Did the Operation American ‘SPRING’ more aptly depict the American ‘FALL’?


Although it is still underway, there are a number of reasons why absolutely no part of the media HAS covered or WILL cover that “Operation American Spring” that began on May 16th.

FIRST; not enough pro America people showed up for it and unless there are vast numbers of pro America people showing up for anything at all there will not be any mention of it in the media.    The media’s overall designated job is to promote anti America groups and demonstrations and make any such anti America demonstrations appear to be more well organized and to photograph and film them in such a way that it would appear that many times more people were there than actually did show up so they can justify the highly inflated attendance numbers they broadcast.  If a vast number of people do show up for any pro America rally then their job is to downplay the numbers.

Next; there were no very highly paid “media darlings” there to focus cameras on who as usual would be there primarily to garner as much personal attention as possible to feed their egos and to help solidify their positions as media appointed “leaders” of the pro Constitution resistance.   They did not show up and make any well written and well rehearsed “impromptu” speeches designed to make the attendees feel good about themselves and actually feel that they accomplished something by being there.

Not even any of the party approved leaders of the pro Constitution resistance that are in congress bothered to show up as well.  The organizers of the rally and those who actually did attend were left on their own.

In my article on May 2nd I was mistaken about only two things where this particular rally is concerned.  I mistakenly thought that the media darlings would make their usual appearances and speeches and that the party approved congressional “leaders” of the pro Constitution resistance would show up and make their speeches as well.  THAT didn’t occur because the owners of America’s actual ONE major political party did not have any interest in having their media or their sheeple herders there.  And as it turned out they were not the only ones to have no interest because not all that many people showed up as well.  When the million biker rally took place there was not only massive participation but there was media interest as well.  But NOT for what they were allegedly there to protest, because there actually were no protest speeches.  People and the owner’s media were there to see a million motorcycles converging on the same place at the same time and nothing more.  They were all there and paying attention to it because … it was cool.  No other reason.

The organizers of this particular rally as well as their supporters can lay blame for the outcome on anyone or anything they choose.  They can blame ‘no prior media coverage’, but the owner’s of America were not about to have their media cover anything that was anti Marxist to begin with.  The owners of America quite probably had a few of the media camera crews and trucks on standby just in case any violence of any kind broke out.  But that is something that is totally unnecessary because those who are in favor of saving America and returning it to being under the guidance and authority of its’ Constitution are not violent people.  Only those who profess liberal anti America philosophies are capable of violence and have proven that on a great many occasions.  They can blame the biker rally saying that it took place too soon prior to this scheduled rally and people just could not return to the district of corruption that soon after the other rally.  Americans can always find ways to attribute blame for anything.  They are very good at it.

But the entire rally might well have been doomed to potential failure from its’ very conception.

It may not have been that Americans weren’t interested in it as much as it may have been because the organizers chose to use the label “America Spring” in an attempt to somehow relate it to what took place in Egypt.  But pro Constitution Americans actually abhor violence and what took place in Egypt was to a large degree violent.  Using THAT label actually may have created in the minds of most Americans that there could be actual violence involved in something like that.  And THAT idea alone may have caused many to stay away from the event.  Also the idea of potential violence was in no small way actually promoted by many people themselves who claimed that the rally was to storm the capitol building as well as the white house demanding the removal of all anti America senators and congressmen as well as the removal of obama and his entire gang.  Although this country was formed via an act of violence, Americans take personal pride in that original accomplishment primarily because it was done IN THE PAST and also because it was done BY OTHERS.

The vast majority of Egyptians have nothing really to speak of, whereas the vast majority of America’s poor are among the most obese people in the world.  When the Egyptian people realized that the muslim botherhood that had seized control of their government (with the assistance of America’s present “government” headed by a muslim) was taking from them the only thing they possessed in unison which was their FREEDOM … they REVOLTED.  And it was violent.

Egyptians saw violent revolution as their only way of preserving their nation and taking it away from those who with the help of the present American “government” had acquired control of it.  AMERICANS of today see violent revolution in a different way.  They see it as a loss of their comforts such as air conditioned homes, the loss of seeing their favorite TV shows, the loss of going to the grocery stores any time they choose, the loss of going shopping in general, and for millions upon millions now, revolution would mean the loss of their monthly government checks.  So THOSE Americans are VEHEMENTLY against even the idea of it.

