Food For Thought


Food For Thought

The American government was originally created by, of, and for the people.  But that idea went out with the bath water when politicians figured out the amount of power and control they really can have.  Woodrow Wilson really screwed up this country, but it was pretty well gone for us during the Civil War era. States lost their “rights” as did the people.

Things have only become much worse when we allowed the Federal Reserve to be established, and taxes to be forced from our pockets.  When you hold the key to power and control, you make and set all the rules, even for yourself.  George Washington was very troubled about political parties, and rightly so.  They are the means to absolute corruption.  They divide instead of unite.  And, they become what we now see today… neither one can be trusted… neither one is accountable… and both work hand in glove on the inside.

Nothing has changed much since Eisenhower and when JFK got bumped off, except we have lost most of any control we, the people, once had.  We are owned, with a huge balance due.  We are but commodities of the wealthy.  And they set the tone for our existence.  We no longer win wars, but pay a very heavy price in money and lives.  Corporations dictate how government governs, as their puppets dance on their strings.  The Powers That Be, some call the Illuminati, now have just about seized everything, and even the wealthy now have strings attached to their lives by the PTB.

We are now enslaved, and Trump is probably the last POTUS we will ever have who is of, by, and for the people.  But the controlled media, education, labor, entertainment, military, and establishment are seeking to an end of Trump and our ability to elect whom we truly want.  The elections in 2018 shows that we no longer can elect those we desire to serve us… we now serve them.  And this is just the beginning of radical communists and globalist who they now are embedding to see to that.

There are enough of us rational, logical, and reasonable people in this country to find solutions to the problems, but solutions is NOT what the Powers seek.  Division came on with Reagan & Bush; grew with Clinton & Obama; and now has completely divided America far worse than in 1861… all by design.  But do you really see people who are actually logical, rational, with common sense being elected any longer?  They don’t stand a chance, because elections are now so rigged that people like Ortez are being allowed to become figures for our “Republic”.  She wasn’t the only idiot elected last November.

Several things had to be eliminated for the global powers to defeat us:

1) To homogenize the race, and pit one against another,

 2) To homogenize culture and nationalism, to keep borders and access open,

3) To destroy the family unit, and fill the voids with LGBT lifestyles,

4) To seize the education of children, and control what they watch, listen, and play,

5) To destroy old religion, and establish a new religion of peace… Islam,

6) To seize media, entertainment, labor in order to control our minds and actions,

7) To control elections, and they have… except the general election of POTUS because of the    Constitution,

8) To finally undermine, destroy or re-write the Constitution, and establish a U.N. doctrine. They have pretty much succeeded with the last one (see Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and Vision 2050)

The last point is that they seek a global population reduction.  How and when is unknown.  But picture a world like Orwell’s predictions, and that will be what remains with humanity.  Sorry to say… Trump, America, and conservative patriots are not going to stop this from happening, unless we unite to go after the big dogs, go to civil war with the little dogs, and teach the truth and realities of life by God.

Yet we cannot get enough people to agree to either chocolate or vanilla… how will we ever get them to agree to war and uprising against those Powers That Be who put a roof over our head, clothes on our back, and food in our bellies?

Food For Thought By: Jim Hovda


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JAMES HOVDA There are 2 things that are very important to me: God and my family. And I guess if I had to choose 2 others they would be: helping people to gain their financial freedoms, and the other is to help Americans keep their freedoms. I hate politics and believe in GOD, FAMILY, FREEDOM, AMERICA, and AMERICAN VALUES & PRINCIPLES(also Mom and Apple Pie). Want to make something from it? I also love a challenge!

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