Another View on the Kavanaugh Hearing


Another view on the Kavanaugh Hearing

It is no secret to anyone on either side of America’s singular ruling political party, as well as to the rest of the world that observes American politics, that Morality, Decency, Ethics and respect for others are totally void on the democrat side of the party.   The democrat side of the party whether they are in the official majority ruling position in government, or they are temporarily in the minority (but STILL controlling) position, always make a complete laughing stock of American politics.

We totally entertained the entire world from January 2009 until January 2017 who openly laughed at the most unqualified; the most inexperienced; and the most totally incompetent regime EVER to have been placed into control of the executive branch of our government by our globalist owners.   And the world did not even try and hide their laughter.   They had no reason to.   For that time period America was the weakest it had ever been and no one in the world had any reason to fear any repercussions from those pathetic fools who were placed into control.   America’s enemies DID have something in common with those fools however.   Those inexperienced louts hated this country and wanted it destroyed from within the same as our enemies around the world did.   And they were ALSO the most openly corrupt regime this nation ever had and they openly kowtowed to any and all of America’s enemies, giving those countries anything and everything they wanted from us.

ALL of that came to an abrupt end in January 2017 when the very first ever actual people’s choice for president took the oath of office and the reins of government.   Trump single-handedly brought the open destruction of America to a halt and turned this nation completely around economically to where we are now experienced the greatest economic recovery in our history.   This president has done more good for this nation than ALL of his predecessors combined who occupied the Oval Office for the previous twenty eight years.   But THAT in itself was really not that difficult a task because not even ONE of the four the preceded him had ANY intention of doing anything worthwhile for this nation.   They were ALL nothing more than NWO puppets who were striving to end this nations’ actual sovereignty with the intent of placing it along with the rest of the western countries under globalist control.

This people’s president however has met with vehement opposition every single day he has been in office.   The likes of which has NEVER been seen before.   Opposition from the communist democrat side of our owners’ singular political party that rules over this nation; opposition from the republican establishment who serve America’s owners and not the American people; opposition from the subservient establishment loyalists in the republican side of the party who refer to themselves as “Never Trumper’s”; brutal opposition from the communist left media that controls every thought of the most ignorant of Americans; opposition from the communist indoctrination centers known as colleges and universities who have been openly striving to destroy this nation ever since the successful communist psychological revolution of the late 1960’s on up to today; and opposition from the lower level Marxist socialist indoctrination centers known as public schools.

But that man has STILL managed to stay focused on the restoration of this country.   And all of the attacks made against him do not faze him to such a degree that he waivers in working FOR this nation.    He is the very first president EVER to not only remember his campaign promises to the America people but STRIVE to KEEP every single promise he made.

ONE of those promises was to appoint SCOTUS Judges who would uphold the CONSTITUTION this nation was founded upon.   NOT try to change it like the left does when they hold the majority on the SCOTUS.

And therein exists the latest vehement battle with the communist left.  President Trump was able to see his nominee Gorsuch placed into the SCOTUS which did not sit well with the communist left.   But suddenly and without any prior inclination that it would happen, Justice Kennedy announced his intent to resign from the SCOTUS.

OPEN PANIC immediately gripped the left.

If President Trump got another pro-constitution judge placed into the SCOTUS it would severely threaten to upset the balance and give pro-constitution Judges a potential to uphold the constitution for literally multiple generations and thus give the communist left MAJOR setbacks in their attempts to use the courts to destroy this nation from within.   BUSH kowtowed to the left and nominated Roberts who leaned center-left and THAT was reluctantly acceptable to the left because it still gave the left a potential anti-constitution majority.   But President Trump getting ANOTHER opportunity to place a pro-constitution Judge into the SCOTUS was totally UNACCEPTABLE.


When he was campaigning President Trump held nothing back from the people of this nation.   They KNEW up front that he was a man of his word and he did something that had never been done before.   He provided the American people with a list of ALL the judges he would consider for nomination to the SCOTUS.   A very LARGE list.   Far too large for the communist left to concentrate on destroying one specific nominee.   So they had to wait until he chose one specific nominee.

