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I was listening to Rush this morning, and he pointed out something that I totally missed during the CPAC speech given by President Trump today. Apparently, some Left-wing loon, and Trump-hater who’s name I have now forgot, handed out thousands of Trump flags, to those in attendance, that were the same design as the Russian national flag, only with Trump’s name across it in bold gold lettering. The purpose was for the media to pick up on the story that “TRUMP SUPPORTERS WAVE RUSSIAN FLAG” to continue their disprovable theory that Donald Trump had the Russians rig the election, therefor making Hillary the legitimate winner, as Trump must be removed (impeached) for stealing the election from Hillary.

Most people who were handed the flags didn’t notice the similarities with the Russian flag, but only saw the name “TRUMP” in golden letters. They were free, and people thought nothing of it at the time. But when they started to wave them before Trump took the podium, someone quickly noticed it to put out the call to confiscate them immediately.

It was too late, as Rush said there were over 40 news agencies who had already posted the damaging headline on their website within minutes. Those who were late had a headline that spewed how the Trump loyalists at CPAC had their Trump flag forced from them, or some other “fake” news story that was more hateful than helpful for the President. Regardless, it was a pure set up by the media to give more credibility to their made-up story that President Trump is in bed with Putin, and together they stole the election from Hillary. The Left will do anything, even invent material to promote their hate of President Trump, and their evil ideology of Marxist-globalism.

“What we can expect from now on”, as Rush put it so gracefully, “is for the Left to do anything, at any cost, to try in removing Trump and his people from office.”

Just like the “fake” news story from CNN that was picked up by the Washington Post, NY Times, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, and on down the line, where the headline said: “FBI Refuses To Disavow Trump’s Ties With Russia”… What the media didn’t say was that Reince Priebus was told that the FBI was no longer looking at the accusations of ties in between Trump and Russia because there is no evidence of any kind to support the theory. Priebus couldn’t say anything about it, so he asked the FBI Deputy General if he would say something to the media to clear the matter up once and for all. The Deputy General claimed he couldn’t release such a story because of his position, yet someone inside the administration leaked that out to CNN that the FBI refused to disavow the information. A twist of factual words, a ploy on truthful meaning, and the headline puts another red mark on the Trump administration, just as they planned.

In today’s speech at CPAC, Trump spent a great deal of time talking about the “fake” news, and how dishonest they have become, as they try to make the Trump administration out to be Nazi fascists with ties to communist Russia who wants control of the people to enslave them, or put them in concentration camps. Though many of us do not read Left-wing propaganda media, nor go to their websites and pages, that is exactly what they are repeating. The vitriol and hate has become so course and corrupt that the media will make things up on the fly, then if it sounds good, the band together to releases it to all the other media outlets in an attempt to create a controversy. As Trump said today, “It’s like they have some conspiracy between them to make me look bad.” President Trump was correct in that claim.

Rush stated that we have to “nuke” the daylights out of the Left-wing media circus, as Americans MUST point out the deception, the corruption, and the conspiracy everywhere it surfaces if we plan to keep the media at bay. “We certainly cannot make them become honest”, Rush stated, “but we can certainly drive their ratings down to where they will be forced to close their doors, because nobody will ever believe anything they say.”

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Written By: Jim Hovda


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