IS the REAL birth certificate?    Along with all the other possibilities it could very well be that everyone in congress has known from the very beginning that he was ineligible.   Which is why the hundreds of thousands of emails from Americans demanding to see the truth were all deleted.    And the thousands upon thousands of physical letters that those in congress received concerning his eligibility were all shredded and burned.    Americans have always expected congress to honor their oaths of office and uphold the constitution, but over the past few decades they have seen firsthand that congress does not care about the constitution because they serve their financial masters and not the people of this nation.

Even though millions of Americans still firmly believe that he is not eligible to have ever held the office, to expose what could very well be the highest criminal fraud ever conducted against this nation, and especially at this point in time, would have dire and very far reaching consequences that this nation could not easily recover from, if it could recover at all.

Just WHO it was behind picking Obama in the first place will never be known without a real investigation being conducted.    Was it the establishment that has controlled all aspects of America’s government for the past century, or was it the Saudis, or was it a mutual cooperation between both?    What we DO know is that he was without any doubt the most UNQUALIFIED the most INEXPERIENCED and by far the most INCOMPETENT person to have EVER been picked for that office.    He had absolutely NO abilities whatsoever that even remotely qualified him not just for the highest elected office in this land but for ANY political office of ANY kind.

We know that it was mass fraud that got him the nomination in 2008 and then the race card was played to get him elected by the American sheeple.    We know that he hated this country his entire life because hatred for America was bred into him his entire life by everyone around him, because he was partially raised by muslims and when he was brought to THIS country he was partially raised by his American family that were communists.    Aside from his immediate family he was always around other communists when he wasn’t doing drugs and hanging with the groups in those Chicago bath houses.    We do know that aside from using the race card in the 2008 election itself, the establishment had all the well qualified contenders for the 2008 nomination from the republican side of our owners political party drop out of contention, and the one at the very bottom of the group, the American Traitor from the Vietnam era John McCain was elevated to the top of the republican side and given the nomination in order to help the democrat side “win” that “election”.

But every time the issue of his birth was brought up, our owners’ media would jump to his defense and attack any and all who cared about this nations’ constitution, and created a term “birthers” to label them with and made it sound like they were foolish.

So now that his produced birth certificate was proven beyond even a hint of a shadow of a doubt to be a complete FORGERY, and because he cannot produce an American birth certificate to prove that he is even an American citizen, much less being a “natural born” citizen of THIS country, it stands to reason that he is NOT even a citizen and as such has committed the highest criminal fraud ever perpetrated against this nation and its people.

But he will NEVER be even indicted for it.    And President Trump will NOT push the issue.    Which means that if this apparent foreign national pardons Hillary Clinton, allowing HER to get away with HER crimes against this nation, then she WILL get away with her crimes as well.    And the following are just a very few of the reason WHY Obama will get away with it.

Fraud was used to get Obama the nomination, but RACE and ONLY RACE was the reason he WAS elected.    Almost all of the voting black people voted for him.    The communist democrat side of our owners political party naturally voted for him because they usually only vote “their side against the other side” and for no other reason.    Then the SHAME blame was played on the entire white race labeling them “racists” if they didn’t vote for him which caused many to stay home and not vote at all.    But because he had no abilities whatsoever it was purely RACE that put him into the office.    And just as it was RACE that put him into that office, it was RACE that would guarantee that he would stay in that office and not be impeached for any reason.

A defender of America’s constitution, Orly Taitz, had tried many times and in many different states to get Obama’s potential non-eligibility to be heard in court.    She was constantly prevented from doing so and the reasons she was denied the opportunity were mostly ludicrous.    One leftist judge even based his ruling on a 1947 movie titled the miracle on 34th street.   He stated that if Obama looks like the president and people believe he is the president then he MUST be the president.   She finally succeeded in one court where the judge did agree to hear the case and when it was finished his decision was that Obama needed to show up in his courtroom with a verifiable birth certificate proving his American citizenship.

Within minutes of his ruling, the radio sheeple herders for the republican side of our owners’ political party went totally ballistic.    They were claiming that the judge must be a complete fool because he was now going to start race riots clear across this nation.    In other words these “convenient patriot” sheeple herders for the right are only in favor of upholding our constitution as long as it does not cause any national inconvenience or strife.   If national riots could result from a court ruling in favor of the constitution, then the constitution does not matter all that much.   That judge was also contacted by leftist media and even some in congress.    He came back a few hours later and reconvened the case and changed his ruling stating some totally unrelated case from long ago as the basis for his change of verdict.    So Obama was allowed to continue on.

