If you really want to tick the Left off, then attack their people of minorities. If you say or do anything negative to blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, or the LBGT fan club, be prepared for an onslaught bombardment of hate-vitriol that will be directed your way from all sides of the Leftist aisle of anti-America, anti-God, and anti-conservative ideologues who will certainly call you a racist, bigot, homophobic, Xenophobe, and politically brain-dead moron.

President Trump reversed Obama’s rule on letting gays and transgenders into the military. Ask most politicians, and they will agree that Trump had stepped out of line, because politicians play for the politically correct vote, not for what is right, moral, and certainly not what the majority of the people want.

When polled, 94% of those in active service said that are not to hip with the LBGT fan club gracing their hallowed grounds of macho-ism. Even in old times, most rejected having women in the military because the service wasn’t their place to be, unless it was in clerical or medical. Most cannot deal with the “problems” associated with having to carry women on the battlefield, for reasons that have been made quite clear. I know there are women who can out fight a man, as some women, pound for pound, look like Sumo wrestlers, and can probably carry a 100 lb backpack with no problem. For some, it could balance them out.

But I’m old school, and women don’t belong on the front line of battle. If captured, they would not be taken care of in proper fashion, and could pose as a threat to secured information beyond telling their name, rank, and serial number to the enemy. And what if the soldier captured was a LBGT? After they settled down from a long laugh, I hate to think how they would interrogate a LBGT and still remain serious.

So what is President Trump supposed to do with Obama’s LBGTs? Many were let into the military so that the taxpayer could fund their “transformation” operation. Obama hated the military, and anything he could do to throw sawdust into the gear oil he would do. And, we all know how “attached” Obama was with trans-whatevers… he was married to one.

President Trump did the right thing. The military is definitely no place for the LBGT fan club. It is hard enough to house men and women together, and now there is supposed to be barracks for “others”? We all know what goes on in ships who don’t see port for weeks on end. Can you see a tranny swabbing the poop-deck? Can a LBGT even be trained to pack 100 lbs of gear, shoot to kill, and take the lead in a nightly raid, jumping out of a helicopter in full gear?… or would night-vision expose them more than they want to be exposed?

Don’t get me wrong, as I have friends who are full members in the LBGT fan club. And if that is the bridge one wishes to cross, then let them pass. But I have to stand with Trump and not let them pass in being active service-people. God made man and women in His own image. Those in between were made by human image.

There are places for each sex, and one sex doesn’t need to be forcing their way upon the other for some notion that both men and women are 100% equal. Take a look at the two… your eye sight should tell you different. It used to be a man’s world out there. Each sex had their role to fill, but the politically correct femanazi liberation movement changed all that. I still do a double-take when I see a woman with a jackhammer in her hands, driving a front end loader, or hosing down a fire on a ladder-truck. It was hard enough to accept a woman pulling me over and tell me she needs to frisk me… don’t pat the “junk”, sister!

Sure, many women have stepped up to take the place of a man, and more power to them IF they can 100% handle it in the same regards. Chivalry stops when a woman wants to play man. As I said, I’m old fashion, and when women stepped out of the home to become part of corporate America and have a “career”, she neglected her family, and thus we now have more divorce, more lesbians, spoiled cry-baby children, and dirtier homes with fat people because they eat a dinner of junk food instead of a well-balanced meal cooked by mom.

The need of two incomes drove mom to the factory, retail store, and offices. Many women wanted to have not just a good income, but a great income, because many women one day decided they no longer needed a man in their life to give them riches in exchange for sex, a clean home, and a hot meal. Day care centers and baby sitters became an urgency, and today’s cost to watch a child will zap 50% of your pay in a heartbeat. Many children see mom and dad for no more than 1.4 hours per day. That certainly teaches them values, standards, morals, and virtue! And we ask, how our kids became so messed up these days?

