CHANGE … that could actually SAVE this country.


CHANGE … that could actually SAVE this country

Another election cycle is upon us.  And as usual the vast majority of Americans do not really care.  They have been indoctrinated to believe and actually accept as fact that all they can do is “choose what they feel is the lesser of two evils”.  But “EVIL” is ALWAYS chosen.

There are TWO things that we know to be true.

FIRST; The Democrats and the Republicans are now essentially the same party with only a slight difference between the two sides of what is essentially the same party.  NEITHER side of that actual ONE party represent the Constitution of the United States or have the best interests of the American people as their core.

SECOND; Americans are not leaders anymore but prefer to be followers.  They KNOW they are not represented in government but are far too afraid to try and stand up for themselves AGAINST a government that is now far more corrupt than what the colonists were faced with when they actually made their successful stand against tyranny.  They are desperately and almost hopelessly lost and looking for “leaders” to lead them.  They have for many years now preferred to just whine about all the restrictions being placed upon them by an ever increasing totalitarian government and complain even more that the Constitution (that almost all of them have never read) is being systematically dissolved.

The RIGHT THING TO DO would be to break away from the existing actual ONE major political party that is destroying this nation and setup a NEW party made up BY and FOR the people.  A party free of agenda driven corrupt special interests.

But Americans won’t attempt that because they are FAR TOO TIMID to attempt something that would anger the owners of this nation’s government.  So they will continue to let the owner’s Media appoint and “glorify” “leaders” for them to follow.

Well … since Americans are too afraid to do on their own what MUST be done, there are TWO OTHER ALREADY ESTABLISHED PARTIES that we the people should finally start looking into.

ALL of the work to establish these parties has ALREADY BEEN DONE.  So all that leaves for Americans to do is what they do best, which is to FOLLOW others and to JOIN with others.

The FIRST already established Party to be seriously looked into is THE CONSTITUTION PARTY.

The SECOND already established Party to be seriously looked into is the LIBERTARIAN PARTY.

BOTH of these political parties have been around for several years and BOTH sides of what is now America’s actual ONE major political party have shown in recent elections that they actually FEAR one of these two parties because they had their entire Media attack this party relentlessly.  And Americans who take almost all of their direction in life from the Media fell for the distortions created by the Media.

It’s TIME to start checking into viable alternatives to the group that is deliberately destroying this nation more with each new day that arrives.  It’s time to start seriously looking into OTHER political parties that would actually place the welfare of Americans FIRST.



For any and all people in America who STILL CARE about America and the Constitution it was founded upon … for any and all who lament the loss of so many of their freedoms already and who know that even more loss of freedoms is on the close horizon … for all those who want to turn this nation back away from becoming the totalitarian state that has been accurately foretold so many times over just the past half century …

Consider this NOT a wakeup call (because ALL previous wakeup calls have been ignored) but rather a firm CALL TO ACTION.

If this country is truly as valued by its’ citizenry as many claim it is, then the time to start choosing a viable alternative to the deliberate destruction of this nation and its Constitution by those who have controlled it for so long … is NOW.


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    “Change” is the magic word of candidate Barack Obama who took the country illegally by storm, based on race alone and his lofty meaningless words promising change. Little did naive America dream that change is not necessarily for the better, but with politicians involved, change is usually from bad to worse. A godless country that bends, folds, mutilates, and staples the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Ten Commandments cannot long be sustained. The power of Money will not allow any Third Party to prevail. People must change themselves first, last, and always, else there is no hope. But the masses want their cake and eat it too, and when America eats the final spoiled portion, it will be final.

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      I chose to use the word “change” for exactly that reason. All that was heard from the media was change … change … change. And the “change” that America realized was a drastic move toward Marxist totalitarianism.

      If we do not ‘change’ the way we are now headed as soon as these coming mid term elections, we may very well not need to bother with any subsequent elections. Because the path to this nations’ ultimate destruction will be too well set to even attempt a reversal.

      I mentioned in previous articles and it was even mentioned in the Inaugural address video that Ross Perot was able to really upset the claimed equal division of this country by the democrats and republicans back in 1992. Ross Perot was by no means a staunch American Patriot. He was nothing more than a vindictive businessman who Hated Bush Sr. for refusing to give him a government loan for his business. But what Ross Perot was able to accomplish back then starting with no real money and spending very little money overall PROVED that it COULD be done. And –IF– he had stayed in contention he may very well have actually won. What he did was to tap into the frustration of the American people and utilize it to his advantage.

