Can America Really Be Salvaged?



Talking to many others this past weekend left me more depressed than excited about America’s future.  Even now with Donald Trump in the White House, optimism seems to be lacking, especially with those on the Left.  Don’t get me wrong, as I think the new President is doing the best he can… under the circumstances.  Certainly, President Trump has turned the donkey cart over by committing to several things he promised on his campaign trail.  He certainly opened fire upon the Leftist “fundamental transformation” from Obama and Jarrett right out of the gate.   Yet, the “Duo of American Demise” are not going away quietly into the night of defeat, as those two, as well as their Democrat comrades, still believe that their “fat lady” hasn’t sung her exodus.  Most do not realize that those two have set up a “silhouette government” on the side that is now running government-Left… and they are not sitting back on their laurels, either.

For those who tune in to MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, as well as some of the Liberals on FOX (like Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace), to those who open the New York Times, Washington Post, or any other big city newspaper, or listen to the fools out in Hollywood and the rap music industry who post anti-Trump fake-news stories on social media, that was concocted by Soros’ funded ‘Media Matters’, you would believe Donald Trump is a tyrannical, co-Russian dictator who wants to plunge America into a global, nuclear war.

It goes without saying that since the day Donald Trump announced his candidacy, went on to win the primaries and eventually the Oval Chair, he has been mocked, criticized, ridiculed, and basically deep fried by the Left, the moderates, the establishment RINOs, the globalists, and everyone else who believes America is an evil nation full of bigots, racists, and phobics who would like no better than to see the white man rise above everyone else to rule over the national domain with an iron fist, in order to hoard everything for their white, privileged race, while leaving everyone else out in the cold to ‘fend for themselves.

Never in American history has so much effort been put forth to get rid of a newly elected President, nor give him the time or the chance to fulfill his promises in order to “make America great again”.  There is a civil war on right now for America’s future, and there is no way they will stand for Trump to be a part of the winning side, because in their eyes, neither he, his appointees, nor any of his decrees, are considered legitimate.

The truth is that the truth is being buried by the Left. What we know as factual is dismissed by the Left.  All they do is continue with their fake-news stories about Trump being tied in with Putin, and his inabilities to govern.  Their lies and false directions of Trump’s whole administration has become nauseating.  Yet, their narrative continues with the same old ax to grind, that Democrats had the election stolen from them by the worst person on earth to be in position to lead the nation into a future of unity and bliss.  To that, I say they are 100% correct!

Donald Trump didn’t campaign on what the Left wants.  He didn’t promise a collective, united future that lets socialism, communism, or globalism be the forefront over Americanism.  Trump never said he would screw the rich, nor suck corporations dry.  Trump never promised free health care, free college tuition, entitlements for the lazy, or a $15 minimum wage.  He never said he would have open borders, make the UN the supreme power over the federal government, or have unbalanced trade continue to steal American jobs and productivity.  He never promised to appoint Liberals into his administration, nor into the Supreme Court.  Donald Trump did promise the exact opposite of what the Left has fought for throughout the nation’s past 100 years… to disrupt the landslide of progressivism that has only made government too powerful, too corrupt, and too isolated from prosecution.  Trump promised to give America back to the people, which is not the dream of the Leftist collective-state of centralized governance, like that of in China, Venezuela, or Vietnam.

For too long, America has been ruled by the extremes of the two coasts.  The heart of America no longer had a say, as Obama closed the door on rural states getting anything accomplished that provided opportunity and development… optimism to be the true provider of economic growth that drives the blood flow of national wealth.  Small businesses provide 60% of the nation’s jobs, pays 57% of the taxes, and produces more goods and services that most Americans have to depend upon for living, and for their comfort.  Free enterprise in an entrepreneurial market is what made America into the capitalist dominance that drove millions from their home in foreign lands in order to have a better life in liberty, within the pursuit of their own happiness here in America.  But to those on the two coasts, it only proved to their own ego-trip that America was nothing more than greedy.  And that is why America had to be downsized and redistributed by the Left.  America had become too big to fail.  So, in order to help to make it fail, America had to be controlled… and who better to control it than Democrats who “understand” the perils of Americanism, the segregation of religion, the blight from discrimination by “Whitey”, and how there is enough for everyone if America is forced to share.

Lenin and Marx once stated that in order to change a country, you must change how society thinks, how they react in circumstances, and how they perceive themselves in front of others.  America was “fundamentally changed” from the inside out by the Bush, Clinton, and Obama administrations.  The top came down, that in turn drove the bottom up, and now has squeezed the middle out.  And, the middle is what drives the American Spirit and the American economy.

Look at the fools who partake on the revelry of the Left.  They are the poor, the minorities of those who stay oppressed by their own free will.  They look to government for support, and who takes their orders because they don’t know how to think for themselves.  The servants of government are the pawns of the controlling powers who play a game with the lives of those who are so dumbed-down, brainwashed, and indoctrinated that they can’t realize that they have become their Master’s slave in order to get the breadcrumbs that keeps them content, to a sustainable degree.

Sadly, with each generation, it doubles in size.  Fifty years ago, if you wore a red shirt, you were considered a commie.  America went to war to stop the spread of communism.  But the hippie generation saw it differently, as they felt government was THE MONSTER, and corporations were “the wolves” that took money away from the people.  This “anti” culture had its influence, and eventually wormed its way into the rank and file of business, finance, labor, education, entertainment, and eventually government.  The Nancy Pelosi’s and Hillary Clinton’s in America are from the same “Jane Fonda” mold that praised communist North Vietnam.

