America’s HOMELESS…What About Us?


America’s HOMELESS…What About Us?

While some within our nation are focused on migrants trying to enter our nation Illegally, finding every reason to help those less fortunate from some of the poorest and socially dysfunctional nations across the globe, the real victims of poverty are right here. Americans of every strata of the population are suffering at an alarming rate.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released its annual Point in Time count Wednesday (12/5/2018), a report that showed nearly 554,000 homeless people across the country during local tallies conducted in January. That figure is up nearly 1 percent from 2016 (US News & World Report).

As Progressives beat the drums of social justice for Foreign Populations entering without being processed properly while over 200,000 Americans on any given night have nowhere to sleep, little food, medical care and personal safety.

What About Us?

Anyone living in these communities affected by rampant Homelessness or, pockets of undocumented immigrants knows the daily challenges for ordinary taxpayers who just want to live in peace and prosperity.

Is it fair Public Policy that officials elected by American Citizens get to choose policies that negatively affects the well being of Taxpayers? It is common knowledge that nearly 70% of the Immigrant Population is on some form of Social Entitlement. These programs were designed to assist Americans, not Foreign Law Breakers.

The question that needs to be answered is why are Illegal Immigrants more important than American Citizens. Why is the media obsessed with people being turned back from our Borders who wish only to be put on the dole, or live in the shadows. No-one would think this could be possible, but the party of fear mongering and divisiveness. Just check the appropriate box for the free stuff.

It’s laughable to hear the talking heads evoke Freedom, Democracy and the Morality of America. Maybe our morality already resides in the 22 MILLION Illegals already here.

For all the talk about children and mothers, what about the American Families torn apart by Public systems that have failed them for decades. Is it possible that policy failures are the new benchmark to some new paradigm only the antagonists understand. Maybe a closer look at nations that are living in the state of failure be more closely examined.

Enter the emotional arguments of those baring no fruits. The Race Baiter’s who have other plans for a once proud nation. Those who proclaim to ‘Fundamentally’ want to turn us away from our success.

A Unified World that looks more like an episode of “Star Trek” than the streets of San Francisco.

Maybe it’s time to gather our Homeless Army and march on those who promise America’s Treasure to Strangers.


REBIRTH: (This poem was written at a time I was Homeless)

i’m never really far away from the

streets that taught me who I am.

the nights with nowhere to go,

no-one to call, no pillow to rest

my head, no blanket to warm my soul.

what came to mind more often than

one would like, were the dreams of what

should be, the loyalty of family, the heart

of forgiveness, the understanding of ones


i’ve seen this life as a lonely experience,

even when the plate was full, for when our

star is born it stands alone in the vastness

of God’s universe, and its brilliance always  comes

from within, and its light only reaches as far

as its truth. And it touches only those who

wish to receive it as its child.

to nurture the essence of what is me,

never comes from what can easily be held,

or understood.

theodore miraldi



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