      Perot did not have the advantage of the Internet back then. It didn’t exist. In fact back in 92 Microsoft was only then introducing windows. The Internet has become so very powerful that the Marxists in control of America’s government are continually trying to find ways to regulate it to their advantage or give up America’s control of it and have the UN shut down any decenters to totalitarian rule.

      I have explained in previous articles how the Internet could be extremely well utilized to break the control over this nation that is exclusively enjoyed by the democrats and republicans and those who own and control them. I have also covered how money could be raised as well.

      There are many problems that are associated with Americans in general. I explained some of them in this article. Namely they are too well indoctrinated toward self defeatism and thus are too timid to really want to attempt to free their own nation from the control of the globalists. They have learned to accept their timidity and have contented themselves with just whining about all that is happening to them. They will make idle threats about starting a revolution but overall those are just idle threats. There are a few however that actually WANT a physical revolution. It’s not that they want specifically to free this nation … they just want a physical revolution. They are the ones that have no real idea of the actual horror involved in real war and think it’s something thrilling and in a way “glamorous”. They also regard themselves as potential future “hero’s”.

      I have tried in many ways to get people to start their own party to go against the owners of America and both sides of their political party, but as I said in the article they are too timid to try that. They prefer to follow. So now I gave them TWO already well established political parties that they can align themselves with. And one of those parties actually terrifies those who own this nations government because they had their entire Media continuously and relentlessly attack and defame it.

      So it most definitely CAN be done. It requires the continuous hammering away at Americans to break free of the psychological yoke of servitude to the owners of America and their actual ONE major political party.

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        The E-Party…“None Of The Above”

        12/11/2012 — From my 2002 book, “Aren’t you sorry you asked…for my opinion”

        Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying that the Constitution should have mandated the rotation of elected officials. Incumbency is the greatest political obstacle for the American voter to overcome. The power, money, prestige, and perks of the office, virtually assure reelection for incumbents, making it a virtual impossibility for new seekers of the office.

        A corollary to the incumbency problem is that candidates are handpicked by powers behind the scenes. Big business and powerful interests control the process that limits the choices for office. The distinction between the two major parties has been blurred and merged so that there is virtually no difference in Government no matter which side wins the election. It is business as usual without apparent changes.

        Committee memberships based on seniority headed by one legislator or senator can block voting by the entire legislative body. These senior members wield an inordinate amount of power and can and do corrupt the voted will of the USA public. They are virtual dictators. Senator Tom Daschle accidentally became Senate Majority Leader due to the switch of Senator Jeffords to Democrat. But he wields his power as though he earned it.

        “Fast track” is another method of circumventing the “one man one vote” rule. Legislation is proposed with no allowance for discussion, debate, or amendment. The senior members of the legislative bodies are virtual dictators and can hold the presidency and the voting public hostage. The wrong people in the wrong positions at the wrong time can permanently undermine the Constitution of the USA. They are elected by a “MINORITY” of the eligible voters.

        The balance of power lies with the fifty percent of eligible voters who do not bother to vote. Herein lies the power to dynamically restore vitality and integrity to Government, to put an end to incumbency, the greatest internal threat to the will of the American people. The problem is how to get this “majority” to work together to effect changes desperately needed for the good of the USA.

        Finally, there could be a way to get everyone to vote and have every vote count. A new political “third party” to unite all who disagree with the way things are going, particularly as regards the abuse of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Individual rights, and States rights. The initial premise is to in unison, say “NO” to the powers to be who are jamming their will down the throats of the USA public. The easiest way to do this is to vote, but cast a negative vote for

        “NONE OF THE ABOVE.”

        What a concept. The fifty percent that do not bother to vote can now vote and have an immediate impact on the Government and the way its members conduct themselves and Government business.

        The problem is how to implement the E-PARTY concept and get it on the ballot.

        The simpler way would be to unite all third parties, particularly if that party cannot possibly win the election, or even come close. The dollars saved on separate campaigns would be more than enough to stage a rewarding campaign that would attempt to register sufficient dissenting votes to possibly win certain races. The two major parties would have to come to the realization that their cavalier days are numbered, and come to the realization that they must listen to the voters.

        The task at hand would be to register as many voters as possible in the “E-PARTY,” none of the establishment above. A coordinated effort to unite all third parties would be made to foster cooperation in an effort to unseat the primary two parties in as many offices as possible. The concept of winning seats and representation is primary to separate third party agendas.

