After watching last night’s MAGA/KAG rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by President Donald J Trump, I came to the realization that Donald Trump has got to be the dumbest, most inept, and idiotic person in America… NOT! But before you come to any conclusions about that statement, you need to understand just from whose perspective this heralds from.

When you take into consideration that this man has never held public office, has never ran a political campaign, and has never spent any time within the DC syndicate of the “swamp”, he is one-for-one in political victories, and at the highest level to boot.

Donald J Trump went out and accomplished the impossible. No one, and I mean NO ONE, gave him a chance of securing the Republican nomination, let alone winning against a champion of the Democrat Party, an ex-senator and First Lady, and retired Secretary of State, plus two-time presidential hopeful. Hillary Clinton had the full support of the Left and many Left-leaning moderates, along with 98% of the media, half of the Republicans, political operatives, industrialists, unions, as well as being funded by George Soros and thousands of financial supporters who sought a continuation of America’s “fundamental transformation”. Even “secret-society” groups (Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission) met behind closed doors of stratagem to devise plans to keep Trump out while placing HRC into power to become their puppet. So, if you believe that the whole “Russian collusion-illusion” was drafted by Clinton, Obama, and the DNC, you had better dig much deeper.

Many of the world’s most powerful men and women set out to stop and destroy Donald Trump. They knew him, as well as he knows them, therefore Trump was a threat to not only them, but their global agenda, and secured way of life. They all were unsuccessful at stopping his nomination, stopping his election, and stopping his presidency, after numerous attempts to push their candidate through, rig the election, rig the electoral vote, file injunctions, use Article 25, and created a two year “witch hunt” that found absolutely no obstruction or collusion with Putin and the Russians in illegally securing his victory. In fact, Putin and the Russian empire wanted HRC to win, because they knew she would be putty in their hands in order to step on US interests, just as President Obama was.

With those kind of odds, and those kind of people after you, you have to be the biggest idiot to not have succumb to that kind of political fire. Yet, the one thing none of these people thought of from the beginning was that the voters of America are not all as stupid as the Leftist base.

You see, in the eyes of all who seek Trump’s demise, there is no logical way he can be POTUS, so somewhere along the line, it had to be rigged… Trump had to have stolen the election. Trump is an idiot, a buffoon, a Nazi Neanderthal, a bigot, a womanizer, a racist, a “punk”. They claim he can’t even figure his way out of a wet paper bag… yet, there he sits in the Oval Chair, screwing everything up for them, and destroying the country they feel they have built.

These darlings of the political circles knows what is best for Americans, and how best to lead a nation into peace, justice, and the equality way. They have all the right answers, so they should be in charge. So then, why aren’t they?

The political pundits of the major news outlets, of K Street, and the Beltway, are constantly explaining how “they” would do things differently, smarter, and better for everyone. They feel they have been basically in charge for decades, and it is just one idiot who is destroying everything they have made America into. What they fail to realize is that it is a minority that seeks their global order in socialism. The majority actually loves America, and desires to keep the values, principles, and ideals that have made this nation the envy of the planet. If America was as bad as they tell us, then why are they coming here by the millions, while nobody leaves?

If Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, and Jim Acosta are smarter and have the answers, then why are they not a senator, House rep, or running for any office in order to convince America they know more and can do better?

These “journalists” find their way through college, get a graduate degree, are told they are smart by others, land a job as an analyst, which that makes them perfect “experts”. I’m glad they are so intelligent where they are able to negotiate trade deals with China and Mexico, convince Putin to withdraw troops from Serbia, make the PLO and other terrorist groups stand down, stop Kim Jung-un from nuking the world, and put Americans back to work making lots and lots of money.

The same also goes for university professors and the Hollywood stars who believe they have the solutions to health care, racism, poverty, and global warming. They are smart… let’s put them in charge, too!

