Ferguson … Ferguson … (ho hum and yawn)


The STUPIDY continues on.

CHAOS in Ferguson!  Civil unrest in Ferguson!  SHOTS FIRED in Ferguson!  MORE FIRES SET and even POLICE CARS SET ON FIRE IN Ferguson!  Buildings destroyed in Ferguson!

Ferguson 7

I CANNOT help but chuckle at just HOW MUCH the “media” wants to do THEIR PART in promoting racial hatred hysteria in this nation.  There are NO LIMITS to just how far they are willing to go to promote it.

I CAN understand WHY that TOTALLY INEPERIENCED and TOTALLY INCOMPETANT and OPENLY EXTREMELY RACIST anti America administration that is presently degrading America’s executive branch is doing whatever THEY can do to promote civil and racial unrest in America.   It’s because they are all devout Alinsky followers.   They NEED to create problems in America to help further their communist agenda to collapse this nation and convert it to what the Soviet Union USED to be, and naturally with THEM sitting atop and controlling everything.   They play upon and manipulate the most ignorant, encouraging them to riot, destroy, loot, and should those idiots even kill a few innocents, they will readily come to the defense of their criminals.  They get help from their professional race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton who make a financial killing off those they also try to keep as ignorant and non-civil as possible.

This present pathetic excuse for an administration in America’s White House along with their media and even the criminal race baiters Jackson and Sharpton failed in Florida when THAT THUG was killed in self-defense by a Hispanic male whom the media tried to change into a Caucasian in order to incite racial violence.    The media did all that it could to fan the flames of racial hatred by publishing a picture of the Florida THUG that was taken when he was in elementary school and then tried to pass it off as what he looked like at the time the Hispanic male killed him in self-defense.

So now they are trying (and a little more successfully) to do the same thing where another THUG was killed in self-defense.    Only THIS TIME by a white cop.    NOW they had TWO things on their side.  FIRST he was WHITE and SECOND he was a cop.    A person in a profession that the lower spectrum of society hates even more than Caucasians.

Evidently there were no elementary school pictures of this one to publish, so the media did the best they could with what they had to work with to fan the flames of racial hatred and violence.   They NEVER ONCE mentioned his criminal record in their NON-reporting.  But because of his size the media tried a DIFFERENT approach which was to portray the Ferguson THUG as a “gentle giant” who had never and would never harm anyone.  With every single mention of the incident they deliberately overused the words “an unarmed young black youth that was killed by a white police officer” and then stayed as far away from the actual facts of the case as possible.  BECAUSE … in this THUG’S criminal record was a charge of SECOND DEGREE MURDER, so they needed to stay as far away from that criminal record as possible.

But they weren’t about to stop there.   Two of the media’s leftist activist idiots — Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson — who claim to be actual reporters, and who DO work for the extremely leftist New York Times, actually tried to get the police officer that was involved in the incident murdered by the morons who were rioting.    These leftists published his home address.    And did so KNOWING that he could be murdered because of it.    But these two make-believetwo idiot NYTimes reporters “reporters” got a big surprise.    Within only hours of their trying to set this cop up to be killed, THEIR personal home addresses were published all over the web.   These two leftists more than likely figured that if they could get the cop killed, then in retaliation others would kill the morons that are rioting and THAT would set off a chain of back and forth killings that would REALLY spread fast and far, and thus they would have the nationwide bloody riots that they along with this present administration are always hoping to create.  So it is very likely that THEY will now have to move as well and quite probably even hire body guards for a while.   Turnabout is fair play.

But the “media” as well as this present extremely racist administration in America’s White House, and especially those self-serving criminal shyster race baiters Jackson and Sharpton will CONTINUE to try to create racial unrest and racial violence at any and every given opportunity.   Where the two shysters and others like them are concerned it will only be to make a buck.    But where the leftist media and this present administration in America are concerned, it will be to serve the communist agenda for the collapse of America.   To the latter two mentioned those idiots rioting as well as all others like them clear across America are what is referred to by the communists as ‘useful idiots’, and as such they will tell them otherwise but they will make sure that they keep these idiots as unintelligent as they are.   Because they serve the leftists purpose.

If the “media” (and that means ALL of it) were anywhere near being true news reporting agencies instead of leftist agenda driven agencies, they would mention ALL the black on black crimes which include black people murdering black people.    But they do not.   They would have mentioned what was ONLY found on the internet about the black cop that killed an unarmed WHITE youth.   But they didn’t.   There would have been wide coverage of the little white boy in his stroller that was shot in the head and killed by two black kids and murdered right in front of his mother.   But there was hardly a mention other than on the internet.   They would have covered the white boy that was shot and killed in front of his mother by some black kids who said they only did it because he was white.   But they chose not to cover it.  They would have thoroughly covered the little white girl that was murdered by black boys just because they wanted her bicycle.   The media chose to ignore it.

There are literally HUNDREDS of such cases that the media WILL NOT do ANY or at least adequate coverage of.   BECAUSE those cases do not further THEIR agenda to create racial unrest and racial violence in this country.   The same goes for the anti-America and extremely racist “administration” sitting in America’s White House, as well as all the self-serving shyster race baiters in this nation.

Those morons who are rioting …. Those who are looting … those who are destroying … and those who are committing arson are doing so NOT because A THUG was killed in self-defense by a cop, Ferguson 1but rather they are doing all of this BECAUSE they WANT to do these things.  They are ALWAYS on the LOOKOUT for ANY EXCUSE to do these things.  These are nothing more than the SELF CREATED dregs of society.   They are nothing at all more than that.  But they ARE useful to the “media” as well as the race baiters and this present “administration”.