He ultimately nominated Justice Kavanagh.   A judge with impeccable credentials.   Someone with nothing at all in his time on the bench that could effectively be used against him and stop his being placed into the highest court in this nation.

So as usual the communist left had to MAKE SOMETHING UP.   And as usual, being nothing else to use they created the sexual misconduct scenario.    They had a little bit of a head start where Justice Kavanagh is concerned, because there was a rumor going around during the 2012 campaign season that if Romney had won, and a SCOTUS opening was provided, he ‘might’ nominate Kavanagh.   But THAT was not true.  Primarily because the RNC and the DNC had already decided ahead of time that Obama was to be re-elected and to make it look at least somewhat “legitimate”, the most openly fraudulent presidential election in our entire history took place with Romney and the RNC refusing to contest any of it.   So the smear campaign against Kavanagh COULD have been initially prepared all the way back in 2012.


Since there was nothing else to go on, they quite probably began to look for the most promiscuous girl they could find from any of the schools that Kavanagh attended when he reached the age of puberty.   After all, most boys in school would want to claim their “manhood” by engaging in sex with the school tramps.   They found HER, but they found nothing in his past that would show that Kavanaugh ever accepted her open invitation.   In fact it’s possible that he never had any contact with her in any way.   But THAT doesn’t matter to the communist left.   They can always create the claim that there WAS personal contact and their media would hype it to the point where idiots would actually believe it.   Where this “accuser” is concerned they lucked out because being of lower intellect to begin with, she became an actual leftist activist.   Willing to say or do whatever was necessary to bring harm to this nation and its’ people.   Even if she and Kavanaugh never actually knew each other, she could still claim that they did and make the false accusation necessary to try and derail his placement into the SCOTUS and the communist left would claim it to be legitimate and their media would hype it to the extreme.

Now that Kavanaugh was actually nominated and all the other leftist attacks against him predictably failed, it was time to use their last desperate attempt at derailing him.   Ahead of time they had attorneys create a letter to Feinstein which she was supposed to hold in reserve until the last possible moment.  Feinstein did exactly that and when the hearings were over and a senate confirmation vote was to be scheduled, Feinstein announced the existence of a letter that she had received from “someone who wanted to remain anonymous” with possible sexual assault claims against Kavanaugh from THIRTY SIX YEARS AGO.

Their recruited “victim” never intended to remain anonymous.  THAT was just another fallacy created in conjunction with the planned smear campaign.   They wanted it to appear to be that way because almost ALL who receive the entirety of their thoughts from the leftist media possess minds that are so simple that stating this would tend to be more “believable” to them.   Because it hovers on the level of emotions that those who subscribe to the left’s ideology totally function on.   If the poor “victim” didn’t want to be known then it surely HAD to be that she was still “SO traumatized” by the event after so many years that she just didn’t want the whole world to know of it.

Yes … the communist left firmly believes that their minions definitely are THAT stupid to believe such a story.

The hearing was over, and the vote was about to be sent to the senate floor.   Then THIS total LUNACY was presented by Feinstein in a last ditch effort by the left.

IF it was the left’s turn to be in majority control, they would have said “the hearing if over and it’s too late to try and reopen it” and they would have sent it to the floor of the senate where even if they only had a ONE SEAT majority, they would have confirmed.

But the republican side of the party (although just for show) is in majority control, and the republican side of the party is the WIMP side of the party.   If the communist left says “boo”, the republican side runs for cover.

Will this total lie presented by the left succeed and will it stop a constitution supporting judge from being seated?  Probably.

The left subscribes to: We must win using any and all tactics.

The Republicans subscribe to: We must be nice and not hurt anyone’s feelings.

The wimpy republicans are too afraid of being yelled at and receiving “bad press” from the leftist media.


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