EVIL … of Mankind’s Own Enabling

There have been and are to this day many evils plaguing mankind throughout this entire world.  Evil generated in the warped minds of some of the inhabitants of this planet and then spread like mental cancer throughout the entire planet.  Evils such as Nazism, Communism, Globalism, and the savage and murderous cult of islam just to name a few.  Some of these evils could have been eradicating centuries ago, but the inhabitants of this planet at those points in world history chose rather to just “contain” the evil to specific regions in the mistaken belief that the evil would not spread any further than the region to which it was contained.  Nazism was the only evil that was all but completely eradicated.

 The brutal cult of islam could have been wiped out centuries ago when the Europeans were finally able to drive them back out of Europe after they invaded and almost conquered all of Europe.  Unfortunately for this entire planet the Europeans were content just to free themselves of this scourge and even left what was known as the Holy Lands to remain under muslim domination after they invaded and slaughtered so many of the inhabitants of that region.  The ONLY attempts by the Europeans to free the mid east from this scourge were the crusades which came about after the muslims stopped allowing the Europeans to make pilgrimages to that area to worship at the birthplace and death place of Christ.  And those crusades were only to free the specific region designated as the Holy Lands.  As far as the Europeans were concerned the rest of that area was nothing more than desolate wasteland and as such the muslims could have it.

The Communist revolution took place and spread throughout much of Europe in the early twentieth century.  Destroying and enslaving entire countries.  It could have and most definitely should have been totally wiped out by all of the remaining free countries of Europe if the still free countries of Europe would have cared about their neighbors and joined together to free those countries that had fallen.  But they didn’t.  The primary reason for their inaction were the Globalists who quite probably helped to finance that Communist revolution because they knew that Communism could never survive on its own and thus fit perfectly into the Globalist agenda for world domination.  The Globalists who chose to do their own conquering of the world long before had decided that by far the best way to achieve their agenda was through political and economical avenues.  They convinced the still free countries of Europe that the problems occurring in the falling countries were of their own doing and as such the free countries should not interfere in the politics of those countries.  The Globalists financed ALL sides of ALL political conflicts and as such always came out the sole victors.  Nazism however was a threat to them.  Not because of the atrocities committed by the Nazi’s but rather Hitler was preparing to turn on them after he no longer needed their financial support for his particular dream of world conquest.  THAT was something that could not be allowed to occur so the Globalists united the entire world including the Communists against not only the Nazi’s but against their allies the Japanese as well.  BOTH countries were defeated and Communism was allowed to remain intact.

After World War II a new war known as the “cold war” ensued between the Communist bloc countries of the east and the primarily Globalist controlled countries of the west.  After Stalin’s death his successors began to show signs of turning on their Globalist financiers so it was quite apparently decided that the Soviet Union needed to be dealt with severely.  It was Ronald Reagan who was chosen to bring an end to the Communist bloc countries by using the financial might of America.  Reagan entered the west into an arms race that the Communists could not financially contend with and the result was the complete financial collapse of the Soviet Union.  The world, and especially those countries enslaved by communism celebrated the collapse, but it wasn’t to be a very long celebration because new political leaders emerged out of that collapse and the slow but steady reconstruction of the Soviet Union began to form.  Only now the weapons used were political as opposed to straight out military conquest.

Meanwhile the savage and murderous cult of islam lay dormant in the mid east.  But that was all about to change.  This entire planet became an industrial planet run on machines powered by oil.  The world wanted and the world desperately needed oil.  More and more oil.  The oil exploration and development companies owned and controlled primarily by the Globalists began to deliver the oil that the world craved.  They acquired it where ever they could find it, and they grew more and more powerful with each new day that came.  Ultimately oil was not used just to make gasoline and diesel fuel to power vehicles, but just about EVERYTHING that was manufactured by man used and required oil in its composition.  NOW the savage murderous cult of islam was about to be rejuvenated and THEIR dreams of world conquest and domination would once again be fueled.  THIS TIME it was to be fueled by OIL.

If memory still serves me correctly, LONG BEFORE they were the financiers of international islamic terrorism, LONG BEFORE they were the spoiled to the core filthy rich louts that they now are with so much money that they have no idea how to spend it, the ruling family of Saudi Arabia (the House of Saud) was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and were for all practical assessments TOTALLY PENNYLESS.  They had a title which coupled with the correct amount of money at the time would get them a cup of coffee.  They were totally symbolic and NOTHING MORE.