There are literally MILLIONS of self-respecting Black People in this country who would NEVER LOWER THEMSELVES to the level these dregs of society PREFER to exist in.   ALL of those self-respecting Black people have chosen to better themselves and not wallow in leftist induced self-pity for something that took place more than a century and a half ago.   They took advantage of every worthwhile opportunity they could get hold of and many did it entirely on their own to become TRUE Americans in every field imaginable, possessing PRIDE in their accomplishments and EARNING THE RESPECT of all those who personally know them, as well as those who know OF them.

These idiots in Ferguson and others like them are LAZY, they do not WANT to work, and they prefer to blame anyone and everyone BUT THEMSELVES for their worthlessness.   And the American “media” is right there to cater to their stupidity and encouraging them to stay at their level and blame “others” for their worthlessness.   They do not WANT to better themselves. They don’t even REALLY care about their own children.   But as we have seen in Florida and now in Ferguson they have absolutely NO problem using their dead thug children to try and get more for themselves.  They prefer to blame the ‘white man’ for their self-created conditions, and even stretch it into being “political” from time to time blaming the republican side of this nations’ one major political party for their total worthlessness.

They are IGNORANT and WANT to remain IGNORANT.   They do not realize OR EVEN CARE to actually LEARN that back when there WERE two political parties in America;  in fact going all the way back to the civil war era when the democrat and republican parties first seized complete and permanent mutual control of this nation, that it was the Republicans that actually stood up for the black people and did whatever could be done to help them better themselves.   The DEMOCRATS did all they could to suppress the black people and even started the KU KLUX KLAN.

Those rioting in Ferguson are just wastes of flesh, living off the taxpayer’s money and DEMANDING more and more of it merely because first; they are alive and THINK (I only use that word figuratively) that they deserve more just because of that, andFerguson 5 secondly; because almost MORE THAN A CENTURY AND A HALF AGO their ancestors were slaves.   They are far too stupid to realize that before THEIR ancestors were slaves, WHITE PEOPLE WERE SLAVES IN THIS COUNTRY.    IN FACT … the VERY FIRST SLAVE IN AMERICA WAS A WHITE MAN AND THE OWNER OF THAT SLAVE WAS … A …BLACK … MAN.

So those rioting are only doing so because they enjoy it and for no other reason whatsoever.

All factors considered there is ONE solution to this and ONLY one real solution to Ferguson as well as any and all other places this rioting lunacy may take place in, and that is to SEAL OFF that entire area.   Do not let ANYONE in or out of it.   And KEEP that area sealed off until ALL of the damage they have done is repaired.   ALL burned buildings rebuilt; ALL destruction to buildings repaired; ALL personal property destroyed … replaced; And ALL stolen Ferguson 6merchandise replaced with NEW merchandize.   AND ALL OF IT BEING DONE SOLELY WITH THE PERSONAL RESOURCES OF THE RIOTERS.   THEIR labor … THEIR MONEY … THEIR TIME SPENT TO REBUILD AND REFURBISH AND RESTORE.   And NOT EVEN ONE of them should be allowed out of that area for any reason at all until it is totally restored to at the very least what it was before they chose to voluntarily destroy everything.    EVEN IF IT TAKES DECADES.

The lunacy in America MUST come to an end.   Just as all elections have consequences (which America is now paying for dearly after the last two) so should all of this rioting stupidity have consequences.   But so far the ONLY thing that EVER takes place after the self-made dregs of society riot and destroy everything they can is that the taxpayer’s money is always spent to repair all the damage the idiots do.   They always walk away completely free.

The solution stated two paragraphs above is a very logical one and actually SHOULD be adopted.   And if people claim that the costs of guards to keep the idiots barricaded in their area would be prohibitive, just remind them that this “government” that America now has, gives MORE THAN A HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS AWAY EACH AND EVERY SINGLE YEAR AS REWARDS TO THOSE WHO INVADED THIS NATION.  Take the costs for the guards out of THAT money.  And they can even ADD those costs to what the idiots would need to pay before being allowed out of the area they and they alone destroyed.

But I WILL admit that getting something like this adopted is JUST as IMPOSSIBLE as getting the media in America to once again become actual real and non-agenda oriented news sources instead of leftist propaganda and moron manipulation agencies.

The “media”; this present “administration”; as well as the shyster race baiters will continue their attempts to manipulate the moronic and create racial unrest and violence in this country, because it serves their purposes.   But in reality the majority of Americans of ALL races with IQ’s above the digits of their age can see right through their attempts and are not only wise to this orchestrated fraud, but are now becoming immune to it.


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    Thanks Tony, great ,truthful,go-get-m,direct and to the point article…..all the things We are thinking but don’t know what to do with what we think until you do an article like this one .

    So grateful to you !!!!!

    Has this been put on Facebook? What About Twitter or to all the media including FOX. You need to take O’reilly’s place in
    The Media.
    Excellent article

    • Avatar

      Thank You.
      Yes it’s on Facebook but even though I setup a twitter account a long time ago, I never really used it and I do not really know how to go about using it and as such I have zero “followers” that would see it.

      As far as the media goes you can bet the farm that as soon as they saw this article on their sites it would be immediately pulled. 🙂

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    AmericaBeautiful on

    Brilliant and spot-on.
    I love your solution to the local problem.
    Wish we could do the same in Chitcago and L.A.

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      Thank You. It actually SHOULD be done every place the morons do these stupid things. But it won’t. The race baiters in government are always on the side of the rioters encouraging them from the background with small bits of cash as well as empty promises.

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