We watch as those like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Adam Schiff, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stand in the spotlight telling America what is wrong with it and how to fix it. They are smart. They constantly bullhorn their opinions about President Trump, so why are they not standing at the bully pulpit instead, bull horning their decree to solve all the issues they have all the answers for?

I’ll agree with them that Donald Trump is so stupid that he went bankrupt twice, had failed businesses, and was twice divorced. It takes a really stupid person to be worth $11 billion, use his own money to campaign, build golden towers and pro golf courses around the world, produced successful offspring, and marries a famous model that speaks six languages, fluently.

For generations, we have fought over the same issues and have yet been able to resolve any of them. And through all those years, the only ones I see benefiting are those in Washington, and those who line Washington’s pockets. So who is serving who?

We trusted our elected leaders to faithfully negotiate for us, the people. And what did they negotiate? Carter negotiated us into an energy crisis that created the worst recession since the Great Depression. He also negotiated the fall of Iran to become the largest sponsor of terrorism throughout the world. GHW Bush negotiated us into the New World Order, and re-negotiated Reaganomics to give us higher taxes and an inflated dollar. Clinton negotiated lop-sided trade deals that cost American jobs, while giving us worthless, Chinese junk. Clinton also gave us the highest tax rates in history to the middle class, while secretly negotiating X-rated deals in the Oval Office with interns. GW Bush negotiated an on-going war with terrorists, open borders, and a doctrine that removed almost half of American’s freedoms and liberties in the name of safety. Obama negotiated the worst and longest depression in American history, negotiated the loss of one-sixth of the US economy to a worthless health care scheme, negotiated terrorists coming to America while putting some of them into the White House administration. Obama also negotiated Iran the ability to produce nukes, run terrorist operations, while making more enemies than friends with America. The one thing in common with all these past presidents is that together, they created a monolith of a syndicate cabal that makes organized crime look like a day at Disneyland. Together, they assembled the darkest and seediest team of anti-American criminals to control the federal bureaucracies and agencies (Deep State) that took apart America and Americans one piece at a time, except for those who “supported” their efforts… forcing unions, media, universities, entertainment, Wall street, corporations and their systems all align with the “swamp” if they wanted to pay for play. As Larry Kudlow once stated, “You can’t control the puppets until you first control their strings.”

In 26 months, President Trump has negotiated the turning around of a comatose economy on life support, brought us near full employment, reduced the need for welfare and food stamps, slashed taxes, made the dollar stronger, reduced over 50% of crippling regulations, doubled the net worth of business and corporations, tripled retirement funds, beat ISIS and al-Qaida, got Middle East nations together at the table, stopped North Korea’s nuclear agenda, freed up trade deals around the world, got NATO to pay their share, got the US out of the UN Human Rights Agreement, moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem, made America into the No 1 producer of energy, walked out of the costly Paris Climate Accords, shelved the dangerous Iran Deal, expanded the military and saved veterans, expanded legal protection for college students, taken action against religious suppression, taken action against suppressing conservatives, taken action against abortion, put conservative judges into the courts, and has finally taken the necessary actions needed to stop illegal trespassing by securing the border and making Executive Orders towards immigration reform… just to name a few.

And what accomplishments do Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, Acosta, Cooper, or Maddow have to their credit during this same time period? All that comes from these “experts” are vitriol of hate, fear, and dejection. Heck, they can’t even find the guts to go after their own “clique” that are involved in sex scandals, antisemitism, ethical misconduct, malpractice, abuse, and misuse of funds. They all need to learn to clean their own house first before they try to clean out someone else. They all just keep repeating the same old lines that have no sustainability, and are started within the dark halls of the “Deep State”.

No one ever said President Trump was perfect. He is just human. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake, and making them means you learn from them in order to improve. That’s what it takes to be smart. And that is something that those who have so much to say, those who think they are smarter, are about as stupid as one can be, because they have never learned from their mistakes, nor learned to sit down and shut up, when in reality, there is nothing to really bitch about but their own stupidity. For me, I’ll take Trump’s “dumbness” any day!

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda


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