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Although Americans will NEVER band together to do anything to truly save this country on the NATIONAL level, they SHOULD be doing something to at least defend actual American heritage on the local level.

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It’s well passed time for the vast majority of this nation to STOP allowing themselves to be pushed around by such a SMALL minority of agitators.

We the sheeple have allowed the predominantly leftist American media as well as the so-called “educational” structure in this nation, to indoctrinate this nation’s residents to such a degree that the anti-America leftists and the anti-Christianity atheists and the muslims hell bent on taking over this country, have actually assumed a superior position OVER the American sheeple to such a degree that the sheeple have become afraid of their own shadows and openly afraid of “offending” some asinine minority.

As much as idiots in this country would like to pretend otherwise and try as best they can to deny it; like it or not, THIS nation was FOUNDED AND BUILT by CHRISTIANS.   Many different denominations of Christianity, but STILL founded and built by CHRISTIANS.   It was predominantly CHRISTIANS that fought and died to CREATE this county.    It was predominantly CHRISTIANS that fought and died to preserve and defend this country all these years and through both World Wars as well as every other war the actual financial owners of this nation created for our servicemen to die in.   It remained a predominately CHRISTIAN nation for almost two complete centuries.   Right up to the communist takeover of the religion picture 5American “education” system and much of its political system in the 1970’s and the massive leftist media backed push to the communist inspired “political correctness”  ideology taking place in the 1990’s and predominantly under Clinton and his Marxist wife.

Political correctness along with the co-opted American education system and a highly corrupted judicial system have now spiraled this nation down to such a degree, that if a town has 100,000 residents or even more, and 5 or 10 residing in that town for whatever reason, do not like visible signs of America’s actual Christian heritage being openly displayed, then ALL residents must comply with the wishes of those 5 or 10.


This nations’ past IS what it is, and NO amount of PRETENDING it is other than what it is will erase the fact of WHO founded and WHO built this nation.

Although it is true that over-all Americans have been “wussified” by both the media and the so-called “educational system” in this country to such a degree, that now MOST people cower at even the mere thought of being negatively labelled as this or that or whatever, there still needs to be an ending point.   A point where Americans learn to once again stand up and be PEOPLE again instead of sheeple, and STOP this STUPIDITY.

I personally have never been one who could be considered a religious person, because I subscribe to no organized religion.   And I choose to remain that way because it is my personal opinion that religion picture 2they are ALL primarily corrupt ‘business’ organizations, promoting and financially profiting on an intangible.   However … I cannot classify myself as an atheist either, because I know that there are not enough zero’s to put at the end of the number when stating the odds against this highly complex planet merely happening by chance.   But I AM a devout and true American patriot, who is not ashamed of America’s actual heritage, and I still hold true to my allegiance to this nations’ original Constitution.   And that Constitution CLEARLY states that — Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion –.  Which in reality for all those who have never read this nations’ constitution, and only like to quote what others have told them what they themselves never read, but likewise pretend that they know, because they themselves heard something from someone else etc. etc. does NOT mean that there ever was a separation of Church and State in this country.   America’s founders never intended for there to be such a separation.  They actually prayed together and read from the Christian bible every day before they commenced further work on this nations’ founding document.  They put in those words about religion NOT to create an illusion that they were not Christians, but rather to guarantee to the people that because there were so many different Christian denominations present in this new country, that no one denomination would be deemed by the government to be the official denomination for this nation.   That is ALL they intended to do where religion was concerned.   They had absolutely NO IDEA at that time that America would eventually be deliberately dumbed down to such a degree by its enemies from within, that people and even future courts would develop into a *make it up as you go* attitude where Christianity was concerned.

Until America’s actual owners (operating through America’s enemies from within that they fund) can officially declare this nations’ Constitution null and void, they need to work around it.  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion and the owners’ puppet congress doesn’t.   Instead they work through the American judiciary that is appointed by America’s owners through both the democrat and the republican sides of their owned and controlled political party.

The sheeple have been thoroughly indoctrinated over entire generations to hold these judges in high esteem, and in their minds actually place these judges above the government.   So when one of these corrupt anti America judges make a ruling that in all reality is contrary to the constitution and create their own excuses for do it, the sheeple accept those rulings strictly because they hold those judges in such totally undeserved high esteem.

One of the agendas stated by Baldwin and Eastman when they organized the communist legal representative and advocate organization here in American known as the ACLU, was to promote and defend anything that is deemed to be immoral, and to attack anything that is deemed moral. They were to especially attack Christianity as severely and often as they could because Christianity religion picture 3was a basis of morality in America.   They knew that although there were members in the various Christian denominations that were personally corrupt and highly immoral, Christianity itself was still the primary pillar of morality in this nation.   So one of their stated ways to destroy America from within was to destroy all morality and Christianity in particular.

