From a Buzz to a Rumble to a Possible STORM


From a Buzz to a Rumble to a Possible STORM

Almost everyone in this country has heard of the group ANONYMOUS.   A group of highly skilled Internet Hackers that seem to be skilled enough to find their way into almost ANY computer from private home computers and “smart” phones, to highly secured government systems.

This group has given the impression that they want to expose corruption no matter where it may exist.   But what else are they capable of doing? picture of anonymous

Some regard them as heroes.   Some, and particularly the government, regard them as criminals.   They may actually be a bit of both.

However … these are hackers who can only put out to the general public what they dig up that is already existing in databases someplace.

There is now a NEW NAME on the scene that is showing so far to be MORE useful to the general public than ANONYMOUS.

That name is QAnon, or simply – Q – as tens of thousands have come to know this person as.   But whether – Q – is a he or a she or even a group of people is totally unknown so far.   What IS known is that – Q – is totally tuned in to and apparently privy to almost everything that is taking place BEHIND THE SCENES in almost ALL world events and ESPECIALLY what takes place in America’s White House.   Many people even think that – Q – is someone very close to President Trump.   SOME even think that – Q – may actually be President Trump himself.   No one knows.

QBut the information that – Q – is putting out has created such a stir that even the leftist media has taken up the battle against this person.   Claiming that – Q – is a hoax and absolutely no one should take anything said by this person seriously.

In other words, – Q – is doing a very good job of exposing the leftist media for the anti-America cabal that they truly are and they need to defend themselves from even further exposure.   President Trump has done an extremely good job of exposing them for the liars that they are and they just do not want even MORE exposure.

QAnon now has the attention of major news commentators not just nationwide, but worldwide as well.   The PROBLEM however is that – Q – very seldom says anything direct.   Everything stated seems to need analytical deciphering.   But when it actually IS deciphered, what is learned is quite remarkable.

For example: In one posting QAnon suddenly posted ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.   There was no lead in to the posting; no explanation as to WHY that prayer was being posted.   BUT … just a couple of days later the entire world learned that the catholic Pope wants to CHANGE ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.   THAT is how tuned in this person is to everything that takes place and much of what is about to take place on the world stage.

The posts from – Q – are now getting ever more revealing and the more revealing they get, the more our globalist owners and their media, and especially the primary tools of our globalist owners’ of America, the communist democrat side of the party literally PANIC.   They cannot find a way to shut that person down.   BECAUSE QAnon cannot be found on the censored search machines like Google and Yahoo and the rest.   And – Q – cannot be found on Twitter or Facebook or ANY social media site.

QAnon is on THE DEEP WEB.   NOT traceable via the major search engines or social media sites.   And as such is not block-able (as yet) and is free of censorship.

Now finding things on the DEEP WEB is not an easy task unless someone who goes there knows exactly what they are looking for.

So we have decided to provide a direct link for any and all interested persons to QAnon’s posts.   AND since people ALSO seem to be interested in what ANONYMOUS publishes, the posts from them are included as well.   In fact the link provided is dedicated to specifically those two.

HERE is a direct link to those posts …

A DIRECT LINK TO QAnon & Anonymous (just click in the name)

We have ALSO decided to retain that direct link on the right hand side of our website, — —, and here is a picture of where it can be found on the site.

a link to Q

Anyone who wants to can just save that link on the side of our website to their own screens and be taken to those posts on any time they wish to view what was posted recently.

What QAnon has begun started as a buzz on the internet.   As things progress and more corruption of the deep state in America’s political structure is exposed, the even MORE revealing – Q’s – posts become, causing a rumble that our owner’s indoctrinating media will try even harder to quell.   It may very soon reach a point of helping to cause the storm that will begin, intending to cleanse the American political system of its deeply embedded corruption.

Now QAnon cannot be blocked, the same as ANONYMOUS cannot be blocked because they are not on the censorable search engines.   BUT being that the link we are providing for access to these two IS now on the censorable search engines, THIS LINK CAN BE BLOCKED, so we cannot guarantee how long it will remain active.

This link is set for automatic daily update, so every day there are new posts to be seen by anyone who is interested.   As stated, the actual link posted above can be placed as a shortcut on anyone’s screen.   Or, people can just come back to daily and just click on the link from here.

People need to get ready for what apparently is coming in this country and this link is a very good way to see just exactly WHAT is about to happen.


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