When Donald Trump refused to comply with Chris Wallace’s question if Trump would honor the election results and concede like a good little candidate should, I knew the media would run with it like a firestorm, thus negating all the positive things Trump did say in the last presidential debate of the three.

Shocked and in disbelief, many of the media pundits are a gasp that he would dare to dispute the results of an American election, one that many say is “the envy of the entire western world”. But Trump wouldn’t be the first, should the final results show him within error. Al Gore challenged the Bush victory in 2000, as did Richard Nixon in 1960. To concede when there might be a chance that it was wrong would be idiocy. Had Nixon dug deep, he would have found the voter fraud in several states, mainly in Texas, where LBJ was the VP nominee, a state that actually despised him. Al Gore won the popular vote, but lost the electoral vote with the hanging chad debate in the end. That election actually brought the Democrat machine into overdrive in destroying Bush and Republicans from then on. They have been relentless since.

Donald Trump is not a politician who purposely goes back on their word, knowing at the time of the lie that they have full intent of double crossing the public when the clothes finally get washed. Politicians will purposely lie to appease their constituents, and will say anything to get a vote. Look at Hillary… everything she said last night was a bold-faced falsehood of distorted facts and planted innuendos to paint her as the loving and caring “mother” candidate who should truly be running the House.

Liberal-progressives, such as Hillary, are well trained in the art of Alinskyism of double standards, two-faced lies, and hypocrisy. They can make things up on the fly, as few will fact-check their words. Even if they do, and proved to be false, the seed has already been planted and sprouted. The opponents spends their time running defense, while having to dodge a continuing bombardment over something already proved inaccurate. Case in point are the “paid” sluts who came to the media (DNC & Hillary) to say they were sexually assaulted by Trump, some over 30 years ago. But last night, Hillary, as did moderator Chris Wallace, refused to let a dead horse lay. Anything to make Trump look bad in front of millions has been the game plan for these debates, although Wallace did do a fantastic job, compared to all the others, in keeping it mostly balanced, and the crowd silent. At least he didn’t launch a bombardment of cheap shots at Trump like other moderators did, nor what the media likes to do.

Trump is not a politician, a “refined” stooge or hack from the IVY League universities who have spent years perfecting their operative BS skills. And personally, I’m glad he’s not, because what we don’t need any more of in Washington are these over-classed morons who couldn’t be successful in the real business world. Most are lawyers who love to create their own laws, or spend their time re-writing the ones already on the books to fit their “client’s” needs. BTW… we, the people, are not their “clients”.

Trump doesn’t carefully choose his words, but spits out whatever is on his mind… un-rehearsed, and un-forgiving. Hillary spent 5 days rehearsing this last debate with all sorts of Democrat artists in Alinsky assaults tactics. Trump stayed on the campaign trail, talking with and voicing his concerns to the American people. To him, becoming POTUS is not a game, as many politicians have created in running for office. He is not in it for himself, as the Clinton’s and others have been. Trump is in this for us, the people. He seeing the woes and faults of DC, of governance, and of the syndicate cabal of the elites and the media to sway the tide in their favor to continue their “transformational” agenda in America’s demise and reconstructing. And for that, he is crucified.

Trump is not a team player with the DC establishment, the media, nor the financial powers that dictate policy. He is one man who wants to unite the nation to make it great, again. He is one man who feels everyone can have a chance, but are restrained because of political agenda tactics. He is one man who has always believed that we have had fools and idiots running things for far too long, who have made a total mess of the nation, and who have become the laughing stock of the world, as leaders of other countries do outsmart the dimwits put into position because of campaign contributions, loyalty to “the family”, or their gracious help in getting them into office. ‘Pay for Play’ has become the theme song in Washington politics, and that is something that boils Trump’s blood.

To be insulting and belittling is a trademark of Trump’s, because he comes from that “if you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen” old-school mentality, certainly not a PC stuffed-shirt, diplomatic, brown nosed poop spreader like most in DC are who think they are and know better than the general public. Trump is more like one of us, and he cares not who he insults, because it usually is the truth. Rosie O’Donnell IS fat! John McCain WAS a traitor to the other veteran POW’s in that camp! John Kerry DOES look like Herman Munster! Bill Clinton IS a sexual predator! And Hillary IS a crook! But for many of the upper-crust of diplomatic securities, that makes him “ineligible” for the presidency. “A leader of the free world cannot go around calling people stupid, fat, ugly, and lazy!” In your prestige world of Harvard and Yale silver-spoon suckers, I guess not. Trump comes from Queens, raised in the Bronx, and is a person who loves all the people, and only wants them to succeed in becoming their best.

That is why he disgraced that Miss Universe winner many years ago. She was not fulfilling her obligations nor holding her commitment to the title. She was getting fat. But to the Feminazis out there, that is her right because “no one owns her body”. Sorry, you bitches got it wrong… when you are a winner in a pageant of beauty and talent, then you do have a contractual obligation to the owners, thus they do own your body, and can tell you to lose weight or be removed. But Trump did what he could to help her, out of his own kind heart and pocket, by hiring the best in nutritions and physical work-out to get her back into that size 2 dress. He could of fired her and moved on. Some gratitude she had, huh? Oh, I forgot… Hillary saw that she got quick citizenship to become an American.

We have seen a massive amount of corruption in this election from the Democrat Party and Hillary campaign. They will stop at nothing for her to win, that we have all seen in the released documents and videos circulating, proof that both her and her Party are corrupt to the core. This will be her presidency, as Dinesh D’Souza spells out in his latest film/book ‘Hillary’s America’. The problem in America has become, over 50% of the people accept this practice and have little to no problem with it. If this had been 40 years ago, Hillary would have been rode out of the country on a rail, wearing nothing but tar and feathers. My, have times changed!

Donald Trump could have lied and told Wallace that he would honor the results of the election. But why shoot your own foot before the battle is over? If the DNC and Hillary can pay for protesters to start riots and bedlam, and if workers have said they do rig the vote, and have been for decades… if over 42 million cases of voter fraud have surfaced since 2012, as already 4 million have been found in this election, don’t you think Trump reserves the right to question the results? Consider how he has been treated, and who his enemies are already. Even President Obama has said (on camera) that he will refuse to hand over the presidency to Trump, should he win. So where is the media on that on? Hypocrisy and double standards… it is no wonder America is being stolen from the patriots, Christians, and Constitutionalists. We are their enemy, we stand in their way, and we must be removed, totally!

Yes, the media will find fault in anything derogatory that Trump says and does. They are team members of the establishment Left who work for the nation’s fundamental transformation, and demise of the free enterprise system for a one-world government. If not for that statement to Wallace, they would have found something else, like calling Hillary a “wicked woman”. Only from the political Left do they chastise you for being honest and truthful!

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Written By: Jim Hovda



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