Although the ACLU was primarily ignored in the first several decades of their existence, when the communists were allowed complete managerial control over the left side of the party of America’s actual owners in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, they suddenly were catapulted to “national acceptance” and regarded not only as a legitimate organization, but suddenly classified as a premier legal organization to the point where judges were now appointed out of it.   For them it was happy hunting against Christianity from that point on.  And they have not missed even one opportunity to attack it.   And because it is all too often their judges who oversee the anti-Christianity lawsuits filed by the ACLU, the “decisions” of those courts always favor the ACLU.    In all of those “court decisions” the public is told they just have to accept it because “it is a ruling of a court” and courts must always be obeyed.  And being as psychologically whipped as they have now become, the sheeple whine, moan, groan, complain and some even cry.   But as they are told to do, they always just accept it.

But what if they didn’t?    As was suggested to me, one very good way to begin to combat this lunacy on the local level is a concerted effort at civil disobedience.    People everywhere; in every city, town, village and borough nationwide; MILLIONS of Christians should smother their homes with all of the *offending* material.   The very existence of which brings such severe “emotional duress” to all those extreme minorities.   “Offending material” such as scriptural text on signs, or crucifixes, as well as very well lighted nativity scenes everywhere at CHRISTmas time, or whatever else, and even the American Flag as it has now been deemed to be “so offensive” to some should be openly and proudly displayed.

Because there definitely IS Strength in numbers.    And those few who sit atop of and control the many are actually terrified of numbers.   They KNOW that their hold over the sheeple is at the very best a FRAGILE hold.   They need to rule via fear and that fear is ever induced through the owners media that now controls ALL of the thoughts and actions of the overwhelming vast majority of the American sheeple.

BUT at least on this ONE issue; the actual FREEDOM of religion in this country; if the American people could somehow actually redevelop a backbone like their ancestors who built this country possessed, even if just temporarily;  LOOK what it could actually do for them.   All of these asinine lawsuits would wind up just being a waste of money for the ACLU and primarily for the anti-America Hollywood leftists that financially contribute so heavily to it.   There is not even one of these suits brought about that is actually the result of some nutcase or a small group of nutcases being “severely emotionally damaged” by the mere public sight of Christianity.   The REAL purpose of these suits is to seize upon the leftist control of this nation and realize a fulfillment of one of the ACLU’s agendas which was to rid this nation of anything moral.

As I stated above, I personally am not religious, but I do believe that America’s actual heritage should be allowed to remain intact as well as publicly displayed anywhere and everywhere.   And if those few who hate this nation’s heritage so much that it makes them “mentally suffer” when they see it openly displayed, then planes and ships leave this country daily.    But unfortunately for them, most of the countries they may choose to go to openly display their Christian heritage as well.    So that leaves them primarily nothing more than going to an Islamic country.   The female nutcases might not like that.

But that’s just wishful thinking because those few nutcases KNOW that the vast majority of the American sheeple have been so psychotically beaten down by the owners of this nation and their managerial communists on the left side of their party as well as their leftist judges that they no longer have the will to stand up on their own two feet anymore and in a resounding singular voice say … NO.

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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    Another amazing random act of clarity of thinking!! God loves you, Tony! Creeps into your most quiet moments and inspires you in wonderful ways of communication.
    Thanks for this. You know you have a forever fan out here , waiting for your next brain storm to explode on computer.
    Sharing this with as many as are still living, losing more and more each year, sadly! Be well, stay safe. *o*

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      Thank you very much.

      The next one is finished and waiting to be released, but I’m holding off for just a bit because the tech guys are doing something on the back end of the site and I don’t want to mess with anything until they are finished.

      The next one deals with revenue generation for this nation. BUT … as I have a tendency to do, that article is going to ruffle MORE than just a few feathers.

      But at least I am remaining honest about what I say and in that article I actually DARED people to even TRY and PROVE what I say is wrong. 🙂

      Thanks again for your nice comment.

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    I had hoped by posting a comment that I would be able to read what others had to share, Tony. are you still having that computer problem we spoke of months ago?!!

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      The tech guys are working on it, but it’s something screwing up someplace inside the code on this site and there is a massive amount of code involved with this site.

      Facebook comments will work but will prevent the non facebook comments from coming through. Then all of a sudden everything works and then stops again and only the non facebook comments work and then stop.

      It had to have had something to do with Disqus and that is why it was dropped and the site returned to it’s original commenting way, but with facebook comments added as well.

      Time will tell if this ever gets fixed without completely shutting down everything and rebuilding it from start.

      But I definitely don’t want to do that.

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