Today, President Trump is flying to Utah to give back to Americans the land that President Obama took from them. Obama, during his 8 year reign of American horror, designated millions of acres of land as “historical monuments”, thus allowing the federal government, through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Federal Parks and Recreation Agency, to close off the land to farming, grazing, and public use and development.

A couple of nights before leaving the White House, ending his second term as POTUS, President Obama seized millions of acres surrounding the Bears Ears and National Staircase Monuments in southern Utah. President Trump has flown to Utah today to give 86% of it back to Utah and the people as part of his Executive Order he signed back in April, that reverses Obama’s E.O. that allows the President to designate land as federal land under the Antiquities Act of 1906, something Trump said he was planning to review to see how this federal act has effected state and citizen rights in usage of this land. Trump said back in April that his Executive Order would “end an abuse of power that’s resulted in a massive federal land grab.” “Today, I’m signing a new executive order to end another egregious abuse of federal power and to give that power back to the states and to the people.”

Obama’s “land grab” resulted in the whole dispute in Nevada with the Bundy standoff, where armed citizens rallied in support of the Bundy farm to thwart off the BLM and federal agents from seizing his cattle and arresting Clive Bundy for trespassing on federal land. The incident came very close to becoming a national tragedy, as agents were but moments from opening fire upon hundreds of citizens who refused to leave after federal marshals ordered their disbursement. Although this incident ended with the BLM leaving with their tail between their legs, they later got their revenge in another standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in John Day, Oregon that saw dozens arrested, Ammon Bundy wounded, and LaVoy Finicum dead at the hand of federal authorities.

Although the incident was never fully addressed by then candidate-elect Trump, other than stating the event was “a national tragedy that never should have happened”, it stayed in his mind when he made his decision to address the issue over federal land grab when president.

This brings me to how President Trump is so very different than the past four presidents.

Like President Reagan, Donald Trump wasn’t supposed to be elected. Both are populists who do not work for the “establishment” nor those within the Powers of the New World Order, but for the people who elected them, and the nation they serve. Unlike his predecessors, Trump has publicly expressed his outrage on how the globalists, and our government, are steering America into extinction in order to merge it with a global structure controlled by the United Nations. President Trump wants to reverse this process, thus making him the target by elitists who are in alliance with the globalists, the “establishment” cabal that makes up a large percentage within government, and those brainwashed and indoctrinated fools who cannot see the forest because of the trees of global annexation.

Agenda-21, or commonly known as “The Order For Sustainable Development”, is the globalists’ blueprint of nations for global partnership aiming at a high quality environment and a healthy economy for all peoples of the planet. It was contrived at The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also called the Earth Summit that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 1992. Although a non-binding contract since it needs ratification by Congress to become law, President GH Bush did sign it along with over 178 other nations to implement its process to radically transform structures in design to change and contain urban sprawl, redistribute wealth to end poverty, protect the environment and wilderness, and reduce population expansion.

Agenda-21 has over 700 pages that details how nations will implement sustainable development, including the federalizing of land to stop human usage and development in order to protect the environment and wilderness from human contamination. Twenty-three states and most major cities have already developed their own plans for sustainable development. Most AG-21 meetings are conducted secretly to protect the integrity of the meeting without public outcries in protest. Most communities don’t have a clue that AG-21 is already operational within the structures of their community, such as in utilities, permits, parks and recreations, zoning, and housing.

Now that you understand where the federal land grab came from and why its implementation, you can understand why President Trump is so adamant to repeal it, and why the “powers” are out to stop him. Trump, by far, is not a “global partner” in this whole new order thing. In his books, Trump declares a war on globalists, as their ideological principles are destroying America, and preventing Americans from establishing a prosperous destiny within their life. He calls the globalists’ plans as “thievery, extortion, and hijacking” where government becomes overlords of the people in the dictation on how the people MUST live out their lives.

AG-21 has a blueprint for government to grab up land by any and all means, keep civilization out, and contain the populous within confined sectors where they can be maintained accordingly. This is what the Bush’s, Clinton, and Obama have been constructing all these years… and if you think back on why and how we have seen so many dramatic changes to the ways we live, then you now know the reason why.

The deeper you dig into this rabbit hole, the more fur you will pull out.

My hat is off to Donald Trump in attempting to do the right thing, and put this country back into state management and the people’s hands. Agenda-21, Agenda 2030, and Vision 2050 are nothing more than globalists’ fantasies in world domination. Although their instructions are well under way, it will take more than Donald Trump to stop the process and reverse the course. We must elect representatives who defy the globalists’ agendas to protect our free market and free enterprise society, as well as the people and their rightful property.

The land is our land, and while the federal government has been stealing it in multi-million acre parcels, the government cannot force compliance of a contract that isn’t binding. They cannot prevent the people from visiting, using, and developing the land for constructional purposes. They cannot stop us from camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing on it. They cannot stop animals from grazing on it. They cannot prevent us from acquiring its resources. This is why the Bundy standoff incident is so historically important. Although it ended in tragedy, it opened the eyes of Americans to what has been occurring under their nose, and how government has overstepped their authority.

To make America great again, to take back this nation of, by, and for the people, we all must rise against the foes who desire to stop our reversal of their transformation into a land and people being controlled and contained. We must stand with Trump to tell our states and community that the UN agendas will not be implemented where we live, and pass laws that legally refrain them from their implementation.

Only the people can save this nation, but only if we care enough, and when we act strong enough in unity to stop the elites, globalists, and establishers of treason from removing the freedoms and liberty that not only our Founders envisioned, but what God has ordained.

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