Things are certainly different than they were when I was quite younger. I know that things can never remain the same… it’s human nature to change things so that we don’t become too bored with the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Many things have changed for the better: Television, phones, video games, musical instruments, recording and playback devices, cars, tools, and medical devices have certainly enriched our lives for the better. Technology has advanced us in so many ways that to believe we would be where we are today some 50 years ago would be futurama.

Within the past 100 years, we have put a man on the moon when flight seemed nearly impossible. Cars can go over 200 mph having cold air conditioning with a digital stereo that sounds like you are there at a concert… far removed from the Model T of 1917. Doctors can use lasers and micro-surgery to heal what used to mean certain death back then. There is no question that we have come of age with what we do and how we do it.

But if you are as old as dirt like I am, there is something that hasn’t improved… in fact, has become much worse, especially within these past 10 to 15 years. We can communicate on the computer, video cell phones, and other devices that were of Buck Rogers and Star Trek imagination not that long ago… but, we don’t “communicate” anywhere close to how we once did back when I was a young lad.

As a kid, I can remember every person who lived on my street by name, address, and phone number. During warmer days, everyone in the neighborhood was out taking a stroll, walking the dog, or simply sitting on the front porch talking to everyone who walked by. They would sometimes offer you a cool glass of lemonade, some cookies, and even some left-overs that they would feed to Fido if no one else ate it. Those who had a pool would have neighborhood get-togethers, as parents would drink a few beers as they grilled on the barbecue, while the kids ran, played, and swam. In fact, these local-socials would occur even without a pool… we got together just for the fun.

Often, I’d watch as my parents ran into people they knew when we kids would tag along to go shopping, or stop at the local Dairy Queen for a cold treat on a hot summer’s day. We were taught not to interrupt, so we sat quietly while the adults gossiped, waiting impatiently for them to rap it up so we could go home. They never got the hint that we were ready to leave no matter how restless we became. Even in a modest sized town, everyone basically knew everyone, so a town reputation could develop quickly, both good and bad.

Today, how many of you know your neighbors well? Heck, I know the family across the street, the grumpy old lady next door, and that is about it. We bought a new car 6 months ago, and the lady who loves hanging plants all over her porch just noticed that we no longer have the Lexus… but we also didn’t know that her husband had died last December when we asked where he’s been hiding. Talking about not following up on the neighborhood gossip?

Twenty years ago, everyone had a flag displayed on their house. Today, I’m the last one, since I put up a flag pole right after 9-11. I get complaints from the little old lady next door on a windy day, as she claims she is annoyed by the flapping sound it makes. Screw her and her unpatriotic attitude! She is also a die-hard Democrat and Trump-hater, so I never give her the opportunity to talk politics, as we differ as night and day on national and worldly issues.

I heard that divorces have gone up 20% since Trump was elected, as differences within the family have created political division that can no longer be resolved. Even some teens have moved out of their parent’s basement after they disgraced them in front of their piers by voicing their approval of Trump. That’s certainly one way to get the kids out of the house… maybe more parents need to shove Trump in their kid’s face if they are wanting them to leave the nest? You know how these “snowflakes” and “cream-puffs” feel about Trump winning the election, and how he is undoing what their hero, Obama, has done?

Have you noticed the road rage these days? Even older people are flipping the bird when you make a slight driving error. People are getting killed or have the crap beat out of them for cutting another driver off. Statistics from the mainstream media are saying violent crime is way down? BS… murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery are through the roof around here! And if you ever want to see a human zoo at any time, just go into your local Walmart, Dollar General, or Everything’s-A-Buck store to watch the street creatures who frequent them. Why do so many dress down as if they fell off the garbage truck these days? I remember having to change from a T-shirt and dirty jeans, wash my face and hands, and comb my hair just to go with mom to Sears or the Piggly-Wiggly grocery store. I guess people no longer care what they look like, or how they behave, because everyone must accept everyone for who and what they are in today’s politically correct society?

Things have steadily been going downhill for the past couple of decades, but these past eight years have made America into a scum-pit of disgrace. I’m not only talking about how people look, but their attitude really sucks these days. Everyone seems so defensive, so offended, so dishonored and belittled. Making eye contact in some cities may just get you beaten up any longer. People are simply afraid to even say “Hi… how are you?” to each other if they don’t know the other person. Being friendly has disappeared along with the black & white TV, 8-track tape player, manual shift on the column, and corded power tools.

To destroy a nation, it must first be divided… and that is exactly what the Left has done, not only to America, but to the world in general. The country is now between the haves and the have not’s… the whites against every other skin color, Americans against every other nationality, Christians & Jews against Muslims, the intelligent against the idiots, young against the old, the good against the bad, and the straights against the LGBTCWXYZ’s.

Everyone has run off to join their little group of status quo, while declaring war against those not in their group. But to be honest, how can we co-exist with someone who hates you for who you are? What have we done to other races, other religions, other nationalities, other age groups, and other genders, that deserves such aggressive retaliation? There has always been some racism and bigotry as long as I can remember, but haven’t most Christian conservatives put that away decades ago? Sure, there are instances of someone being beat up because they were a tutti-fruity who didn’t deserve it, but these incidents are very few and far in-between. But two things are at play in this: one, being that the media portrays every incident as common as the cold, and two, those who were “offended” make it out as the end of their world, and find others who sympathize with them to march in a big-frenzied boycott to drive their message.