        Each person registering in the E-PARTY would pay one dollar to be held in a trust account that would not be authorized to spend any of these funds at all. The total dollar amount at any given time would be equal to the total number registered in the E-PARTY. Only the interest from this fund would be available for expenditure by the E-PARTY. This dollar amount would be touted to the two traditional parties as a sign that the dissident numbers are growing and the major parties should begin to worry.

        The main agenda of the E-PARTY should be the protection and preservation of the Constitution of the USA and the related Bill of Rights. The second goal should be the election of E-PARTY candidates to local offices so that there is a small but growing presence.

        The third goal would be to tie up an election so that there would be no winner and force a run-off. The fourth goal would be to force better candidates by the major parties.

        The fifth goal would be to make the politicians more honest. They would know that they are under scrutiny and it would make them more “honest” and responsive to the people they represent. The sixth goal and perhaps the main goal of the E-PARTY would be to give the voters an alternative. Their vote would be better than not showing up to vote. It would indicate to the major parties that their free ride is over. The total votes for “E,” none of the above, would show that the voter does care, does want their vote counted, but none of the candidates were adequate and satisfactory to the voter.

        The seventh goal would be to veto the “Politically Correct.”

        The eighth goal would be to harness the ACLU and force them to follow the “CONSTITUTION” and the “BILL OF RIGHTS,” or deny them their “Not for Profit Tax Exempt Status.”

        The ninth goal would be to instigate impeachment processes against any politician who was sworn to uphold the Constitution and has in fact gone against the Constitution.

        The over-riding principle would be to unite all individuals and parties disagreeing with the two major parties in a way that they would all unite and work together to achieve their common goal that is to unseat the two major parties. Where an individual third party could not gain the nomination or election, they would cast their votes for a common nominee, “NONE OF THE ABOVE,” in order to exceed the vote tallies of any of the two major parties. Thus the cooperation of all the minor parties could combine to block the election of major party nominees and either create a constitutional crisis or force a runoff election as occurs in many European countries when a majority is not achieved by a given party or nominee.

        To this end, there would be a national convention via teleconferencing, of all minor/third parties to establish guidelines and make decisions as to where real candidates would be put forward and where a token candidate, E-PARTY, NONE OF THE ABOVE, would be placed on the ballot. The uniting guideline would be to block the major parties and/or unseat them where possible. Venues that are more likely to draw disgruntled voters would receive the bulk of the attention and funds of the E-PARTY National Committee.

        “RULE 1”…Defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        “RULE 2”…Defeat the incumbents.

        “RULE 3”…Do this with the least amount of money possible.

        “RULE 4”…Respect for and cooperation with all third party members.

        “RULE 5”…Recruit Independents, especially those already in office.

        “RULE 6”…Do not expect victory immediately; be prepared for the long haul.

        “RULE 7”…Be guided by the Spirit of the Founding Fathers.

        “RULE 8”…Don’t vote with your feet! … Vote for “NONE OF THE ABOVE”

        “RULE 9”…Don’t give up … Keep the Faith

        “RULE 10”…Rule of tens. Each member advocates E-PARTY to ten new members.

        The idea is to e-mail ten voters, write ten letters, make ten phone calls, and ring doorbells of ten neighbors. Grass root efforts can be done without a budget but the cumulative effect can work miracles. A miracle is just what may be needed to save the American way of life and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

        The minimum goal per registrant is to get at least one new person registered as a member of the e-party.

        One final note. In cases where the e-party members really want to cast their vote for a good candidate on the two major party slates, they should write-in the vote to show that the e-party was instrumental in the election of another candidate.

        Rush Limbaugh derides the Third Party voters and insists that their vote is wasted. It is NOT wasted. The Third Party vote announces and discloses the extent of discontent with the voting public. As this vote reaches a crescendo, the two major parties will have to pay attention and pick candidates and political platforms to suit the growing body of dissenters. What better way to show both major political parties that they are not responsive to the will of the people and that they will eventually be voted out unless they pay attention to their constituents.

        Voting for the “lesser of two evils” is a wasted vote because in those cases, neither party is suitable so why vote for a candidate not wanted? If one candidate or party is as bad as the other, it makes no sense to pick one of them, unless one of the other candidates is Hitler, Stalin, or Osama bin Laden.

