Dreams and Idle Threats of ‘Revolution’


Dreams and Idle Threats of ‘Revolution’

Dreams and idle threats of revolution have been the topic of other articles I have written in the past, but with all the talk resurfacing again about “revolution”, I felt it was time to do yet another article pertaining to this exercise in complete futility and make it just a bit more in-depth.

However … I am going to do this one in a different way.  Since very few people actually read lengthy articles, I am going to make this an article in TWO VERSIONS.  The first version will contain the beginning and the ending of the longer version.  Those who wish to read the entire in-depth article will find a link at the bottom of this shorter version they can click on.

America has seen two revolution wars fought on American soil.  The first was successful and the second ended in complete failure for one side.

The first revolution was fought between the American colonies in their war for independence from England.  The second was fought between the northern and the southern states when the southern states attempted to idle threats of revolution 1peacefully gain their independence from the north as was allowed in the constitution that formed America.  But that was something that the north and the newly elected president Abraham Lincoln could not allow.  The north assumed that if the south were permitted to leave the union as allowed in the constitution and form their own country, then the northern states would essentially be surrounded by British Canada to the north of them, and the British friendly southern states to the south of them.  Which in essence would make the northern states vulnerable to re-conquest by the British Empire.

And it was not just the southern states that were talking about dissolving the union.  There were northern states pondering the same outcome.  So in order to preserve the union, Lincoln and his group continually chided the south and ultimately deliberately forced an armed confrontation between both the north and south which began at Fort Sumter and ended with the surrender of the south at Appomattox court house.

Being that the north was the victor in that second revolution, they were able to rewrite history as the victors are always able to do, and that second war for independence was labelled a ‘civil war’ and the southern states were forever labelled the perpetrators of that war; when in reality, neither was true.

When both of those wars were fought, the armaments for all sides were essentially the same.  Muskets, cannons were the instruments of war.  Communication between factions of both sides could only be conducted via written correspondence and delivered by couriers travelling by foot, by horseback and by ships and boats.  Correspondence and coordination of troop movements was a very lengthy process and many times correspondence was never delivered because couriers were often captured and killed by the opposing side.idle threats of revolution 2

In the first revolution England needed to get its’ military and supplies for its’ military to the colonies via ships which took months of sea travel.  Something that was extremely costly and time consuming.  And it was both time and costs that weighed heavily upon England and ultimately made it not worth the effort to retain what they considered to be their possessions.

In the second revolution, armament for both sides was still essentially the same.  Communication and coordination of troop movements was still done for the most part by courier, but travel by sea was not a time consuming factor.  Both sides were essentially armed with canon and muskets.  However, the southern states were predominantly agriculture states whereas the northern states were industrial states and as such were able to produce more cannon and muskets as well as ammunition for both.  Also the southern states were fighting a war of defense against the invading north and as such did not want to bring about unnecessary damage to their own land and people.  And thus were not inclined to be as brutal as the invading northern armies who adopted a scorched earth and complete destruction of the land and people policy as they invaded the south.

But those physical revolutions were fought in a totally different world than what we now live in.  Those types of wars will no longer be seen.

There are those who actually DREAM of having another revolution in America.  There are those who ACTUALLY WANT another revolution in America.  And there are those who continually post idle “threats” of starting another revolution in America because they actually think it’s fun to do so.

Now let’s see what another ACTUAL revolution in America would involve.

Democrats & Republicans 2Because many generations ago, the American people SURRENDERED control of their government over to just two political parties that later became one, and because that surrender was generationally upheld allowing government to eventually RULE over the people instead of represent them … government has grown ever more powerful and the American people now literally FEAR their government and the government has absolutely NO fear of the people.  So ‘Revolution’ or ‘CIVIL WAR’ are of no real concern to our globalist owners and their puppet government.  In fact they may very well prefer to see it attempted.

Wars are no longer fought with medieval era cannons and muskets.

Americans have armed themselves with millions of AR’s and regular rifles and handguns, and literally BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition for all of those.

If martial law were declared and totalitarian rule was established, the very best estimates of how long those defending America against our owners’ government would last is about three weeks at the very most, before they would be completely and permanently annihilated.

America’s military of today possess artillery that can pinpoint and obliterate targets many miles away.  It possesses tanks and APC’s.  It has a massive amount of combat aircraft of all kinds.  It has missiles of all sizes that can pinpoint and obliterate targets.  There are surveillance satellites in orbit that are so powerful they can be used to read a newspaper over someone’s shoulder from space.  Any movement of any kind by those defending this nation would be pinpointed with complete accuracy.

