Facebook Censoring


Facebook Censoring

Facebook censoring as well as most of the other leftist controlled social networks and even the leftist controlled censoring search engines continue to subvert non leftist sites and articles.  In fact Facebook is actually digging back into articles published long ago on their platform to see if any of those articles do not conform to their leftist ideology.  Should they find any such articles they are deleting those articles and then suspending the writer of those articles for differing periods of time.

I am no exception to what they are doing.   I have a decent size group of followers on the Facebook platform that look forward to what I publish on that network.  Facebook has now begun deleting my posts and telling me that those posts do not conform to their standards.  Which naturally are leftist.

The following article is one such example of just how far back they are digging to remove articles.  This article was actually posted on the Facebook platform on 9/17/15.  Only now have they decided to not only delete the article but to suspend my participation on their platform for THIRTY DAYS for publishing this article almost THREE years ago as of this date.

The left is nothing more than a communist tool of the New World Order and the NWO is still extremely angered that the people they thought they totally controlled, actually went against THEIR WISHES and the wishes of the Media they own and control and elected Donald J. Trump as the very first ever actual people’s choice for president.  That is why their media is attacking Trump 24/7 in every way they can get away with attacking him.  That is also why their subservient’s like Facebook and the rest are doing their part to get even with those who may even in small ways help the people to break free of the mental hold the NWO and their leftists have on this nation.  If articles posted on facebook do not defend all those different groups that want to overthrow this nation from within, then Facebook regards them as not conforming to their policies.  Search engines such as Google and Bing and naturally the extreme open left search engine Yahoo will make sure that the only way an article can be found that does not conform to THEIR leftist ideology is to know the exact URL of that article or site ahead of time.  Google is even having their YouTube division purge pro constitution pro American sites from their particular platform.

But HERE is the article that got me suspended from Facebook which as I stated is an article that I originally wrote and released all the way back in 2015.




Just last week, a patron to a Trump rally in New Hampshire stood up to ask “The Donald” about Muslims:

“We have a problem in this country… it’s called MUSLIMS. We know our current president is one, you know, he’s not even an American, ‘birth-certificate man’! We have training camps growing where they want to kill us. When can we get rid of them?”

Donald Trump simply answered the man by saying, “We’re going to be looking into it.”

Of course, the media quickly attacked Trump for not defending Obama, as Trump later said, “Why do I need to defend the President? The truth is very hard to fight!”

There is no love loss between Trump and Obama, as both have viciously attacked one another since Obama’s election. Trump brought the “birther” conspiracy into the limelight, and forced Obama to show a fake document that was ripped to pieces by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Posse Team in Arizona. As they investigated it further, more evidence surfaced that proved that Obama isn’t a legal citizen, using forged documents, false identification, and doctored information that opened a can a worms within the conservative’s public eye on who Obama really is, and how he became President of the United States.

It’s no secret that Trump believes Obama is un-qualified to be POTUS, or that Obama is still Muslim. Evidence surfaced years ago that told of terrorist-cult leader William Ayers telling Barack Obama that he had to switch religion “If he sought political position” because at the time right after 9-11, no Muslim would ever be elected into ANY government office. Barack Obama did what he had to do in order to begin his political career that would eventually launch him to the presidency.

Even that transformation had questions surrounding it, as the church Obama chose was that of anti-Christian-white cultist Rev Jeremiah Wright who believed America was damned, and that racist-white capitalists were to blame. Obama said in an interview that he chose Wright’s church because Rev Wright’s views paralleled his own, later recanting his statement, claiming he never paid attention to what was being said while in church. Gullible America bought all that bull-crap and never dove any deeper.

We know that the Clinton Team is ruthless, and won’t hesitate digging as deep as possible into someone’s life to uncover all the dirt they can to use against their opposition while campaigning. It was this team that uncovered the birth certificate scandal, and that Obama was still a devout Muslim, while pretending to be a Christian the whole time. As is written in the Quran, that Islamics are told to purposely deceive their enemy through lies and deception in order to further promote their ideology. Donald Trump has only used this information to further his own investigation into the alleged criminal plot against America. But the PC police and Obama’s slobbering media have pretty much labeled anyone who attempts exposure of these truths as lunatic-fringe, and to be discounted as “conspirators” for his protection.

Another anti-Obama crusader, Rev James Manning, also investigated a lot of Obama’s past, since much of Obama’s records had been sealed upon his announcement for the presidential position. Rev Manning discovered it was the Saudis who helped in getting Obama into Harvard and Columbia University, and had funded much of Obama’s political campaigns. It was Saudi money that flew Obama to Pakistan and the Mideast with the unknown terrorist roommate to do God-only-knows-what, as any evidence of his actions during this lengthy trip have never surfaced. It was also Manning who surfaced Obama’s education in an Indonesian Madrasa school, and was tutored by self-proclaimed communist Frank Marshall Davis, who Rev Manning has claimed may be Barack Obama’s actual father. Rev Manning has found that Islamic groups have helped in paying many of Obama’s expenses, and have contributed heavily towards both his representation in the Senate, as well as his presidency. But again, the Obama zombies and slobbering media have both denounced Manning’s evidence as “conspiratorial” and thus never let any of it surface within the public’s eye.