Then … America and England (but primarily America) discovered oil in that region.  America and England decided to acquire that oil and to do so they chose to re-establish the House of Saud as the actual rulers of that land, because they needed to have at least some semblance of order established in that area to keep their oil wells free from all of the roving bands of Bedouin outlaws.  They paid that family for the oil they were acquiring and that family in turn would re-establish its’ “authority” over that area and protect the oil wells.  That family got richer by the day as more and more oil was extracted by the west from the earth beneath them.  BUT they were contained by the west to just having money and were actually contented with the ability to live in phenomenal luxury.

THEN an American Globalist Henry Kissinger came into the picture.  Because of the cold war that was presently going on between the east and the west, America needed to establish radar installations in that area of the world to keep an eye on the Soviets.  He wanted IRAQ as well as IRAN and Saudi Arabia to participate in our radar program by protecting these installations.  Iraq couldn’t do it because they could not afford to do it.  Neither could Iran.  Kissinger came up with the idea of setting up the regulatory powers of OPEC.  Quite probably the biggest mistake that was EVER made in the entire history of mankind on this planet.  It was decided that ALL countries that possessed oil and were capable of acquiring it should belong to this organization.  Now OPEC could actually dictate the universal price of oil.  ALL participating countries were to have equal say and no singular country could under price another country’s oil.  ALL that each country could do was decide how much oil they would or would not release to the world.  Because it was known even back then that beneath the earth in America was far more oil than the entire rest of the world combined, it was decided to restrict America’s acquisition of its own oil and thus not allow America to dictate the price of the worlds’ oil by releasing far more of it to the world market than any of the other countries were capable of doing.  Now the mid east would become far more financially powerful than any of them had ever even dared dream of becoming.  The House of Saud in particular because one family controlled everything.

Too much money and no way left to figure out how to spend it makes one’s mind begin to stagnate and wonder off in different directions.  The cult of islam had been contained to that region of the world for literally centuries, but the cult of islam itself DEMANDS that it conquer and enslave the world.  Whether it was due to the extreme boredom of being the idle rich or their ego was stoked by the real powers that be in this world, the Globalists, it was decided that it was once again islam’s time to try again to conquer the world.  Most of the world was free however and had its own religions of which Christianity was the most prevalent.  Thus the inhabitants of these other countries would not readily submit to being conquered and enslaved because the world remembered the Islamic invasion and enslavement of Europe from centuries ago.  So … being that the cult of islam is predominantly a political structure hiding loosely behind a veil of being a “religion”, it was decided to use the political aspect rather than the militaristic aspect of it and to infiltrate the western civilizations.  An action that apparently needed to be funded because those actual inhabitants of the muslim countries were dirt poor.  I’ll let the readers decide where that funding had to come from.  But muslim’s began to immigrate in mass to the western countries where once established in large enough numbers they would begin to form political demonstrations against those countries and their cultures claiming “religious” and “cultural” discrimination.  THEN they would begin acts of terrorism against those countries they were attempting to overthrow.  Acts of terrorism that are largely financially funded by the Saudi’s and the terrorists physically trained by the Iranians.

Although the cult of islam has always considered itself to be at war with all countries and cultures that are non muslim, it’s first official declaration of war against America was on September 11th 2001 when they attacked and destroyed the world trade center, damaged the pentagon and were stopped from completing their mission to destroy either the White House or the Capital building.  The majority of those terrorists involved in the attacks were Saudi’s.

However … THIS was only the militaristic declaration of war against America.  As in all wars, the other aspect is political.  For decades the Saudi’s had been using money acquired from America itself to purchase American politicians and media personnel.  When the news got out that the majority of the terrorists involved were Saudi nationals, America’s purchased politicians and media immediately went on the offensive saying no … no … no, the Saudi’s are America’s friends, these were the acts of a “few” individuals and NOT the Saudi family.  Every single time it was discovered and disclosed that the Saudi’s funded Osama Bin Laden and his entire organization (that had been originally funded by the American CIA until America’s CIA turned its back on them) the information was quickly squashed, or at least attempted to be squashed by America’s purchased politicians and media.