There are actually many Americans though who would like to see this country forcibly taken away from those who purchased this nations’ government.  But … they are in favor of seeing that happen ONLY if it is OTHERS that do the forcible taking.  And there are quite a few in this country who would actually LIKE to see as well as participate in an open and violent revolution.  For the most part they are the ones who do not realize what war truly is.   Most of them have never experienced what carnage really is.  They are familiar only with the movie versions of war and see it somehow as something “glamorous”, and many of them in their own minds visualize themselves as potential “heroes” of the future revolution.

To the majority of Americans (at least those that still believe in America as it was originally founded) violence should only be seen in the movies and video games.  To carry it into real life is abhor able.  As such if there is even the potential threat of violence associated with any type of a rally, the majority of Americans will stay clear of it.  THAT is what this nation has now become.  The media puts forth that idea constantly even though the sheeple who align themselves with the left side of politics do not all that often adhere to the indoctrination.  But the media appointed sheeple herders for the right side of America’s political structure are very adept at keeping the sheeple on the right side calm and very much against the use of violence.   But then again the majority of those aligned with the right side are on an overall higher psychological level than those on the left and as such are easier to quell.

A great many Americans who still love and care about this country have actually reached their boiling point and are in a constant state of political anger.  However … due to generations of successful media indoctrination against doing anything like the founders of this nation did, WHAT these Americans now want is for OTHERS to do the violent part if it becomes necessary to do something like that.  Does that not show that this country as a whole is now more in its’ ‘FALL’ season with no real hope of seeing a true ‘SPRING’ again?

Sadly enough when THIS particular demonstration is over, as usual nothing will have changed.  Because the government of America’s actual owners will continue this nation on its’ path to becoming a complete totalitarian state.  And with their votes, the people of America will continue to support the agenda of America’s actual owners by continuing to return to political office, or by replacing some of those in office with yet more people sponsored by and beholding to the owners of America’s government.

And the saddest thing of all is that Americans COULD take their country back away from those who purchased it and they COULD do it in a completely bloodless revolution via the ballot box by refusing to place anyone back into political office and refusing to put any new people in office that are connected to and funded by the owners of America via the owners actual ONE major political party.  But Americans will continue to support both sides of what is now America’s actual ONE major political party and will continue to complain and wonder why the nation as it was founded is no more and moving ever faster toward its’ complete end.


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


  1. Albert

    Everyone wants someone else to do the dirty work of fighting back, but overlooked might be the fact of the graying of America, as those are not able to do the physical battling required. The younger ones are hung up on their acceptance of every sort of abhorrent human sexual behavior as doing their part in honoring recent unprecedented precedents that wiped out 2000 years of Judeo-Christian forever precedents. The deviant younger generations won’t take up the cudgel as they opt to watch it on the Reality Show channels while dishonoring those who gave their all to give them their all, rather than leaving a good inheritance for coming generations.

  2. James

    How can I add to that one, Tony. You just about put it all in a nut shell. My sentiments exactly as to where we are now in the course of America’s history… in her FALL.

    What most don’t realize is that the whole ideology of Americanism is being “fundamentally transformed”. That is the one promise that Obama has truly kept. The wealth of America is being re-distributed to make for it’s economic and social collapse, as one does come with the other. We are being divided into two peoples, the haves and have nots.

    As you pointed out, too many are too busy with family time, TV shows, sports, X-Box, partying, and other recreational pleasures to escape the harsh truth of what America has become. The participation of the liberals and their brood into news coverage is brief, as many don’t know who Nancy Pelosi even is. The pundits make their two cents of false accusations, and the sheep buy it. Many asked, will Glenn Beck, Rush, or Mark Levin be there? Without their support, most became less interested, especially with all the Internet spew of possible violence and police force of abuse that was being fabricated to keep those interested in attending to stay away.

    No, not enough outrage has hit the masses, as yet, to those like in Libya, Egypt, the Ukraine, or Syria. We have been too pacified, as many may be upset with what’s happening, but they learn to “adjust”. We are being boiled alive like the frog, as the heat gets turned up ever so slightly as for us to never notice the fate which awaits at 212 degrees… by then, it will be too late, game over!

    So long as the people have enough to survive on, whether earned, stolen, or given, they will go on like routine. Until it is removed, until their lives are totally disrupted, until the upper middle class sees everything being flushed down the commode, until the entitlement crowd has no more “free stuff”, until we have troops with Uzis patrolling the streets, they will never wake up to the truth. The end game is to: 1) de-populate, 2) move everyone back into the cities and close down nature, 3) turn the average Jane and Joe into working slaves to produce the resources for the elites, 4) combine the planet into a one-world government controlled by the elitists, 5) destroy every ounce of religion which is good and usher in the one religion of evil.

