Did Anyone Ever Wonder about This?


The Rothschild / Rockefeller / Bilderberg International banking group OWNS America.  They OWN everything IN America.  They purchased it outright in 1913.  They OWN and totally control every single politician in America that holds ANY position at all in THEIR Republican / Democrat political party.  They OWN the entire major Bilderbergbroadcast and print media that allows them to totally censor and script the news, as well as perform that majority of the “thinking process” of most Americans that successfully KEEPS the sheeple voting ONLY for the owned and controlled puppets in THEIR “government”.  Every man, woman and child has been informed via the now totally puppet “government” of America’s owners that they are PERMANENTLY INDEBTED to the IRS which this group setup after purchasing America and its “government”, and this “indebtedness” is claimed to be multi-generational.

But this group doesn’t just own and control America.  They are international and the original Rothschild part of the group has been in existence for more than three hundred years working steadily toward their personal agenda, which is a New World Order, complete with a One World Government which naturally will be under THEIR absolute control.  In that span of time and after expanding the membership in their group, their financial and resulting political power has steadily increased, until it has now reached the point where THEY own and control ALL of the termed ‘Western Countries’.

From their very beginning and before they acquired absolute control of the West, the Rothschild portion of the group manipulated governments by manipulating those in positions of power in those governments through any and every means necessary.

They created wars between countries in part to get rid of governments that would not bend to their will, as well as punish governments who began to rebel against their personally decreed absolute authority.  They created wars Rothschild 1purely for economic reasons and then funded all sides of those involved in the conflicts which always made THEM the only true winners of any and all of those wars.  When it was not feasible to create wars between countries to achieve their objectives they destroyed the economies of countries, then made sure that the blame for those economic collapses rested upon those governments forcing the populace to rebel against their governments and setup new governments which naturally THEY funded and controlled.

They were responsible for the creation of the ‘League of Nations’ after the end of World War One which the world initially rejected and it subsequently fell apart.  They then recreated it as the ‘United Nations’ after World War Two ended and it has stayed in existence from that point on.  Because it is something they need to realize their world conquest and control agenda, and it will be through their “United Nations” that their New World Order with its’ One World Government that all they have strived for will finally be realized.

They help create and then fund terrorist groups all over the world deliberately to create civil unrest, and then bring in the military from their United Nations countries, under the banner and control of their United NationsRothschild 2 forces to quell the disturbances.  They have been doing that since they first setup their United Nations.  These actions tend to add legitimacy to their private military force and get the world to accept THEIR authority to deal with all acts of terrorism.  And under the direction of the mass media of the western countries, which they also now own and control, the western world does accept their United Nations status and all actions related to it.

When they choose an individual for future positions of authority in the countries they control, they actually protect those individuals and make sure no one is going to be in a position to expose any wrong doings by those that are under their protection and grooming for future office.  Thus the large body counts related to many of their governmental puppets.  Deaths that no matter how they actually occurred are labelled as “suicides” or “accidents” by those they also control who will be in a position to render decisions on the cause of death of those people.

Human life means absolutely nothing to those who own and control America as well as the rest of the western countries.  In just that past year alone dozens of “suicides” and “murders with related suicides” have beenThe FED reported where their own lower level bankers were concerned.  Bankers that were in positions to expose many of the criminal activities of the owners of America and may have actually been contemplating doing exactly that, but may have made the very serious mistake of telling someone else about their thoughts.

Most people openly accept the indisputable fact that ISIS is pure evil.  They also accept the indisputable fact that ALL muslim terrorist groups are pure evil.  They spawned from and exist in an extremely brutal ideology that was founded upon pure evil.  An ideology that was so brutal that the ONLY way it could ever be expanded was with brutal force via wars etc.  But the muslim problem was well contained to remaining in the Mideast and Africa where they had been forced back to after their attempt to conquer Europe.  And they have been contained there ever since.  That is until the owners of the west decided to stir them up and reinstitute their desire for world conquest and domination.  They stirred them up, funded them and they branched out to where they are now once again a worldwide problem that will naturally require the use of the United Nations military force to contain.  They then placed one of their groomed anti-America muslims into the singular highest elected political office in America, where he immediately staffed America’s government with members of the muslim brotherhood terrorist enabling organization.  Now under his and their direction he is openly bringing in muslims to America at the actual expense of the taxpayers of America and spreading them out clear across this nation where as to be expected they are now creating problems for the American people.  Problems that America’s owners will claim needs joint American military and U.N. military action to subdue.  Thus they will have their foreign military troops on American soil policing this nation.  All of this for the purpose of instituting martial law to corral and control all of the American people.

