FOR YOUR PROTECTION” or ANY variation of those words rank among the MOST DANGEROUS words that the American population could ever hear coming out of their “government”.  And not just the federal government, but even state and local government as well.  Those words are merely a camouflage term for “they are going to make yet ANOTHER unwarranted intrusion into your lives, or they are going to regulate or remove existing freedoms and place even more totalitarian restrictions upon the populace”.  But using those particular cover words will for the most part lessen or even stop overall public descent. Kennedy THOSE THREE WORDS possess the almost unstoppable POWER to totally transform and destroy any nation.  And that is EXACTLY what those three words have been used for, and are continuing to be used for by those who actually own America’s central government, to ever so gradually transform America into a complete totalitarian state.

FOR YOUR PROTECTION were the initial cover words used by the anti-America left when they began their never ending assault on the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  That particular Amendment is by far THE most hated by the leftists of ALL the original rights of the American citizens listed and guaranteed in the Constitution.  It is hated by them for the exact same reason it was created, which was to guarantee Americans a last line of defense against their own government.  Because the founders of America knew that all governments can very easily become corrupt and oppressive, and they had just fought and won freedom for this nation from a corrupt and oppressive government.  So to protect Americans from what they KNEW would more than likely occur in the future they created the Second Amendment.

The founders knew that particular protection for the citizens of their newly formed country was so very important for a people to be able to remain a free people, that they made that Amendment a very simple and stand-alone amendment.

Never being able to gain a majority control of enough state legislatures at the same time in order to be able to repeal that protective safeguard for the American people, the left found a way to at least severely limit it.  They came up with the idea of restrictions which although would not eliminate that amendment, they could be used to severely hinder it.  Thus “FOR YOUR PROTECTION” became the most useful tool ever for the left.  Firmly establishing it on the local and state level governments they began to restrict the purchase, use and even overall possession of firearms.  FOR YOUR PROTECTION you will no longer be able to carry a firearm in public UNLESS you acquire a PERMIT to do so.  Permits however will be issued at the discretion of the local and state governments and will be subject to THEIR personal guidelines setup for the acquisition of those permits.  The public as always grumbled about it, but as always they went along with it.  They went along with it to the point where it actually became an acceptable policy.

As states began to relinquish their states’ rights to the now banker controlled central government in exchange for loans and grants from the central government to those states, the federal government began to assume more and more of government self-proclaimed rights to regulate the populace where firearms were concerned, and soon enough established the idea of national background checks on individuals who wished to purchase firearms.  NOT just to have national control over who may or may not be a potential threat to others via possession of those arms, but to add to its’ already established massive and ever increasing data base of American citizens.  And the American public as always grumbled but went along with all of it.

All of the above was very successfully enacted under the guise of “PROTECTING” the American citizens.

But it wasn’t only the stripping of Americans’ rights to firearms that was so successfully attacked using “PROTECTION” as a camouflage for the true intent of the actions.  Because that camouflage works so brutally successfully, “FOR YOUR PROTECTION” became the complete coverall term for ALL actions by the privately owned and controlled central government and even state and local governments as well.  For your protection you are prohibited from doing this; for your protection you are prohibited from doing that; for your protection you MUST get a permit for this or that etc. etc.

It was by using those three words as camouflage, the actual financial owners of America’s “government” were able to set up massive and over-reaching bureaucracies.  By far the MOST damaging of which was the EPA which was primarily setup to actually strangle American business and vastly increase the unemployment rate and thus the poverty level of American citizens.  America’s owners used the republican side of their political party to establish that bureaucracy under the guise of “protecting the environment” because at that time the public was more inclined to accept such a stranglehold on America if it came from THAT side of the owner’s political party.  Once established they used the democrat side of their party to quickly and vastly increase its’ power and stranglehold on America.  Now, that singular agency has become solely responsible for the collapse of literally thousands of American businesses; the fleeing of this country in order to survive by many other businesses; restrictions and prohibitions for land and homeowners and individuals alike; as well as a good percentage of the unemployment rate in America.

FOR YOUR PROTECTION” has always been the magic key that opened the door for increased government control on any and all levels of government.  But it was over the past half century and ESPECIALLY over the past fifteen years that those magic words were used to drastically push America in the desired direction of its’ actual financial owners, and that is to transform this once bright and beautiful free country into a complete and dark totalitarian ruled land.