    So everyone, go back to what you were doing, nothing to see here, everything is under control!

    • Tony

      Thank you and I TOTALLY agree with EVERYTHING you stated here. America is coming to an end AND doing so with the SUPPORT of the people themselves.

    • Avatar

      I have only recently seen that I can comment again after the fiasco before Tony got back to DISCUS! That is why I am twenty days late putting my two cents in here today! Please find the DVD, “AGENDA”. What we are up against is a remarkable enemy that none here on this soil has ever had to encounter up close and personal. With the exception of immigrants from the Eastern Bloc not here long enough to become citizens and vote. Also, Asians here who have escaped and landed here under the most horrendous conditions, whose children win the spelling bees within their first three years here, while we are graduating boobs,without knowledge of history,English, spelling, penmanship.

      What can we expect of our future, while importing illegals with
      illiteracy levels even higher than our own. Our Children have parents without any standards of excellence or decency expected of their “happy, feeling good, fragile,stupid, babies.” Taking forever growing up, because they only become older, not mature.

  3. Carole

    • It’s sad. I do believe that you hit the nail on the head Tony and James when you said as the “word” of Operation Spring flooded the internet, the original intent of the movement got lost with false reports of possible violence. Some people got scared and decided not to go out of fear, some people just could not afford to go. I know some will say if it means the fall of this country you will find a way. Well, in the minds of a lot of mothers and fathers out there that are trying to find the money for their next meal or their next mortgage payment it’s very hard to find a way. There is alot of apathy out there but I don’t blame the people, I blame the media for not doing their jobs and reporting accurately what is happening in the world. It gives the majority that are not internet junkies false hope and security. While I agree with absolutely everything that is written here, I still believe there will be an awakening. I see the movement growing, festering and as the old saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”

  4. James

    Many asked if Glenn, Rush, or Levin would be speaking. As Tony pointed out, the creators neglected to bring in a main attraction for draw, as if hate for Obama would be enough?
    Concert promoters have learned that you can have a dozen good bands, but without a main group with dozens of top hits, the crowds will be small. If you want to sell tickets, make it worthy of the price and time they will pay to attend.

  5. Carole

    I totally agree! They needed someone to help spearhead people into action and help get the word out to the masses. As important as we sometimes think we are on the internet, we are not reaching enough people. Without a “draw” that people think will help spearhead “change” or “action” it’s hard to get people out of their comfort zones.

  6. Tony

    I don’t think the originators neglected to bring in a ‘main attraction’. These very highly paid ‘media darlings’ these, media manufactured “leaders” of the pro constitution resistance do not go anywhere or do anything without financial remuneration. They probably just didn’t have the money required.

    • Carole

      Carole Jacobs That could be too! Although, Hannity, Palin, Cruz, Lee have been known to make appearances at Tea Party Rallys etc…without any renumeration. I believe Palin, Cruz and Lee showed up when our Vets went to Washington. There are some good leaders out there that care, they just have to be approached.

      • Tony

        Tony Guy Well , being that this will be continuing until what crowd there is dwindles down to negligible, IF it’s on their way to their offices or to the capital building and IF they feel it might garner them some additional publicity, one or two of them just might yet swing by for a minute or two.

  7. Carole

    I heard a few months back that Glenn, Sean and Levin were planning something big for this summer. I’ve yet to hear anything about it since then, so I don’t know what that might be all about, if anything.

    • Avatar

      Rush, Glenn and Sean have started the Patriot Radio Network, and are free to speak without Network interference. Sean has connected with encouraging thousands of people to get off of their unemployed pitty-pot and move to a different clime, N.Dak and TX with their families infusing record breaking growth and prosperity for every sector of society. Glenn has gone into dying townships and brought with him encouragement and new opportunities.
      Levin writes great books and crabs a lot about others stealing his ideas from his ‘bunker’. Rush is calling a Marxist/Communist a Marxist/Communist, a truth you can find no where else, and WE are starved for ‘TRUTH, spoken out loud, here”. If you haven’t gotten the DVD “Agenda”, please do, there are connections being made there that every American needs to be made aware of! What the ‘guys’ are planning for this summer, is anybody’s guess.

