By ANY Means Necessary


By ANY means necessary

YES there SHOULD be an investigation but NOT by the FBI as was just ordered by the President.  First off the FBI only investigates FEDERAL crimes.   It does NOT investigate local crimes.   And the false accusation against Judge Kavanaugh was a local police matter.   Also, the FBI has now been openly PROVEN to be under leftist political control and far too political.

Even though such an investigation would not fall under THEIR duties because they primarily investigate fugitives, the U.S. Marshals service or even the DHS COULD perform an investigation into allegations made by a contrived accuser about something she “claimed” occurred 36 years ago.   BOTH of these agencies have investigative teams.

However … if such an investigation is to be done then it SHOULD be a TOTALLY COMPLETE investigation with the end result being CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY INDICTMENTS filed against ALL involved.   Indicting the fraudulent accusers as well as ANY AND ALL attorneys AND POLITICIANS involved in the conspiracy.   NOT just those making false claims of sexual assault.

This nation just went through the most PATHETIC display of leftist partisanship since the communist left acquired political power in this country.   The nomination for SCOTUS hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be placed into the Supreme Court seat being vacated by Justice Kennedy.   A SCOTUS judge that Kavanagh actually clerked for before he himself was placed into the second highest court in this nation.

From the very start of the entire hearing process the communist left filled the public gallery with their extremely mentally deficient loonies.   Screaming every sort of obscenity imaginable and they even had some clowns just stand there dressed in some type of costumes which I guess represent some movie of some kind.   Because the left is motivated 100% by emotion and the media controls that emotion, and the movie industry is a major part of the media.   So they had to be depicting a movie.

The hearing itself though was not the Most Pathetic part of that circus.

WHY there was even a hearing to begin with makes no sense at all.   The left already publicly stated that they were totally against Kavanaugh solely because he was nominated for the SCOTUS by the very first ever actual people’s choice for president who believes in and wants to see the constitution of this nation UPHELD.   Kavanaugh is just a figure who to the left actually represents President Trump.   And the left’s frothing at the mouth hatred of the people’s president knows no bounds.   THAT degree of hatred has never been seen in this country before.  They THOUGHT the 2016 election had been effectively rigged in their favor, but President Trump and the American people proved otherwise.   That election brought the left’s dreams of unstoppable corruption and the resulting quick end of America almost to a screeching halt.   They have not been able to come to grips with their loss ever since the night the President won that election.

The final committee vote on Kavanaugh was known before the committee even convened.   As such there was no reason to even have the hearing.  They could have saved the American taxpayers a lot of money and just sent Kavanaugh’s name directly to the senate floor.   But just as it was in the corruption days of Rome, the government likes to put on shows.

The REAL show however began when the hearing was ready to close.

On September 27, 2018 the entirety of this nation that actually cared enough to watch that hearing concerning Judge Kavanaugh and his phony “accuser”, were first hand witnesses to the greatest travesty of justice to have ever taken place in government since this nation became a nation.

America observed FIRST HAND just how SCUM FILLED the democrat side of the party actually is.  They proved themselves not to be just bottom feeders in the swamp, they proved themselves to be the scum that entirely saturates the swamp from the bottom to the very top.

NO tactic; NO phony accusation is beneath those VERMIN if it means BLOCKING the original constitution that formed this country from being adhered to by a pro-constitution potential SCOTUS judge.

The communist democrat side of the party TOTALLY lives up to their motto ‘By ANY means necessary’.

THAT SIDE of the party is VOID of ETHICS; of MORALITY; of DECENCY of ANY kind.   They have NO qualms whatsoever about destroying the lifelong reputation of a very decent man and destroying his family as well if it furthers THEIR agenda.  ALL BECAUSE they do not like the very first EVER actual people’s choice for the office of president of this nation, and thus have publicly stated they will vehemently oppose ANYONE the President nominates for SCOTUS.   PROVEN by the leftist senators LEAHY and HIRONO and others in their comments.

In those days leading up to their orchestrated smear campaign, we the American people saw those vermin state OUTRIGHT that they do NOT believe the constitution should be followed.   In other words they stated OUTRIGHT that they do not support the constitution.   The very same constitution they swore an oath to uphold.   But they ARE politicians and MOST politicians regard their oaths of office as just worthless ceremonial blabbering’s that don’t mean anything.   But where ALL leftists are concerned, they want that constitution disposed of and MOST want it replaced with the communist manifesto.   Which (and NOT coincidently) the democrat platform is a reflection of.

AFTER the original hearing concerning Kavanaugh’s ability to be elevated to the SCOTUS was over; with the result ready to be sent to the full senate for voting; and totally unable to stop his approval based on his merits; FEINSTEIN, out of desperation in a last ditch effort claimed there was a letter written by someone somewhere who accused Judge Kavanaugh of “sexual assault”.   A letter that she had been holding in reserve for nearly TWO MONTHS and was intended to be introduced ONLY if ALL other attempts to reject Kavanaugh’s approval failed.    SHE and all those involved with her knew the allegations were false, but she wanted to be a “leftist hero” and stop the pending full senate vote from occurring until AFTER the midterm elections.   Because the communist left thinks that their media is doing a sufficient job of getting the voters to give the left complete control of government again.

FEINSTEIN CLAIMED that the accuser wished to remain “anonymous”.   When asked if she had any direct contact with the “anonymous accuser” she said no.   She claimed to have received the letter indirectly from another politician in California.   What FEINSTEIN “somehow” failed to remember was that SHE told the accuser WHICH lawyers to hire before the letter would be introduced to the judicial committee.   THEN the “anonymous” accuser’s name was given to the leftist press.   Quite probably by FEINSTEIN herself or at least through someone in her staff.   Even though when accused of it she naturally denied it.

