Are we THAT STARVED for Heroes?

Are we THAT STARVED for ‘HEROES’ that we will readily make anyone an instant ‘hero’?

This short article may actually anger some people who question nothing and take life on immediate face value, but I have a question concerning Mr. Alejandro Villanueva of the Pittsburg Steelers.

are we that starved for heroes

The NFL has now shown themselves to be a political organization and it’s politics clearly match those of the outspoken extreme leftist group ESPN who were the first to openly use sports as a political platform to push their Marxist socialist agenda.

I’ve been reading some of the DEFENSIVE posts pertaining to Alejandro Villanueva’s recanting and apologizing to his team mates for his initially respecting our national anthem and flag on Sunday September 24th.

Yes he was the lone team member who chose to render respect to this nation while his fellow team mates and the NFL itself chose to spit in the faces of America’s veterans and thumb their noses at all those who died in service to this nation so that these MASSIVELY OVERPAID INGRATES in the NFL and other “professional sports” can rake in Millions of dollars for doing nothing at all more than playing a game.

I’ve read comments in defense of Mr. Villanueva such as ‘the poor man was FORCED to apologize by his coach’.   ‘The man was threatened with loss of income if he didn’t do it’.    And the FUNNIEST one of all is ‘that the poor man was like the POW’s who were FORCED to make anti-America statements while in captivity’.

Well … Mr. Villanueva is NOT a POW.    Mr. Villanueva was NOT subject to TORTURE.

Mr. Villanueva may very well have been threatened with removal from the team and loss of that MASSIVE amount of money for merely playing a game…

But by apologizing to his Anti-America team mates and coach in order to KEEP RECEIVING that money … Has not Mr. Villanueva placed himself in the same category (to a degree) as that AMERICAN TRAITOR and coward JOHN McCain who voluntarily chose to cooperate with the enemy because he did not want to face the same torture that other POW’s experienced?

Does his recanting not put him in the SAME category as ALL American politicians who have their PRICE TAGS for selling out this nation and its’ people?

For those defending Mr. Villanueva after he recanted what many initially perceived to be a patriotic act … Is not defending his recanting clearly stating that in America today, it most definitely IS okay to sell out to the Anti-Americans?   Putting PRICE over Patriotism?

I was just wondering.

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