Once infiltrated, this “disease of anti” took root, and “fundamental change” had to be implemented in order to save the world from the evils that robbed the lower and middle classes through greed of corruption by the Powers that ran the nation’s politics, and business world in finance.  They took over the unions, the universities, the film and music studios, the publishers, the media networks, and finally the state, local, and federal governments. But instead of saving the middle and lower classes, they destroyed them by becoming something worse that they were fighting against.  By and through their actions of destroying their “Monster”, they, themselves, became THE MONSTER.

President Trump has just crossed the 100 day hurdle… there is still a long way to go to finish the race.  Some are disappointed that he has not yet completed his promises to accomplish the impossible, so long as so many factors do stand in his way.  Congress has been the major obstacle, as Ryan and McConnell struggle to make sure they show everyone who the real bosses are of government.  Media still pushes the narrative that they are the real “voice of America” who are comprised of the deprived, downtrodden, and disorientated sheeple who follow these shepherds to their own demise.  They may never know that it is those they follow who have put them into their own cauldron within the progressive dungeon.  The colleges and universities are manufacturers of robotic humanoids that are programed to only follow and obey.

America is headed in one of two directions.  There are those who actually believe that America is the problem of the world, while the other direction whole heartily believes that only America is the solution to the problems throughout the world.

Many believe North Korea and Iran have the right to protect themselves with nukes, and the right to push back against the aggression of the United States.  Many believe Islam was made into looking like terrorists, when it has been the USA that created them into becoming terrorists in order to defend themselves from American and Christian/Judaic practices.  They also believe Islam has the right to exist, as the Islamic indoctrination has convinced many of the robotic humanoids that Islam is the “true religion of peace”, while Christianity and Judaism are the “religions of war”.

Many believe that the only way to have equality, to protect the citizenry from evil, and to in stow fairness, justice, and development of social freedoms, is by creating a great state of an all ruling central government.  Even though Germany under the Nazis, Russia under Stalin, Venezuela under Chavez, and so on, have only produced calamity, chaos, and dire poverty for most of the people who don’t have an important role within the regime.   Educators, Hollywood, public representatives, and the media are telling the robotic humanoids that it was because it wasn’t institutionalized correctly, that they didn’t have the right “leaders” within their progressive-globalism solution in the true, final solution of having it run efficiently.  They are taught to believe that so long as there are no enemies to their ideological existence, then there will be nothing to attack its mechanics, nor derail its implementation.  So long as conservatism exists, they cannot complete the processes needed to transform the world into their global “utopian-wonderland”.  Their solution is to remove us by silencing us, and to keep us from getting in their way by any means necessary… including revolution or civil war.

It has taken many decades to produce these generations of scumbags who are working purposely in America’s failure and demise.  They believe in what they do and in stopping us as much as you believe in what you do and in stopping them.  America has gone over the line of no return, because we are not going to change them, only empower them stronger the more we reverse their direction to take America back… the flip side as they are never going to change us.  The revolution has already begun, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not.  The civil war will come, eventually, the closer to our accomplishments that President Trump and the conservative movement takes us.

Until George Soros and his evil empire can be shut down, until Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, Obama, and the other governmental misfits are shown in their true colors, and until media can be again become journalists instead of talking heads for the institutional Left, it will only become more divided with each win that Trump and his administration can check off with victory.

America can be salvaged, but I believe we will never go back to who we once were.  Not unless something horrific happens to again unite all the people together in Americanism as occurred after Pearl Harbor was attacked, and Germany and Japan declared war against us.  But even then, there are those who will say we deserve it, those who rally towards the side of the enemy to accomplish what they can’t in America’s destruction, and demise of Americanism, while those in Power do believe that a global war is the only way to bring about a one-world solution… theirs!

We are getting older.  Our ideology is dying as we age into our sunset years. The youth are now replacing us, and with that youth comes a different ideology foreign from how we lived in America’s hay-day years.  We, were about America.  Today’s youth is about earth, and a single-world order… one economy, one religion, one society under one governance.  When everything is made equal, then equality will keep “their” peace.  But try to sell that to the privileged, those in finance, business, industry, entertainment, and government who have made millions… trying to pry that from their fingers is like trying to pry a gun from a conservative’s fingers.  The needs for those they feel who have been left behind will never be achieved until you convince those who sit on top to come down to lower levels… and that will never happen without brute force.  If the Left is really that concerned about the poor, minorities, and the poor starving children in the world who have no future, then assemble all these Left-wing zealots with millions in their account, and let them all pitch in towards saving humanity!   It is funny how much they bitch, and how little they act to fix the problem… two-faced with double standards, while being hypocritical!!!

Maybe they need to rethink the conservative plan, and that is to raise the lower levels up closer to those higher levels.  By bringing taxes down, by lessening restrictions, by removing government intrusion, by developing an unstoppable army in industry, as well as militarily, with technology, and by opening doors to fair and balanced trade with a strong, robust economy, America can prevail.

America means freedom and liberty, and under a one-world order, most freedoms and liberties have to be taken away in order for that order to thrive.  Until these robotic humanoids know what true freedom and liberty is, they will never understand until it is removed… and that is the last hurdle that President Trump must leap before he hits the finish line.  If he fails, then the process may just start all over again, as Democrats worm their way back in to re-fire their fundamental transformation machine.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda


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