        The way things stand now, there is no perceptible difference in the way the Government operates and the laws it passes, no matter which party is in charge. All the differences are nuances and of slight degree, but no substantial differences.

        If dissenting votes are counted, “None of the Above,” a strong message will be sent to the politicians, who being politicians, will be forced to respond with better candidates and platforms. The agenda should be broad enough to satisfy the E-PARTY membership and not so narrow as to cause division AND in-fighting that would guarantee victory for one of the two major parties.

        A study is planned to determine the feasibility of uniting third party members under a single banner, and the best way to get the ball rolling. It may be feasible to concentrate on Senatorial elections because of Senator Jeffords switch to the Democrat party, thereby entirely changing the governing structure of the USA Senate which arbitrarily catapulted Senator Tom Daschle into dictatorial power as majority leader, which he is now using as a weapon, blocking votes from the floor of the Senate, ignoring the fact that he did not earn this position.

        Concentrating on finding others who can be induced to switch party affiliation may be an ideal way to upset the balance of power for the better.

        • Tony

          I read your book and I liked it very much and found it to be very informative.

          I remember what Jefferson said and I also remember reading that merely stating the term for office without mandating rotation was one of many compromises that were made in constructing the Constitution. Because even back at the very forming of this new nation there were those who were eyeing potential power for themselves as well as those who they were acquainted with.

          It is the handpicked candidates that I have been trying to get people to realize now. The owners of the party choose which candidates they will put up for consideration. The public is shown only those the party owners favor. The public argues amongst themselves as to which of those candidates best suits the nation overall. The answer is and has been for a very long time now … NONE of them. If the party places them up for public scrutiny then the agreement has already been made between the candidates and the party owners that the candidates will do what they are told to do and when they are told to do it. They can enjoy the office along with all the perks that come with it; they can side “with the people” on smaller issues; but on major issues that must go the way the owners want them to go, the candidates once actually elected will do exactly as they are told to do by their owners.

          That is what I am so vehemently against and it is what ALL citizens of America SHOULD be vehemently against. But they are NOT. The vast majority of Americans cannot even tell you WHO is the majority Leader in the House of Representative. They KNOW who the speaker of the house is because the Media that they ALL take their ENTIRE direction in life from is constantly telling them WHO the speaker is. The know who the majority leader in the Senate is and they ONLY know it for that exact same reason.

          Ninety nine percent of the people in this nation have NEVER read the Constitution upon which this nation is formed. But those that “claim” to care about this nation ALL claim that the Constitution is being deso9lved. How do they KNOW that? Easy … someone ELSE told them I t is. But they “claim” to care about this nation.

          However … TRY to get them to unite against the actual ONE major political party that is in control of this nation and destroying it more with each new day that arrives and what you will quickly realize is that ninety nine percent of those that “claim” to care have no intestinal fortitude whatsoever or even the DESIRE to even ATTEMPT to do that. They would much rather whine about everything than actually DO ANYTHING to FIX this nation.

          The concept of what you labeled as your ‘E’ party is good, but unworkable for the very same reason I just stated above. I myself have tried in several articles to get people to do EVEN LESS THAT THAT. I have been trying to get them just to hold actual meets in their own homes with nothing more than friends and family who feel the same as THEY say that they feel, and have those in attendance to the same thing in THEIR own homes. Just take a look at how much response there was to THAT idea. And I KNOW that as many places as my articles appear that they are being read. Even multiple analytics show that.

          Because I realized that Americans really do not care about their country as much as many of them “claim” to care, in THIS article alone I gave them alternatives to the actual ONE major political party that is destroying this nation. No need to establish ANOTHER party. Just join other parties already in existence. You can see the overwhelming response to THAT idea.
          The PERFECT government would be one where the entire legislative branch is comprised of representatives of MANY different political parties. In fact it would be even MORE PERFECT if it was comprised of more INDEPENDENTS than party members. Because THEN what came out of congress would truly be more beneficial to this nation and it’s people.

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    American needs wake up. It time for American analyze the problems of the declining middle class. Without a strong
    Middle class this country is nothing. We are
    Alway going to have the poor. Right now
    There no middle to help the poor with a hand
    Up and no middle class to buy products and
    To keep jobs in America. History tell us America in on a slow decline. What are you going to do about it. Nothing is no longer an option. American need people who will put on there man pants and go to work. I CANT IS NOT AN OPTION ANYMORE .

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