Everywhere you turn, Obama is tied into Islam, though he claims no alliance with Islam in any way. Of course, proof is impossible to uncover, but there have been enough “witnesses” to come forward to put the pieces of this puzzle together. Even Obama has admitted in his own words on several occasions that he still remains a Muslim. So the question becomes, “Why is Obama aiding and abetting Islam?” That answer can be spelled out by past and current events towards an Islamic goal of caliphating the world under Islam and Sharia Law.

To understand Islam, one has to understand its’ history and words through their bible, the Qur’an. Since 420 A.D., Islam has wanted to conquer the planet to make their religion the ONLY religion allowed. To know more of their intent, please read Glenn Beck’s No 1 seller, “It IS About Islam… Exposing The Truth About ISIS, Al Qaeda, And The Caliphate”.

Devout Muslims of today, through the Hadith (New Testament of the Quran), believe several things:

1) Islam is the ONLY true religion, anything else is false, thus disallowed… convert or be put to death.
2) Islam must conquer the planet in order to have everlasting enlightenment.
3) The Daijal (Antichrist) has already been born and has about come to full empowerment.
4) The Dabiq (apocalypse) must begin to usher in the Mahdi.
5) The 12th Imam (Mahdi) will rise to set into motion Yawm al-din (Armageddon) or “Day of Judgement”.
6) The Army of the Mahdi will defeat the Daijal, and either convert or kill all those who don’t follow Islam (Infidels).
7) Two-thirds of the planet’s Infidels (non-believers) will be crucified.
8) Islam will caliph with America, Asia, and Europe to rule the world under one religion, one government, one economy, and one way of life… Sharia.

The Sassanian Empire (Persian Empire) covered most of the Mideast in 621 A.D., through Pakistan to Turkey, down to Yemen and Egypt to Algeria. The capitol area back then was the Iran-Iraq nations of today. Islam believes to start Dabiq, the Empire must be reunited, as Yawm al-din will begin in the Hebrew nation. Are you now beginning to understand the conflicts in the Mideast, and why they are so important to Islam and Iran, and why Obama has turned against Israel?

Under Saddam, this caliph couldn’t happen. Without US presence, the capitol can now reunite. Under Abdel-Fattah el Sissi (Egypt’s President), under Muammar Gadhafi (Libya’s President), under Bashar al-Assad (Syrian President), under Ahmed Ben Bella (Algeria President), under Mohammed Karim Lamrani (Morocco President), and under Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, none of these countries could become part of Islam’s future of becoming the global empire under Sharia. All leaders of these countries, except for Syria, have been killed or exiled under Obama. Now think back to the Arab Spring and how important it was to the Iranian caliph? Put that together with our troop withdraw of the Mideast, and the historic “nuclear treaty” with Iran, and you have the makings of the Dabiq and Yawm al-din into reality.

Saudi Arabia is known to fund terrorism throughout the world, and most likely played a huge role in the 9-11 attack in America. The Saudis simply sit back quietly and let everyone else do their dirty work. Funding and getting Obama elected to help create their agenda was all too easy. Now you understand why Obama bowed to the Prince of Saudi Arabia. Even though the little pieces have less meaning, together they add up. Though the globalists follow no real religion, they certainly do follow Satan, and we have called Islam the “Devil’s Religion” for a very long time. My guess is that the globalists use Islamic jihadists as their henchmen to do all their dirty work in their creation of a much less populated New World Order that will be controlled by them through Sharia enforcement.

A conspiracy that is hard to fathom? For some, it is. But to those who can put their pieces together, it’s not too hard to understand the picture within the puzzle. The only way America can turn this situation around is by acknowledging the facts, and rebuilding our nation back to it’s greatness we once lived, with a strong economy and an even stronger military. The time to be politically correct is gone, and coddling Islam will only get more Americans killed, and Islam closer to their goals. Sure, there may be some Muslims who are against what the radicals are doing against the caliph, against Iran having a nuke, and living in peace… BUT, where are their voices of opposition?

We, as Christian conservatives, will stand up and denounce wrong doings by our own kind, and try to keep our image clean. A bad mark shines on us all, as the KKK, Jim Crowe, and Nazis have left a huge scar that may never heal. We have made our share of mistakes, but haven’t we tried to rectify them throughout our history? Just because a few apples may have spoiled, doesn’t mean we turn over the whole cart. Greedy capitalists are bad, but capitalism is good. See my point?

This is the time to point out the dangers and take action to stop the progression into something none of us will want in the end should they become successful. Leadership is truly needed, as well as someone who isn’t stuffed into the pockets of the globalists, communists, or Islamics. Fighting over petty differences has got to stop if we are to survive. Though things like “black lives matter”, Planned Parenthood, and Common Core are important, none of it will matter if Iran become nuclear, Israel wiped off the face of the earth, and America becomes a docile weakling that cowers into a corner for self-preservation.

The time to become strong is now. The time to get our country back is now. We are out of time, out of options, and out of strength, both militarily and financially. For almost 8 years, we have been talking about the SHTF scenarios, and some of them are getting too close for comfort. If not prepared, I suggest you prepare, because stopping the threat of Islam, the threat of globalization, and the threat to our ways of life are on the edge. As long as we only complain, we constantly fight one another, and deny this existence, it will only shroud us like darkness on a cold, black night where none of us, except those already guaranteed security, will ever see the light of freedom and liberty again. When we begin this fight, others will follow… but somehow, someone must lead the way to put the bad guys into Hell where they belong!

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda


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