Just as Orwell predicted, this nation is now totally saturated with devices that can spy upon any and all Americans no matter where they are.  Even our own “smart phones” can be used to see and hear us and what we say without our being aware of it.  The internet is under complete government surveillance and control and dreams and threats of revolutioncan be shut down at any time both selectively and nationally.  So-called “smart TV’s” can be used to spy on us no matter where they are in operation.  Airwaves are under complete government surveillance and control and can be jammed by government at any time to prevent communication between factions.  One group would not even know if another group near them had been totally wiped out.  Confusion would reign among all defenders of America.  No one at all would know if they are the only ones left.

Now it is true that not ALL of America’s military would turn on their own people, but there are enough of them who actually would.  That is one of the primary reasons Obama continued the assault on the military that Clinton began and allowed all previously excluded groups to now enter the military.  They want to stack the military with as many as they can who were previously excluded because those are the types that will serve government against the people.

Then there is the problem of the American people themselves.  Oh we as a nation are very big on attitude and ego and can easily be whipped into gung-ho mode wanting war whenever a false flag is created to stir us into a frenzy.  But we as a people want “war” ONLY if it is OUR MILITARY fighting that war and that war takes place ANYWHERE BUT HERE in America.  They never give any real thought about our own military actually being used against US.

ALSO under complete Marxist control of our public education system entire generations of America’s youth have been raised to essentially be nothing more than pansies.  Needing “counselling” when a fellow student is severely injured or even killed.  Being taught to abhor violence and to seek “safe spaces” and more “counselling” when something “emotionally disturbs” them.  These entire generations of wimps is exactly what the Marxists were seeking to do in addition to raising them to prefer Marxist socialism over American freedom.  To be willing vassals of the state who are cared for by the state instead of free thinking Americans with a desire to succeed as individuals in this world.

There are those who cling to the fact that only around three percent of colonists fought against England in the first revolution … and actually won.  They do not mention what percent of Americans fought in the second revolution.  But that three percent figure in this day and age is nothing that can be clung to.  It is useless.  Just as there were colonists loyal to England who aided the British military in the first revolution, JUST ABOUT HALF of America is now totally indoctrinated toward totalitarian socialism and as such will do whatever they could to hamper those who truly wanted to defend this nation from tyranny.  A much higher percentage of people than the British had to aid them.

Even if war occurs on American soil and it is the government versus the American patriots, MOST Americans will STILL take their entire direction from their masters’ media.  Just as their masters media now widely broadcasts what the government will do to anyone who descents, such as they did with the cold blooded murder of Lavoy Finicum in order to strike fear into the people, they would give widespread and dramatic coverage to the annihilation of actual groups in order to terrify the already for the most part timid Americans.

Back in the second revolution; at the first battle of Bull run; the southern troops totally routed the northern troops, and if the south had pressed on and captured Washington DC, the war would have been over and there would have been the United States and the Confederate States existing side by side on this continent.  But the south was not interested in conquest.  All they wanted was their freedom to govern themselves.  However … there is something about that first major battle that few will mention.  On the hills overlooking the battlefield, carriages appeared filled with spectators who regarded the battle more as a show.

In today’s world, aside from our owners’ media covering the massive explosions and fireballs as the patriots were annihilated, there would be a great many people recording it on their cell phones who would spread coverage of it just as much as their masters’ media would spread it.  Something that would strike even more fear into the hearts of those not involved.

braveheartIn a country of over Three Hundred Million as ours is, there are a great many wannabe ‘Braveheart’s’.  Each of them visualizing themselves as the leader in the struggle for freedom.  However … the original William Wallace had a great many followers and they were armed with the same weapons as the English.  Most Americans of today are content with ‘heroes’ only being on the silver screen where they can leave them behind when they leave the theatres.

The totally ignored political reality of all of this is that dreams and idle threats of “revolution” are one thing.  Reality however is something totally different.

America as a nation would be over either way, and it would become a sectioned off landmass with each section under military control.

There IS a way America could still be saved and in a totally bloodless way.  And that is via the voting booths.  But Americans are too afraid of their own government to even attempt that as well.  They will continue to follow the lead of their masters’ media and keep only both sides of their masters’ political party in absolute control and RULING over them. Thus continually granting their SUPPORTIVE CONSENT to all that their government does TO them.

They WILL complain as is their right.  But they WILL OBEY as is now required of them.




Now for those who might be interested in reading the in-depth version of this article they can do so by clicking of the following link …



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