Bullet about the Impeachment inquiry media circus


Bullet about the Impeachment inquiry media circus

They are functioning socialists, and have no interest in abiding by or following or submitting to the US Constitution. Their entire sham based on Democrat, Vatican Neo-Nazi Maidon troops and Soros because Ukrainians had the sense to elect a President who wouldn’t works for Soros were punished, by having a protest invaded by Vatican foot soldiers who started their civil war, chased the legally elected President out of the country, stole their gold, lent them FIAT currency at interest, and put Hunter Biden in charge of the bank, and forced them to plant Monsanto GMO wheat. which is illegal in many countries around there, but has been forced on the bread basket of the area. They keep talking about Putin wanting to extend his control. He never invaded Ukraine. He sent convoys with food, blankets, and medicine to the eastern Ukrainians who were being attacked by their own military and Maidon. He ANNEXED Crimea, because they asked him for protection of the Democrat/Soros/Vatican military machine that was coming from the west. All former USSR states have the right to re-join Russia anytime they want to as per the treaty the dissolved the USSR. That’s what they are really afraid of. I’m curious to see how all of this international crime is going to be laid to blame on Pres. Trump when it was all done by Soros/Pope Fraudcis/Clinton/Obama and John Kerry… It’s a Soros color revolution they keep trying to start in the US because we elected DJT and stopped their evil Socialist pedophile global NAZI/Islam alliance from spreading, and in many senses have even started to reverse it. Of course they’re not happy, but all they have is NAZI style Propaganda, media circus and lies that are all being exposed


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