Common Sense Gun Control?


Common Sense Gun Control?

Another school shooting took place.   And just as it has been with EVERY mass shooting, whether it was in a school, or a mall, or in a church or on the streets, the bodies of the victims were NOT EVEN COLD YET, before the Marxists nationwide were already DANCING ON THOSE BODIES screaming for “GUN CONTROL”.

We saw them on the television and on the internet live feeds putting on their usual tear filled and almost tear filled acts as police vehicles were STILL arriving on the scene.   Within minutes they were crawling out of the sewers nationwide from the east coast to the west all chanting their same dribble, “Take ALL THE GUNS AWAY FROM AMERICANS”.   “If there were no guns those poor children would STILL be alive”.

Then as the day continued on we watched as those purely emotion driven brutally stupid hollyweird actors and has-been actors, whose brains have been empty of functional logic for so long that all that remains in those sponges are remnants of scripts from characters they have played and the new scripts they receive daily from the highly scripted communist left so-called “news” media, picking up the chant as well.   Only with the idiot hollyweird crowd, they additionally throw in their usual BLAME PRESIDENT TRUMP stupidity.   Because they have not as yet been told what else they should scream.   Then on into the night the boring comedians on late night TV regurgitated their talking points given them by the leftists in congress.

The day of the shooting was over and the leftist slime pit had been churned sufficiently and rapidly enough to effectively spill over to the next day, where the daytime even less than halfwit so-called comedians would continue the anti-gun chants and cheer on the hatred for President Trump on each of their shows.

As the days progressed the leftist media remained in their usual disarm America mode while attempting in whatever way they could to creatively twist that killing spree into a continued blame Trump reason for it all, thus again showing of their adolescence.    Because hating and attempting to create fault in President Trump is still their primary agenda.   And they desperately need to create something, anything at all, because they STILL cannot get over their humiliating loss to this man in 2016.   Also their phony Russia collusion attempt had failed so miserably and now is turning back on their own criminal politicians as the only real collusion participants.   Plus, due solely to the efforts of President Trump this nation is now barreling back from more than two decades of the well-orchestrated deliberate financial destruction of America, and the left cannot bear to see it happening right before their eyes.

Also high school children who have been raised to give precedence to emotions over intelligence and to accept Marxist socialism over Americanism their entire school lives, began to post idiotic Anti President Trump statements all over social media.   Some just idiotic in nature and others quite vulgar.   Which is to be expected of the lower IQ children that the public indoctrination system has been deliberately churning out over the past forty to fifty years now.   But just the fact that these sadly uneducated children actually believe that somehow President Trump could have prevented the actions of yet another severely deranged anti-depressant damaged mind is more proof that the Marxist have succeeded in the destruction of not only America’s education system, but of the American children themselves.   Quite probably less than a percentage point or two of all of them possess any ability to understand reality.   But THIS is the America of today.   A far cry from what it once was slightly more than sixty years ago and prior.

Now the emotion pushing has slowed because the event is now more than four days old which is passing the longevity level of most people’s memory capability here in America, so the emotion level has been turned down and is being replaced with what the left tries to pass off as non-emotional “logic”.   The problem with leftist “logic” is that it is far more often than not the actual complete opposite of true logic that is based in reality.

But the left is on a never ending agenda to disarm this nation’s citizens, because an armed citizenry is much more difficult to force into submission to leftist totalitarianism.   Armed citizens can and will fight back against an oppressive government, which is exactly the intent of our founders when they created the Second Amendment and made absolutely sure that the RIGHT to keep and bear arms was NOT a “privilege” granted by “government” but rather an inalienable RIGHT of man, in case Americans ever needed to protect themselves from corrupt government.

One such article feigning “logic” about “common sense gun control” caught my eye.   This one tried as usual to push the totally false leftist “logic” that our founders never envisioned the type of weapons that exist in this country today.   The left keeps trying to get people to believe that the founders only envisioned single shot muskets.   Quite apparently the writer was totally unfamiliar with ACTUAL history and didn’t realize that automatic weapons were envision almost three quarters of a century BEFORE the American Revolution.   One such first machine gunweapon was a Machine Gun known as the Puckle Machine Gun.   In fact if that gun had been successfully made to be totally functional, it is very possible that England would have had it and used it against the colonists.   Quite probably resulting in our STAYING a possession of England.  But never the less those type of weapons WERE envisioned by our founders.

Leftists are never any good at history.   Primarily because they rewrite it to fit their agenda, and the original historic writings are afterwards lost or destroyed to prevent the truth from being known.

