Appeasement gets a Sessions,and it is quite apparent that Jeff Sessions is nothing at all more than a totally mediocre Attorney General at best.

When America elected the first ever actual people’s president, they envisioned a crusader taking on the entire district of corruption leading a group of equally determined likeminded political soldiers.

President Trump was the anti-establishment leader America had longed for.   In the minds of the majority of this nation he was going to undo ALL the damage that had been deliberately inflicted upon this nation during the eight years prior to his taking charge.

President Trump was not wanted by the establishment sheeple herders on the republican side of the singular controlling political party of America’s owners.   They preferred ANY other contender over him.   Because he could not be controlled by them.   He was ONLY campaigning in the republican side of the party because he knows herd mentality and that Americans would only cast their votes for either the republican side of the party or the Marxist Socialist democrat side of the party.

Just as they had done in the most openly fraudulent election in American history back in 2012, the republican side and the democrat side had already agreed between them that with the massive aid of the leftist media which (they thought) controlled the entire thought process of most in this country today, the career criminal Clinton was to be placed into the oval office, to continue the escalated destruction of America and its’ conversion into being just a member state of the new world order.

But President Trump is a Populist President and when a candidate is a populist contender actually resonating with the will of the people, even voter fraud as open and massive as that which occurred in the 2012 election could not defeat such a contender.   As such President Trump defeated the globalist republican establishment; the republican subservient loyalists in the republican side of the party; the Marxist socialist democrats who are actually nothing more than the willing radical leftist tools of the globalists; the entire leftist controlled media; and America’s owners themselves, and won not only the nomination but the general election itself.   Becoming the very first ever actual People’s President.

And being the very first person ever to hold the office of president who actually KNOWS how to run something, he might very well be recorded as the greatest president in America’s history.   Because in just his very first year he has undone literally DECADES of deliberate economic damage inflicted upon this country.   Unemployment is now at almost a fifty year low.   TRILLIONS of business dollars previously taken out of this country is now coming back into this country.   World renowned companies are now investing hundreds of Billions of dollars in America.   Factories are once again going to be built in this country as those businesses who moved their operations out of America are now moving them back into America.   The stock market hit undreamed of heights to such a degree that there is now actual turmoil in the markets as it’s going through a roller coaster event never before seen because of the influx of cash into this country.   Under his leadership America is now heading to a point where the only people who will not be gainfully employed in America are those who are retired or legitimately disabled and those who just plain do not want to work.   And the man has only been at the helm for a little over a year now.

The complexities of politics though was something new to President Trump.   For most of his life he was used to politicians from BOTH SIDES of the party groveling before him begging for campaign money.    ALL of them with their personal price tags on open display.   As an extremely successful businessman of course he purchased them.   Buying politicians as a way of keeping corrupt government off the backs of business is normal in America and it has always been that way.   ALL large business do it.   (Even medium sized and smaller ones on local levels).

However, Mr. Trump was now President Trump and after defeating all of America’s true enemies from within he needed to appoint a cabinet.

THAT was NOT going to be an easy accomplishment.   He had defeated America’s owners and now he had to get their privately owned and controlled senate to approve his nominations for cabinet positions.   And that senate DELIBERATELY stalled those nominations every step of the way.

One of those nominations was for the position of Attorney General.

The previous occupant of the oval office had very easily placed TWO extremely radical and very anti America people into that position with no real difficulty at all who then used that position to help Obama divide this nation.   But because he was not wanted as president by our owners and their establishment, President Trump was not going to have an equal chance.   The left controls the senate.   Not by numbers but by actual puppets.  The right side has the official majority, but the left side has puppets like McCain, and Flake and Murkowski and others on the right to leverage out and protect the left.

Not having ever been so deeply immersed in the actual corruption that is the Washington establishment, President Trump was forced to rely on the actual well situated swamp dwellers for initial advice when selecting his cabinet.

Because that is such a very dangerous position that could be used to openly expose and actually get rid of criminals in the DC establishment, he was quite probably informed that unless his choice for Attorney General would be acceptable to the communist left and the globalists, he would quite probably never see a nominee for that position approved by the senate.