However … IF Taitz, or any other individual or group had succeed in proving Obama’s ineligibility in court then there most definitely WOULD have been mass riots clear across this nation.    Because those who supported Obama do not care about the constitution and most have never even read it.    Many Americans who still do care about the constitution and wanted it upheld have said let the riots occur if need be but the law must be adhered to.   Those people have no idea as to the extent and the degree of the riots that would have ensued if the constitution were upheld.

People have seen the race riots caused in placing like Ferguson and the damage attributed to those riots.  Ferguson was nothing at all compared to what they would have seen if the constitution were actually upheld.  The following is just a PARTIAL list of where they would have seen violent race riots immediately erupt if the constitution had been upheld …

New York city, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Austin, San Francisco, Columbus OH, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Detroit, El Paso, Memphis, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Baltimore, Washington, Nashville, Louisville, Milwaukee, Portland, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Tucson, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Kansas City, Mesa, Virginia Beach, Atlanta, Colorado Springs, Raleigh, Omaha, Miami, Tulsa, Oakland, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Wichita, Arlington         TX, New Orleans, Bakersfield, Tampa, Anaheim, Aurora, St. Louis, Riverside, Corpus Christi, Pittsburgh, Lexington, Stockton, Cincinnati, St. Paul, Toledo, Newark, Greensboro, Plano, Lincoln, Buffalo, Fort Wayne, Jersey City, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Norfolk, Madison, Durham, Winston-Salem, Garland, Baton Rouge, Chesapeake, Irvine, San Bernardino, Birmingham, Rochester, Boise, Spokane, Montgomery, Des Moines, Richmond, Shreveport, Tacoma, Aurora, Fontana, Akron, Yonkers, Augusta, Little Rock, Mobile, Columbus GA, Grand Rapids, Tallahassee…

And THIS is not even half … NOT – EVEN – HALF of the cities with populations of more than one hundred thousand where extremely violent and highly destructive race riots would have immediately ensued.  Costing thousands of lives and destroying literally Billions of dollars if not over a Trillion dollars in damage to property.  And the riots in those cities would only be the centers where they would begin.  They would have very rapidly spread out to surrounding areas.  This entire nation from coast to coast would have been under siege.  There would be no way to stop it and the police and National Guard would not be able to control it and civilians would then be forced to use lethal force to defend themselves.

THAT was back then and this is today.    IF President Trump wanted to undo a pardon granted to Hillary Clinton by the apparent foreign national that has been the resident of the oval office for the past eight years, he would need to prove Obama to have never been eligible to hold the office.   HE WILL NOT DO THAT.

Yes even with Obama no longer in office there would still be race riots.    Maybe not as many as before because with the 2016 election large numbers of black voters supported President Trump.    But there would still be enough violent riots to cause significant property damage and loss of life.

However … riots would only be ONE consequence of upholding the constitution, even after the fact.    Here are just a few of the OTHER consequences involved …

Everything obama put his signature to would be automatically null and void.   Financial expenditures of government would have been invalid.   Every action taken by any and all of his appointees would have been invalid because he himself was not legally able to appoint them.    Even though they were approved by our left leaning senate, BOTH of his appointees to the SCOTUS would be invalid because he was not eligible.    As such any and all cases they presided over would need to be reheard, and anything related to those cases would be nullified.    Any and all leftist judges he appointed to the bench would have been holding their positions illegally because he was not legally able to appoint them.    Any and all cases THEY presided over would be nullified and they would have to be reheard.    Anything related to those cases would be nullified.    Because it is the practice of all incoming presidents to replace any and even all U.S. Attorneys, then all cases they handled would be nullified because they were not legally appointed.

All of the previously stated would not even cover the extent of the consequences involved with exposing the fraud perpetrated against this nation if indeed such a fraud was committed.    But unless absolute undeniable proof of citizenship and thus eligibility can be found, logic dictates that the deliberate absence of proof of both is in itself evidence of the greatest fraud actually having been committed.

And because of it, that fraud will forever go unanswered for by any and all who were involved with it.    This country could not effectively deal with all the consequences.

Political commentary from writers – WHY the Greatest Fraud Ever Committed Against America Will Stand

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