ALL of this will naturally outrage those Americans who still believe that America retains its sovereignty when in actuality it no longer does.  Its borders no longer exist; its actual Constitution is only very selectively adhered to; the judicial system of America’s owners who were placed into their positions by the puppet politicians in the “government” of America’s owners are all too often now citing international law over the America’s Constitution when rendering their decisions; are ALL open signs that it is now over for America, yet the people still choose to Aldous Huxleybelieve that it isn’t.  And they believe it because they are still allowed, and even encouraged to believe it by their own MASTERS via THEIR MASTERS Media which is the primary thought creation and control process for the vast majority of the sheeple now.  We are now existing completely in the type of world that Aldous Huxley (whose quote is appearing in the picture connected to this paragraph) openly stated would be coming.  Yet Americans cannot accept the reality of it and as such choose to live in the politically alternate reality that is projected for them by their collective brain aka the American Media.

It is a given fact that because Americans and even all others in the western countries cannot think for themselves anymore and only get their entire thinking process via the owned, controlled and well scripted Media, that they will never do anything at all to take back control of their own governments.  Especially those who live in America.

Americans are a very lost people.  Not one American living today, or their parents, nor their grandparents, or even their great grandparents has lived under the Constitution that was originally created for this country.  That was all freely given away when the generation living during the War Between the States voluntarily surrendered their ownership control of their own country to the newly formed democrat and republican political parties that were originally just one highly authoritative political party known as the democratic republican party.  It was still one political party but divided into two sections to create the illusion of their being separate.  From that point on the surrender to this group became generational, as parents indoctrinated their offspring to be loyal to their side of the party and opposed to the other side of the party.  But it was still always the same political party. Today with the never ending continued indoctrination coming from the well scripted Media of Americas owners and MASTERS, no other political party is even mentioned in the news or commentary programs.  And if for some reason they need to mention it, those parties are only and always referred to as “fringe groups” or a “fringe party”.

The reason for this is because ever since 1913 when they outright purchased not only America’s government but the nation itself, the Rothschild / Rockefeller group has allowed the people to believe that they still have an David Rockefeller 2enforceable Constitution, and as such election protocols needed to be followed.  Only THEY decide WHO will campaign; WHO will get nominated and WHO from either side of THEIR political party will be “elected”.  The people (now justifiably referred to as ‘sheeple’) are allowed to support the owner’s puppet candidates from either side of their MASTERS political party, argue amongst themselves and then cast their votes for whichever puppet they favor the most.  But it is always the sheeple’s MASTERS that are the only winners and their RULE over America through their puppet “government” continues.

Americans actually COULD stop all of this at any time and remove their MASTERS “government” from RULING OVER them, and do it via the election booths and completely accomplish it over just four consecutive elections.  They could actually stop all further destruction of their own country and even reverse the damage that hasDavid Rockefeller 1 already occurred.  But they won’t, because overall they are far too timid a people to go against their MASTERS fearing the potential retribution of their MASTERS.  And as such they will continue to do as their MASTERS instruct them to do and “vote for change inside their MASTERS political party”, thus perpetually continuing their MASTERS RULE over them.

But now for the initial question that actually NEEDED to be led up to.   Living in the highly technical world that we now live in, information has continually and freely flowed throughout the world via the Internet.  That is why America’s MASTERS have recently GRANTED THEMSELVES the authority to regulate the Internet and censor what comes across it like other totalitarian countries do.  But many people have now collaborated and researched together and isolated WHO the REAL threats to humanity are.  Just WHO it really is that deliberately causes all the conflicts in this world for their own personal gain.

And it tends to actually make one wonder … With the real threats to humanity exposed as they now are, even with the very large security force the upper echelon of this group that actually issues the orders to create all these conflicts has around them at all times, did anyone ever wonder about this, why have people not attempted to rid the world of those who create so much of the misery in this world?  Or HAS IT actually occurred a number of times, but deliberately kept out of their news organizations to prevent others from getting the same ideas?  It’s definitely something to wonder about.


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    Lynda Bradley Huebel on

    Yes! I hear this at least once a day from my husband! He’s always talking about how EVIL they are.

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    James Andrew Day on

    This is what is known as the Federal Reserve! Thanks to our Government, both Republican and Democrat, we, “The People of the United States of America” are in debt to them so much that all the “money” piled together on the face of the earth could not pay them back. In essence slavery has a master that Andrew Jackson warned about and their names are Rothchild–Rockerfeller–Bilderberg and the plantation they have us enslaved on is called The Federal Reserve!

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      Well they originated with the Rothschild’s about 3 centuries ago, but the group has greatly expanded over the centuries to become the Bilderberg group that it is today.

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    I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both
    educative and amusing, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail
    on the head. The issues presented here are something which too few people are speaking intelligently about.
    I am very happy that I came across this during my hunt for something regarding

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