      • ignoredpoliticalreality
        ignoredpoliticalreality on

        I’ve got the AGENDA dvd. Now that they are on their own network and allegedly free of network overseeing censorship, get ready to hear Michael Savage accuse ALL OF THEM of stealing HIS ideas. 🙂
        I’ll just keep on doing my OWN thoughts and ideas because all things considered, Rush and Sean and Mark and Glenn STILL keep trying to get people to remain loyal to the ‘right side’ of the party. Trying to convince people that they can accomplish what is impossible and that is to take over the right side of the owners party.
        And I will keep reminding people that ALL of the evils that have been forced upon the people of this nation have come at the hands of BOTH SIDES OF THAT PARTY.
        It’s TIME for THAT party to GO if America is to have even a CHANCE at survival.

        • Avatar

          You are totally correct and I am so with you, as I scream at them all, because I listen to them all every day. But, adding, they are each one doing good things, too, that are not being aired well. And new winds are blowing across the country, because of them. Being experienced by people who have been unaware until now, of certain truths. Please see my comments, below, Tony. I am am still trying to get to work ……. (:-{ but keep being drawn back, HERE!!!!

  8. Virginia

    I agree Carole, and what people are failing to see here is that the Egyptians failed in their first attempt, miserably. American Spring isn’t a one day protest. It was set up for people to stay there if they could until we oust the primary criminals in DC. I was never very excited about this being held in our nation’s Capitol where gun laws are not friendly and where I do not view it as “safe” due to the criminals everywhere and the cameras being shut down during our “events”. I would much rather see a gathering in Texas at the Alamo — and re-raise the spirit of the Alamo in a gun friendly zone. This makes much more sense to me than DC. There has been so much misinformation by and through the CIA etc. ALL WAR IS DECEPTION. Know the truth — it will set us free. I also see that with so many people suffering today financially — many cannot afford to take time off to travel to DC and stay in a hotel while there too. Why don’t we have an internet gathering? We can get 10 million or more ONLINE if we can get a great website set up that will become our “Headquarters”. We can plan from there — all over the nation. We no longer need a “place” to gather as we can now gather on the net. We need to be more positive about all of this. We are playing right into the devil’s hands with our apathy, People. Don’t let the MSM and the bad guys suppress you and keep you down. You are just where they want you to be.

  9. Virginia

    The concept around OAS was the militia coming out in force as it was being organized by Col. Riley. Why would a good militia come out in force in DC of all places? That is not very intelligent as it blows cover for so many. Not the best strategy when you think about it…. Just my thoughts…

  10. Tony

    That idea of the militia coming out in force is exactly what caused so many to stay away as I pointed out in the article

  11. Virginia

    Yes. I was afraid for our people at the Bundy ranch — but we had to do this and we did it. We don’t have to willingly go to slaughter….and I didn’t like the vibe I was getting….

    • Avatar

      The encounter at Bundy was necessary to counter the “Trial Balloon”, sent up by the Administration. These are continuing on a daily basis in every city in this country in incremental fashion.
      We must never,ever, let our guard down, even for a moment. The ‘vibes’ you felt were just a minor blip to what is planned for us.

  12. James

    Without media attention, many are not even aware that this event is even happening. I never heard any mention from Sean, Rush, Glenn, or FOX about this event, nor showed their support EVEN if not in attendance. Many on the Left, or in the middle, who did know of this said it was a staged event to start a riot, even a revolution. Most laughed at it as it was nothing more than a staged production by the Right to gather a headline or two, which never happened BTW.

    We need events a every state capitol. The Alamo is an excellent idea, too. But what we really need is to gain back control of what we lost in the media, education, union, and religion IF we ever plan to have a voice, educate the masses, in having faith, or get America back into productivity.

  13. Tony

    As I said, unless the crowds are MASSIVE, there will be no mention of it by the anointed media darlings. And RUSH has absolutely NO QUALMS about telling everyone that if you want HIM personally or HIS indirect participation or even HIS mention of something,.. it’s going to COST you.

  14. James

    I honestly do believe we will have to resort to 1776 methods to get America back. The problem is, people are too afraid of getting hurt, or losing their “stuff” to go that far.

  15. Carole

    I don’t know if the promoters of OAS reached out to any of them. That would be a good question to ask. It would surprise me if Sarah and/or Sean were approached and they did not at least mention it in someway. But if they saw all the mixed messages on the internet about militia showing up and without being properly informed by the promoters, that would be a good reason to stay away from it.

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