So the side show began.

The republican side of the party in congress is almost completely comprised of WIMPS.   The left says “boo” and the right goes running for cover.   PARTIALLY because most of them ARE, and partially because there are a handful of leftists in the republican side of the party in the senate who would never have been elected if the stupid voters in the republican side had known up front what they really were.   And that handful of leftists gives control over to the left whenever really needed.   And it’s the same in the house.   It’s ALWAYS been that way.   Which is why it can be accurately stated that the left has been in control of the federal government since the days of FDR.

Rather than standing by the indisputable facts that throughout his public life Judge Kavanaugh has had not one; not two; not three but SIX extremely thorough background checks conducted on him, the WIMPS chose to again (and as always) KOWTOW to the demands and false allegations presented by the left.   Rather than standing by the fact that the hearing was OVER and having the final committee vote which they knew the outcome of before the hearing started, they genuflected to the left and said okay bring your “accuser” to this hearing.

What happened next was ridiculous (but highly predictable) stall tactic after stall tactic that the WIMPS kept giving in to.   FINALLY she was rehearsed well enough by her attorneys to actually show up where she put on a totally miserable show complete with crocodile tears; shaky voice and all.  There was almost nothing that she said that could have been deemed credible.   She contradicted not only her attorneys but herself as well several times.

Even a beginning law student could see through THAT charade with no difficulty whatsoever.  But not the WIMPS.   AFRAID of their own shadows and AFRAID to get “BAD PRESS” from the leftist media, they ALL claimed she was “genuine”.   Now even the WIMPS defended her saying she quite probably was wrong about what happened but she “genuinely” BELIEVED THAT SHE WAS TELLING THE “TRUTH”.

The problem was … Kavanaugh had ALSO spoken nothing but the truth.   And the TRUTH that HE spoke was 100% corroborated with fact after fact.   But the WIMPS still did not want to face “bad press”.

Throughout the charade the leftists kept demanding ANOTHER FBI investigation in order to stall for as much time as they could.   Each and every one of them kept DEMANDING that Kavanaugh HIMSELF ask the President to order yet another redundant investigation.

All of them including Klobuchar kept stating the phony accuser “had no political agenda”.

They “somehow forgot” to mention that this Ford character has been a leftist activist for many years.

IN FACT the entire SMEAR campaign against Judge Kavanaugh was originally dreamed up back in 2012 when after destroying obama in the debates, the left began to worry that Romney would be elected.  And Romney had publicly stated that if elected and a SCOTUS position were to open up, that he would nominate Kavanaugh.

THAT was when the original groundwork began to be laid by finding someone from his area who may or may not have known him, but could STILL claim to have been sexually assaulted by him.   Because sexual assault claims are at the very top of accusation weapons used by the left against those they want to smear and hopefully destroy.   They found this Ford character who lived in Kavanaugh’s area when he was in school and she was known to be very promiscuous (to put it politely) when she was a teenager.   She apparently never knew Kavanaugh personally but she knew who he was and who some of his friends were.   Thus she could be a good potential “victim” for the left to use.    The scheme was created and she was told to go to a therapist claiming “extreme emotion duress” because of Kavanaugh “attempting to rape her” DECADES earlier.

They didn’t need to utilize their scam back in 2012 because our owners never told the lower management echelon on the left side of their party that they had already fixed the election to retain Obama with the most openly fraudulent election in the entire history of this country and Romney was preset to concede without challenging it.

BUT her going to a therapist back in 2012 was on record and thus if Kavanaugh’s name were ever brought up in the future she would then be the perfect “victim” to use in smearing him with even a “history of therapy” with which to claim a possible “legitimacy” to the accusation.

Even the left had no idea that for the first time EVER the American people would actually choose an OUTSIDER to be President in the very next election.   THAT terrified them and it MAY have been pure ‘coincidence’ or MAYBE President Trump was deliberately advised by someone in the republican side establishment to choose Kavanaugh because that someone already knew of the initial groundwork that had taken place concerning Kavanagh.   THAT could be very possible because it would not be the first time the President was steered in the wrong direction by those around him.   After all he did order the bombing of Syria TWICE and both times the reason behind it turn out to be false.   So although Kavanaugh himself is extremely qualified to be on the SCOTUS, just the fact that the groundwork to smear him had already been done six years prior was enough for someone in the establishment to convince the president to nominate him.   THAT is something we will never know.

What we DO know is that the accusation against Kavanaugh was a total fabrication by the left.   And they quite probably have the same accusations already prepared against OTHER people on the right as well.

WHO is behind this criminal conspiracy to defame and destroy the entire reputation of a federal Judge?

THAT is what a REAL and THOROUGH investigation is needed to find out.   FEINSTEIN may have been in on it from the very start or she could have been used.   FEINSTEIN is just an old leftover from the days when the communist left first gained political power in California and elsewhere across this nation.   And she is now actually desperate to still feel relevant to that side of the party as the leftist media and the public schools indoctrination system and especially the leftist controlled colleges and universities in America moves that side ever further to the radical left.   So if she was an original participant in the conspiracy, only a REAL and THOROUGH investigation could determine that.

ALL participants in this criminal conspiracy need to found and indicted; tried and imprisoned for their crimes.   Whether it will ever happen remains to be seen.   But his is definitely NOT the America it once was and political related crimes now seem to be immune to prosecution.   The same as career criminals associated with the left apparently will never be prosecuted either.

In the meantime the best that those who are still loyal to this country can do is come out in force like they did in 2016 when they elected the very first outsider to the office of president, and vote every leftist out of congress that is up for re-election and do not under any circumstance elect any more of them to public office.


And a little something EXTRA to ponder.  Isn’t it something how ALL who plot to deceive seem to generate the SAME facial expressions?

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