America’s Civil REVOLUTION Against THOUGHT


America’s Civil REVOLUTION Against THOUGHT

If it hadn’t occurred to you as yet, a wide swath of Americans. card carrying Ideologues and the Media have demanded you to stop thinking for yourself! Beware if you resist! They will lay you to waste with words and actions you may not be able to overcome.

The mindless millions who believe Fake News are pinned to their electronic devices for most of the day. The integral part of self determination requires a person to think for themselves, analyze the variables, put them into context and make decisions. No longer, they want to make decisions for you.

There has been a revolution in technology, that allows the lazy mind to flourish. You are being Programmed, like it or not.

There are numerous examples throughout history about dumbing down the population. Keeping the ignorant clueless. My best case example happened right here in the South with Slavery, breaking up families by any means necessary is the methodology still used today promoted by Government programs that promise to liberate. So the farce continues.

Taking control of your life is about self determination, not about making someone else pay for the past, or future because you’re incapable of thinking for yourself.

Just be reasonable, look at our inner cities where children aren’t learning the core values to success.

They are taught to resist authority at all costs. they want the government to get them what they want, but won’t respect the law. They are taught nothing useful for adults looking for upward mobility, so they continue to scam the system.

It’s why Americans are fighting with each other. Fighting ignorance when so many are lacking the tools to think. Reaction replacing logic. It’s why we are seeing so much violence and very little fixing our failed educational system.

As I have stated in previous editorials, this form of Propaganda is done with intent Their purpose is power. The general population are just pawns to their higher morality incongruous to individual rights, or the pursuit of happiness. Not only is this the actualization of Big Brother, it’s in opposition to the very creation of this nation.

Trying to overthrow our way of life by making the rest of us feel shame for having thoughts and opinions of our own. Either you buy into their narrative, or else.
This UnCivil War takes no prisoners and will destroy your ability to Think.
Written by: Theodore Miraldi

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Theodore Miraldi

What I try to convey are the socio-political ramifications of deviant social evolution. Behaviors born solely by convenience, and not conviction. Unfortunately many ethical mistakes have long lasting effects upon our lives, and our communities. My comments have been published in Letters to the Editor NYPost over 150 times since 2007.

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