Immediately after the brutal slaughter of thousands of innocent Americans on 9/11/01 the republican side of the party was again used to initially setup yet another major push toward totalitarianism.  This time armed totalitarianism.  President George W. Bush within only HOURS of that attack announced to the nation Ben Franklin Quotethe creation of the Department of “Homeland Security”.  And again it was told to the American people that it was “FOR YOUR PROTECTION”.  And very “strangely”, that brand new and extremely well-armed department was up and running nationwide in almost no time at all.  Hundreds of times faster than any other governmental project was ever up and running after the announcement of its’ pending creation.  It was almost as if that entire project had been in the planning and preparation stage for literally months if not years prior to 9/11.  That new Department also instantly became the American Gestapo with the very same authority over not only the American people themselves, but over all other branches of government as well.  The very same authority that the German Gestapo had in Nazi Germany.

They got away with setting up this new nationwide totalitarian military branch because they did not classify it as a military branch even though it is equally as well armed.  Names are very important when it comes to pulling the wool over the eyes of the American sheeple.  To label it as the military branch that it actually is would have been a direct violation of the Constitution that America’s owners are still having to work around.  Instead they labelled it a “security force” and regarded it as a national “police force”.  The public accepted the lie because it wanted to believe it.  Especially since it was introduced immediately after 9/11.

Next and not too long after the establishment of the DHS and AGAIN “FOR YOUR PROTECTION” the PATRIOT ACT was announced and PASSED by the owners’ puppet government and signed into law by Bush.  An act that set aside the constitutional rights of the American people and was explained by the owners’ “government” that it was necessary because it was ‘FOR YOUR PROTECTION”.  And as to be expected, the American people grumbled and went along with it.  Then as quietly as could be done Bush Jr. increased the powers of the president and the government in general under the NDAA which was originally meant to be for sustaining the American military.

THEN came 2008 and the placing of the most totally inexperienced, totally unqualified, totally incompetent person EVER in the entire history of America in control of the executive branch of the “government”.  A complete misfit that is so brutally incompetent that the ONLY thing he is qualified to do is play golf, which he does MOST of the time when he is not vacationing or partying with anti-America Hollywood leftists.  But he was the perfect choice for America’s corporate owners because he would do whatever they told him to do without questioning it.  All that he wanted was to party, golf, vacation and most importantly ‘feel important and above the American people’, and all of which they let him do.  Out of his totally unqualified “administration” which possesses all the knowledge and ability of an elementary school student government, came the drastic increase of power to the owners’ “government” through the NDAA which then stripped the American people of even more rights.  Along with that came a massive increase in the size and scope of the NSA which has now transformed this nation into the “Big Brother” existence warned about by George Orwell in the book titled 1984.   And AGAIN it was told to the American people that it was “FOR YOUR PROTECTION” that ALL Americans are now subject to arrest without charge; indefinite confinement without a trial or even legal representation; in addition to the “government” now being able and at their own discretion to label any group or individual a “potential terrorist” merely because someone served their nation in the military, or made public or written statements the “government” found to be offensive toward the “government”; in addition to allowing the police to do warrantless searches and seizure of property and warrantless wire taps and a host of other totalitarian powers.  And as always the American people grumbled and went along with ALL of it because the government they now actually FEAR has said that it is all being done “FOR YOUR PROTECTION”.

In the private sector the words “FOR YOUR PROTECTION” actually mean that something has been setup and should be adhered to because it is actually for the safety of the public in general.

Where the “government” is concerned, whenever the words “FOR YOUR PROTECTION” are seen or heard or for that matter even IMPLIED, it means that the people have lost or are about to lose even MORE freedoms.  Even though there are so very few left to actually lose before this nation that was founded for us as the last and best hope for all mankind is officially declared … ended. 1   For anyone who would be interested in seeing this article in a 3D animated version, just click on this YouTube link


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    Manfred Salcedo on

    Good article yank. But if Americans haven’t learned in all these years just who their true enemies are, then I wouldn’t as the saying goes … hold my breath … until they finally do realize it.

    I liked that video too, but it’s not hard to see that whoever made it is still in the video learning stages. But it was good anyway.

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      Thank You.

      I really don’t think that it’s that Americans haven’t learned who their true oppressors and thus their true enemy is. I think that deep down they actually know. But overall the vast majority of Americans have become too afraid of their masters and thus too timid to try and take this nation back away from their masters control.

      So they voluntarily subscribe to the illusion that their masters will sponsor people for them to vote for that will actually represent THE PEOPLE and thus take this country back FOR them.

      Where the video is concerned, thank you as well. 3D is extremely difficult to master. That is why there are entire college classes devoted to it.

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      Thank You James,

      I thought about working that particular phrase into the piece but there has never actually been an official occasion where that phrase was publicly stated. It’s merely implied when the “government” is coming to do more damage to the people on an individual level.

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