I’ve never had a thing against blacks, Hispanics, gays, Muslims, or women… that is until they got in my face to tell me because I’m straight, white, male, and Christian that I offend them by who I am. I’ve known people of each category for decades, but they now show me disrespect because of the person I am, and have always been, especially after voting for Donald Trump. I had a black friend call me a “cracker”, a Muslim friend asking me if I had a problem with him being Muslim after 10 years of friendship, a feminist tell me that her face was higher than I was looking because she had on a see-through top, and a construction worker-friend who has stopped coming by because I make a lot more than he does now. I no longer talk with at least a dozen long-time friends because I voted for Trump. And the media is not making things any easier for me, either.

I have a Trump sticker on my personal truck, and do you know how may fingers I have given to me every time I drive it? Am I supposed to be ashamed I voted for him, or show compassion for those who sit on the other side of the fence? I have always cared less what others think, but when they start becoming aggressive because of these differences, that is when I become defensive, and also alarmed at what we are becoming as a nation by all this.

I’ve studied the Left for years. I’ve looked at radical Islamic philosophy. I’ve listen to their arguments and complaints for years, and all I can say is that these people don’t want to co-exist with us in the slightest… they want us dead, buried, and forgotten!

How the ideology of the Left believes goes against the fundamental grain of my beliefs… same with fundamental Islamic doctrine, sharia. Both are opposite of my principle beliefs of the Constitution, and of the Bible. I cannot hold respect for those who wish to do me, or my comrades of same ideology, harm. How can I have compassion, respect, dignity, or even value of those who destroy property, hurt, and demerit others because they view things less rationally, practical, sensibly, and soundly? How can one conduct dialogue with someone who won’t discuss the issue in a practical, respectful manner, but argue self-defeating points like a parrot from the lame-stream media of hate? In fact, in many places, our point is not able to be made at all. We are silenced and removed… there is no discussion, at all!

It has become their principles, their viewpoints, their philosophy, their ideology, as no other is applicable. If they say Trump is a traitor, then where is one shred of evidence to support their claim? If Christians and Jews are bigots, then how can they claim that the Bible is a “book of hate” when all it does is preach goodness, the betterment of mankind, and the truth?

Is it that they cannot handle the truth, or are they afraid of discovering that they live in a make-believe world of fantasy that actually consists of being exactly that which they boycott? It seems the Left are the ones who are the real bigots and racists out there. It is the Muslims that really live by a religion of hate, war, and denial… not as “God” demands of them, but by what greed, anger, lust, and envy have been indoctrinated into their beliefs. Both the Left and Muslims thrive on the 7 Deadly sins of man, and not the truth of God. And for me, there can be no co-existence in this world with those who live to fight against truth, justice, and the guidelines from our Founders/Framers.

Yes, I cannot live with evil, and it seems that evil is grabbing man by his soul, and trying to make all our souls be taken by them. I refuse to surrender to evil, and I refuse to co-exist with evil. If they wish to fight, then so be it, as being one to sit back to ride out the storm has never been within my makeup. I get hands down and dirty into the thick of the mud. If they wish to fling it at me, then they had better expect to see some flung back.

And that needs to go with everyone who believes that they have had enough of these snowflake-cry baby-cupcakes who pout about being “offended”. I’m sick of the news attacking my President who is trying to make this country great again. I’m sick at being called names that I’m not. I stand firm with my position of both the Bible and the Constitution. I will never apologize for either one, and will raise arms in order to defend both!

Russia is not our enemy. China is not our enemy. North Korea… well, maybe they are, but our real enemy is those who want our demise and destruction so that their evil empire dominates. The Left has become my enemy, since we both cannot share the same playing field together. Mankind cannot thrive nor survive for any lengthy period under their domination. Their decree has never benefited anyone but themselves who control from the top. History has proved that millions die needlessly and painfully under their rule. History has also shown when most thrive and benefit, it is under our rights of freedom and liberty, which baffles me why they can’t see it our way? But if the dog shows he’s rabid, and you won’t be able to cure him, then you can only shoot it.

Who doesn’t want to see lower taxes? Who doesn’t want a better health care system, especially the one Obama and the Dems gave us? Who doesn’t want to see less regulations, less paperwork, less restrictions? Who doesn’t want to see criminals arrested and locked away? Who doesn’t want to see ISIS destroyed? Who doesn’t wish to see peace? Who doesn’t want to see America strong, safe, economically sound, and the people making money so that they don’t have to just survive, but thrive to make their dreams come true? Sadly, there are far too many who don’t wish this for themselves and for Americans. If they didn’t exist in such numbers, then we wouldn’t be having all these problems with them. Making America great again begins with education, not indoctrination… it also begins with brain exercising, and not brain washing.

Biblical prophecy tells of a great war, the last war, between good and evil. Maybe it is time it began before evil continues much longer? I have run out of options, as I don’t think we are going to change many minds in the near future. If this persists, Trump and his people will meet a terrible fate, and their disposal will bring about a surge in the Leftist ideology like no other. If we allow them to persist, then they will swing opinion and a wave to topple our crusaders. This is something we cannot allow. Even with all the great things Trump and his people are accomplishing, they can only go so far until the road to victory become impassable. We must build the bridge for them to progress onward. And the only way to build that bridge is by removing the fabrics from which they construct… media, unions, education, social interlace, lobbyists, special interest groups, Soros funded groups, and politicians who won’t work for the people who elected them.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda



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JAMES HOVDA There are 2 things that are very important to me: God and my family. And I guess if I had to choose 2 others they would be: helping people to gain their financial freedoms, and the other is to help Americans keep their freedoms. I hate politics and believe in GOD, FAMILY, FREEDOM, AMERICA, and AMERICAN VALUES & PRINCIPLES(also Mom and Apple Pie). Want to make something from it? I also love a challenge!

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