The battle of the sexes is one thing, but the battle of the sexes and “others” in another. No tax dollar needs to go to someone who wants to become the opposite sex. If you want to change, then scrape up the change to do it… not on our dime. If you want to be different, then be different… I am not going to point at you and laugh, nor degrade you because you wish to be a member of the status quo of indifference. Where I have a problem, and this goes for ALL minorities, is when you shove your ways down our throat to tell us we must accept you and your ways. If you wish to be gay, then be so, but don’t try to kiss me. If you want to dress as a woman, then put on a nice dress and some make up, but don’t dress and make yourself up to be a neon sign saying, “Look at me…. I’m LBGT!”

If you are black, then act human! I don’t need your face in mine to tell me you are darker skin toned than me. If you would act civilized, then maybe you’d be treated more civilized. Same for Hispanics. You don’t see Orientals gathering by the thousands waving the “Setting Sun” flag, bitching about America and Americans, and standing in front of Home Depot harassing patrons for a job. If you are a Muzzie, then by all means, pray to Allah and that child abuser, Mohammad… but DO NOT TELL ME to accept sharia, follow you into peace when you make so much hate & war, and tell my children that your way is more Divine. All streets in America are owned by Americans, not exclusively black, Hispanic, or Muslim… and a No-Go zone is racist, while forbidden by our laws. If you wish to be in America, then become a citizen and respect our laws… and get a damn job!

I’m proud of how our President is handling this matter. He simply put his foot down and reversed course with no exclusions. And for those who are agape because President Trump was, again, not politically correct, and stepped on minority toes, tough titty! Get over it… he won, you lost, and deal with it like we had to deal with Obama for eight long years of misery and suffering.

The MAJORITY is now speaking. We have been furloughed too long, and now it is your turn to feel the pain of deprivation. It is your turn to be rejected, excluded, and forgotten. Your political correct ways only made us broke, unemployed, weak, criminal, unhealthy, and insane. We went from being down a little in 2006 to becoming almost settled on the bottom in 2016. In ten years, you damaged America to the point it may just take us 20 years to get back to where we started when Obama, Pelosi, and Reid were placed into power, let alone to make America great as it once was. And this movement of the LBGT to be in the military was just one nut in the can of pistachios. Sorry, but you are no longer wanted nor welcomed in the halls of heroes, even if you are capable. Blame the weirdos of your fan club for stigmata. In America, the men and women of our military salute and defend the Stars & Stripes, not the Rainbow flag of progressive difference.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda

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There are 2 things that are very important to me: God and my family. And I guess if I had to choose 2 others they would be: helping people to gain their financial freedoms, and the other is to help Americans keep their freedoms.I hate politics and believe in GOD, FAMILY, FREEDOM, AMERICA, and AMERICAN VALUES & PRINCIPLES(also Mom and Apple Pie). Want to make something from it? I also love a challenge!


  1. Sandor Padilla on

    A well stated summary of how our nation has been dumped into a cesspool of idiotic thought. Time to clean out the cesspool, even if the liberals are offended by the process. I’ve been equally offended by what they have converted this country of ours into. Abnormal thinking results in abnormal behaviors, and is the prime tool used by liberals to screw up our country.

  2. Good article. NONE of that bs our military had forced upon it was ever necessary to begin with. Because of his hatred for our military, that pervert clinton and his socialists FORCED it all upon the military by FORCING them to start with that — don’t ask, don’t tell– crap. From that point on the military was converted to a socialist experiment area allowing perverts and freaks to gain political power inside of it. And the military itself was always meant to be separate from the rest of the country and not subject to politics. All that changed because the American people did not care about their own country and let the cancer of socialism destroy not only the country itself, but to eat away at our military as well.

  3. Things like this take place with the military branches every time the liberals get majority control of the government. It is so sad.

  4. James.great article.had we complained when
    On was in power,it would not done a bit of
    Good.remember,Soros,Buffett etc owned
    Him ,he was a puppet. So now there is a man
    In the WH who believes in what God created
    Us for and this country.i agree with you 100%
    Except for some women in the military.i went
    To school that wanted to serve their country.
    Any way they could e.g. Technically ,behind
    The scenes,some were better at fighting then
    Men.None were gay at all,just wanted to serve
    Every word you said in your post I stand behind
    With this one exception.
    Good job James.

    in the military.

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