BUT … just WHO is actually manipulating the muslims?  True, their stated agenda is to conquer and enslave the entire world, but after being held in check for so many centuries was it just all that money from the west the refueled their agenda, or was it something more?  The Globalists are still the undermining cause of most of the world’s upheavals.  It is the Globalists that have always quietly manipulated entire countries and cultures.  WHO incited this medieval savage cult to again renew their dream of world domination?  And WHO really came up with the idea attributed to George W. Bush of setting up America’s own version of the Nazi Gestapo or the Soviet secret police immediately after the 911 attack, calling it the Department of “Homeland Security”?  And just HOW was it so well setup and functioning so soon after the 911 attack?  WHO is actually manipulating the dissolving of America’s Constitution and the stripping of all the guaranteed freedoms listed in the Constitution for America’s citizens?  WHO is actually responsible for forcing America’s borders and especially its’ southern border to remain wide open allowing any and all to come into this country, even terrorists?  WHO is really behind the arresting and prosecuting of American border patrol agents who try to do the job they were allegedly hired to do.  WHO is REALLY responsible for putting those MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of illegal invaders of America on America’s social welfare programs and by doing so are pushing America into financial collapse?  WHO is REALLY responsible for organizing these invaders of America to have open demonstrations DEMANDING FREE CITIZENSHIP and actually daring true believers in America to even try and remove them from America?  THAT is NOT the doing of the Saudi’s or any muslim group.  WHO is actually manipulating America’s judicial system into allowing muslim’s sharia law to take hold in America which is totally contrary to America’s Constitution?  America now has a muslim holding the highest political office in this nation.  A muslim that is not even Constitutionally qualified to hold that office.  A muslim that is doing all that he can personally do to destroy America’s Constitution and to promote the savage murderous cult of islam in not only in America but is using American money to financially support muslim terrorism all around the world.  A muslim who is actually appointing other muslims to oversee the American Gestapo setup by Bush 43 also known as the Department of “Homeland Security”.

WHO … is actually the underlying reason for his not only being illegally in that office but doing whatever is necessary to keep him in that office?  There are a myriad of questions pertaining to WHO is actually manipulating all of the evils that now confront America.  And the answer to that is to look for what is not readily seen and openly talked about by anyone.

Americans have in all actuality never REALLY cared about their government.  They believed that the government setup by the founders was infallible and as such there was no real need to keep a watchful eye on those they placed into government through their votes.  And by their not caring they totally ignored human nature itself.  Humans are the MOST fallible, the most deceitful, and the most untrustworthy creatures on the planet.  From the beginning of time there were those humans who wanted to be the leaders of the pack, the rulers of other humans.  For some reason that defect was actually placed into the human DNA and mankind has suffered for it almost from the very beginning.  Complacency was also a defect that was part of the human DNA package and it is THAT particular defect in humans that allowed others to control them.  Throughout all of recorded history and quite probably long before events were even recorded the defect of complacency has brought about the demise of entire cultures and civilizations.

In the world of today it was complacency that allowed the democrat party to be totally taken over by the communists.  It was the complacency of those in that party that blocked them from even caring to see what was taking control over their political party.  And to this day it’s complacency that prevents them from even caring to see what now totally controls their party.  They could not care less about their country; all that they care about is that whoever gets into office in not a republican.  They only and always vote “My School Against Your School” and nothing more as they were instructed to do by their parents and now by the communist controlled department of so-called “education” which was allowed to be setup by the worthless sellout Jimmy Carter when he sold out the future of America’s youth and this nation itself in exchange for a few dollars of campaign money.

However it isn’t just those in the democrat party that are guilty of not caring about their own country.  Those that belong to the republican party are not all that much different.  True, most of those who identify themselves with the republican party actually DO care about their country and most definitely do care about preserving and upholding the Constitution upon which the entire nation was formed.  But just like those in the democrat party they have been indoctrinated to totally ignore the warnings of the founders of this country when they stated that the people should stay clear of political parties.  Now America is actually run by just the two major political parties with no real attention paid to all the other smaller political parties and NEITHER of the two major political parties has the best interests of the American people as their purpose.  The democrat party was co-opted by and is now the communist, socialist party and the republican party is still controlled by the one world government ideology group.  And the financial Globalists totally control the destiny of both.

Communism is a totally flawed totalitarian ideology that cannot survive on its’ own.  The one world order ideology is another form of totalitarianism that likewise cannot survive on its’ own. BOTH require the support of the financial Globalists.  Yet both communism and the one world order group are tools that are used by the financial Globalists to reach the ultimate goal of complete global domination and absolute control over all living creatures on this planet.

Over the centuries mankind has always enabled the Financial Globalists.  Condemning them on one hand and then going to them with hat in hand to beg for their assistance on the other.  It is not at all difficult to see just who will be the sole controllers of all humanity in the end.  But then what?  When there is nothing left to manipulate, when the entire planet and all of its inhabitants are subject to the whims of those few in control there will be nothing left to conquer and no one left to subjugate.  What then?  A worldwide uprising against them and a complete start over with everyone again having nothing?  Is this all just a game of some kind that is being played out by mankind for the amusement of some other conscious entity not of this world?  Who is really to say?

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