Anyway, that article went on to claim that there IS a “solution” to gun control that if “carefully and properly implemented” could be “acceptable” to both conservatives and leftists alike.

The ONLY answer to THAT is a resounding NO.

The answer is NO because the Second Amendment was setup in a way to be FREE from government taking it away.  It was NOT a privilege granted by “government” but rather a – RIGHT — that government has — NO AUTHORITY – to unilaterally remove.

True, ALL levels of government in this country have exceeded their authority and placed themselves over the constitution, and although could not abolish the Second Amendment, they did have our corrupt judicial system uphold their ability to place thousands upon thousands of regulations restricting the Second.   But they have not been able to do away with it.   And those regulations only stay in effect because they were all instituted with the SUPPORTIVE CONSENT of the American sheeple, who in reality are actually TERRIFIED of the same government that at one time in our history THEY themselves actually controlled.

But … getting back to that phony logic contained in that article about getting people to give up even MORE of their rights by – “carefully and properly implementing” – gun control, there are a great many things that writer left out of his article.   But the left ALWAYS leave out things that could discredit what they say.

As such that article was not even a good attempt at presenting actual logic.   But as always it was yet another attempt to get people to give up even more of their constitution.

Since the article was using the school shooting as it basis, here are some things that were DELIBERATELY left out.

How many people live in America?

How many of those hundreds of millions of people are ‘mass shooters’?

What percentage of the population does that make those who have been mass shooters?

Do the actions of those ONE … IN LESS THAN EVERY TEN MILLION PEOPLE justify the stripping of the rights of ALL Americans?

How many people die every year in car deaths caused by drunk drivers, both legal and illegal?

What percentage of the population do the vehicular homicide perpetrators make up?

Is THAT percentage Higher than those of Mass shooters?

Where is the call to carefully and properly implement vehicle purchase and use?

How many people in America are killed each year by knives?

Is it more or less than those killed by mass shooters?

What percentage of the population do those knife wielding murderers comprise?

Is THAT percentage Higher than those of Mass shooters?

Where is the carefully and properly implemented knife usage purchase and control?

And we have recently seen that knife wielding mass murders can kill more people than mass shooters can.

We now have a new problem with mass killings in America.   That is the using of cars and trucks driven by muslim terrorists to kill as many Americans as possible at one time.

Will we have carefully and properly implemented muslim control?

How about BOMBS?  One psychopath can kill vast numbers of people at one time.   Far more people that a mass shooter can. 

The comparisons could go on and on.

There are already laws in effect that a person with a felony history cannot purchase or possess a firearm.   There are also laws in effect that a person convicted of spousal abuse cannot purchase or possess a firearm.   And there are some laws that state a person with a history of mental illness cannot purchase or possess a firearm.   Using psychotropic drugs (like ALL mass shooters were under the influence of) places a person in the history of mental illness category.   There are more laws on the books already pertaining to firearms that most people and no politicians at all are even aware of.   No more are needed.   Just enforce what is already there.



Just as there is NO SUCH THING as an ASSAULT RIFLE.   That is yet ANOTHER name totally made up by the left that people were STUPID enough to mimic.   Any weapon is an “assault weapon” if it is used to actually assault.   E.g. a rock, a knife, a club, a baseball bat, a frying pan, a bottle, a chair, a bow and arrow, a crossbow etc. etc.

The left is not the least bit concerned about “saving lives”.

They are just the opposite.  They are actually enamored with death.  Their blood lust for the killing of babies in America is beyond belief by rational minds.  Their phony “concern” for lives is a thin mask over their desire to disarm this nation and allow totalitarian rule to be firmly established.

But the left will NEVER stop trying to disarm the people of this nation and make them totally defenseless against a totalitarian government acting the same as a dictatorship.

The left wants to totally disarm this nation or as much of it as possible in order to implement complete totalitarian rule with as little armed resistance as possible.   But as long as our constitution remains at least somewhat in effect, they are doomed to failure.

No amount of playing on people’s emotions; no amount of contrived “logic”; no amount of outright leftist LIES will get the majority of the American people to cave in to the demands of the left and set the people of this nation up for the same fate as the MILLIONS who have died at the hands of communist and fascist and Nazi totalitarianism regimes of the past.

At least not YET anyway.  Yes, with Marxist Socialist control of the public education system in America, it WILL occur when one or two more generations of mostly unintelligent youth are churned out by that indoctrination system and they reach voting age.

But for the time being the left will have to wait.



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