There is always two sides of a coin. Individually, each side is totally unique and represent two separate meanings to the coin, yet they both exist on the same coin. Unfortunately for America these days, we are like a coin, but for reasons we don’t want to hear, nor want to accept, we can no longer exist together on that same coin, and this is why both sides, being what they represent, are trying to change the other side of the coin to become double-sided.

Since our founding, we have disagreed on most everything. One side taking a stance for one reason of belief, while the other side believing their stance was always best. Eventually, after having fierce arguments, there became a balance, as both sides found resolution in compromise, or simply agreeing to disagree to settle in order to move Founding Fathers in Conference 2on. Yet, they found a way to keep both sides happy because it was the Republic OF THE PEOPLE that always came first.

Between 1786 to it’s final ratification in 1789, the US Constitution came under heavy scrutiny that created quite the arguments. Many of these debates were recorded, as eventually both sides created their own documents for their stance and reasoning through the Federalist Papers, and the Anti-Federalist Papers.


If you thought the Constitution was perfect, you are mistaken. There were many flaws within, and some patriots thought that the interpretation wasn’t precise enough that could eventually cause problems for Americans down the road. Once one reads the Papers, sees both sides of the argument while comparing the facts to our past history, one can easily conclude that those who were against the Constitution were absolutely correct in their arguments. But what is done is done, and the US Constitution is what it is, as there is no easy change to fix it… legally, nor fairly.

I’m not taking the Liberal stance that the Constitution is inadequate, inaccurate, out dated, nor bias to the “wealthy, white slave owners of our early history.” On the contrary, our Constitution may not be perfect, but it is the foundation of our law and our governance. The Constitution has been what created our nation, and is what has made America the exception to all other nations. It is what protects us, and serves us constitutionin liberty and the freedoms that has made many prosper so that we are free to think, create, expand, develop, and contract to produce much of the marvelous things that many now take for granted. The Constitution allowed us to unite to defeat our foes, and has kept us safe from being invaded to be overthrown. America would not exist today if there hadn’t been this four page document, and for those who have upheld and defended it in law, and in war.

Even today, there are those who are trying to distort it’s true meaning to pervert them into a means to legally support their agenda. And if they can’t use it, then they have learned to ignore it all together to do what they want in order to exercise their “right” to change or fundamentally transform America into a nation never intended by our Founders as we were warned about in the Anti-Federalist Papers. Many today seek a Constitutional Convention to correct the mistakes within this document, but to which direction of correction is the intent? This may become a can of worms opened in which we may never be able to close, and having a reformation of that which has served us so wonderfully for over 230 years… it may become the Pandora’s Box to our own demise.

Under Article V of the Constitution, our Founders did leave us options should the government pervert law to become tyrannical. Mark Levin’s case for it’s use is well levied in his book ‘The Liberty Amendments’ to which he describes in full detail what changes can be made to the Constitution through the amendment process without having a CC to re-write it in part or in whole. As Levin states, “… to have a Constitutional Convention is a path we do not want to walk, for it would mean an end to our laws that protect us, and to any future chance of using the law to correct the purposeful misuse of the law by those who wish in America’s destruction.”


Many dictatorial leaders of the past have known that to conquer a nation, it must first be divided. Caesar, Hitler, Castro, Mao, Pol-Pot, and Stalin, to name a few, used division among the people and states to upset the balance of unity to create confusion, turbulent unrest, and turmoil within those who’s mind were soft and easily persuaded. Joseph Stalin once said that the poor and young were “useful idiots” to be used as “tools” to get what he wanted accomplished. Today, those like George Soros, Valarie Jarrett, maybe Barack Obama (though I don’t think he’s that smart), are using tactics such as division (per Saul Alinsky) to break down America in order to rearrange it in THEIR socialist/communist image.


There is no doubt that we are in a war… a war of idealism, a war of superiority, and a war for America’s future. The progressive Left came to fight many years ago. The problem is that our side hasn’t figured it out who we are fighting, what we are fighting, nor how to fight back. It was said that “America cannot stand united in liberty if it is divided in freedom.” The problem I see is that none of us are truly “free”. Ever since the major world bankers created the Federal Reserve, established, not ratified, the Federal Income Tax Act (which, by the way, isn’t Constitutionally legal), destroyed the American economy with the Great Depression, and created the National Council of the Senate by removing the appointment of US Senators from the state to an election process, we have become slaves to the Powers That Be through principle and process by making each American a corporate entity, thus subjugated to corporate laws far removed from the Constitution.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IJeemTQ7Vk <—- ‘Century of Enslavement: History of the Federal Reserve’

Not too long ago, Cass Sunstein was caught in a closed door meeting saying (paraphrased), ” So you think you own your house, your boat, or even your business? Think again! Just try not paying your taxes and see how long you get to keep them. We (meaning the government) own every brick in your house. We own the grass you mow, the car you drive, the boat you fish from, and the businesses that made it for you… we own it all! We just let you lease it from us for a fee, which is called a tax. If you don’t pay us, we will take it away and lease it to someone else who will pay. Some of you laugh… but the joke is one you. If you work for an income, legally speaking that is, we even own you!”

The division in America has always been about money, directly or indirectly. Blacks are poor; Hispanics want work; women don’t get paid equally; Jews are fundamentally wealthy; and the have’s have it while the have not’s don’t. In the past, we mostly knew where we stood on the economic chain. Historically, 40% of Americans have always been on the poor side of the tracks, while the other 60% lived modestly. But few Bankers 4really complained until government set up the standards for division. Now there was something to bitch about. And the fuel for the fires were thrown from government. If you look at poverty, at it’s core, who actually benefits the most from it? It sure aren’t those who are poor, because dependency will forever keep them poor. Government profits from poverty in many ways, and one way is through war. Today, over 50% of Americans are dependent upon the government to live.


If you need the pieces of the puzzle assembled, then the picture you will see is not only a “fundamentally transformed” America, but a fundamentally transformed world into globalism… one power, one control of virtually everything. And, if you object to this brave new world, then you had better remain quiet about it.


Not too long ago, I posted a list of the world’s 100 top companies, all subsidies of but only 9 corporations that basically control the corporate world. Do you think they have influence? Do you think they are content? When you basically own everything, what more would you want? Control, power, and more wealth!

It’s not too hard to put the pieces together when you have Bilderberg Group, the Council for Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission, the United Nations, consolidating entities like health care, military and police, banks and financial institutions, energy, and communications. We have to place rigged elections throughout the world, assassinations, and governments totally out of control with the law they are supposed to support, and humanity against the people they are supposed to be serving into this picture for a greater vision of our future. Yes, we are a nation quite divided, but we are divided among ourselves, not the entities of the division. It’s not the Republicans nor Democrats we need to be against, because they are basically one in the same. It is governance that we need to be divided from. If we remain players in their game, if we let corporations expand willingly, then there never will be freedom nor liberty. When we are controlled by what we say, what we do, and how we think, then independence becomes only dream, as our nightmares have only begun. Tyranny knows no restraint of appetite.

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Written By: Jim Hovda

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