Sessions was their logical choice.   He is a very timid man and he has what he himself considers to be “friends” throughout the entire swamp.   As such, he was the type of person who could be depended upon to not want to make any waves and expose any of those he personally knew, having himself been in the swamp for years.   So THAT could be the reason he was chosen to be the AG nominee.   And he was approved.

For the previous eight years the unbridled corruption in government was widely observed by the American people.   Corruption that openly continued because the most openly corrupt administration in America’s entire history was the mantel of protection for ALL of them.   Americans watched as Hillary Clinton committed actual espionage and treason and used her consolation prize aka the position of secretary of state to vastly financially enrich herself and her husband with their ‘pay to play’ scheme.   We watched as the most openly corrupt occupier of the oval office in history sent PALLETS OF ACTUAL CASH to Iran.   We watched as an American Ambassador and Navy Seals were ALLOWED to be MURDERED with ZERO retribution, not only against those who did the killing but those like Clinton and Obama who ALLOWED it all to happen WHILE THEY ACTUALLY WATCHED IN REAL TIME and refused to allow any help to go to the aid of the ambassador.   We watched as Clinton was ALLOWED to get away with possessing a private server for government business and then was ALLOWED to get away with destroying what was actually on that server in complete and open violation of a Federal Subpoena, but NOT before everything had already been hacked and was out on the web.   We watched as the upper echelon of the FBI actually COVERED for her criminal actions.   We watched as the criminal DNC and Clinton colluded with Russia to create a totally phony dossier, and in conjunction with the corrupt DOJ and the corrupt upper echelon of the FBI, used that totally phony dossier to get a FISA warrant to SPY on a presidential candidate.   Then not finding anything at all they could use against that candidate, they used the very existence of their phony dossier and the totally illegally obtained wiretaps acquired using it, in an attempt to smear the new President.

We as a nation have seen the highest crimes committed by the previous administration and MOST of those connected to it.   But what we will quite probably NEVER see is Jeff Sessions bringing together Grand Juries to get the indictments necessary to make the arrests and see actual trials conducted for ALL of those criminals.

BECAUSE Jeff Sessions has shown that he quite apparently is AFRAID of those criminals, and ESPECIALLY of the Clintons with the still ever growing body count of any and all who were going to testify against them.

Sessions quite probably does not want to be found with a bullet hole in the back of his head that “investigation” would determine was “a suicide”, or does not want to experience a fatal heart attack or lose his life in a fiery car crash etc. etc.   Or even have to worry about the wellbeing of his family members.   THAT is how corrupt government became in the America of today.   Meanwhile ALL of those criminals are roaming free and allowed to freely do what they can to create opposition to the president and continue the division of America initially orchestrated by Obama.   ALL with the absolute support and encouragement of the leftist media.

President Trump needs the approval of the senate for whoever is to be the Attorney General.   As such he learned the political flimflam known as “appeasement” which where the approval of an Attorney General is concerned, translates to self-protectionism for congress and all those associated with government.

However … President Trump is a very shrewd businessman.   And a truly shrewd businessman knows that there is ALWAYS another way of doing things.

President Trump should bring in to the DOJ someone from OUTSIDE the swamp.   Someone who has NO political or personal ties to ANYONE IN the swamp.   An Attorney who actually believes in the constitution and believes in UPHOLDING the laws of this nation.   Someone who is most definitely NOT timid and most definitely NOT AFRAID to prosecute the political criminals.

Then President Trump should request that Sessions tender his resignation.

Then President Trump should nominate a DIFFERENT Attorney to be the Attorney General who is of the exact same caliber is the other attorney he brought in to the DOJ.

The leftist controlled senate will balk and openly declare they will never approve such a rule of law minded attorney to be the attorney general.

Then “temporarily” while the senate is objecting and stalling, the OTHER attorney that was brought in to the DOJ could be promoted to occupy the Attorney General slot until such time a new Attorney General is finally confirmed.   The one appointed to “temporarily” take over could then call together the necessary Grand Juries and the toilet known as DC political corruption could begin to be flushed.




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