Almonds are Good … Therefore we have a Right to have Almonds?


Almonds are Good … Therefore we have a Right to have Almonds?

Almonds are Good … Therefore we have a Right to have Almonds?There was a time when Liberalism and Marxism were two separate ideologies in this country.

Liberalism has been around for centuries destroying entire cultures like an incurable cancer.  It’s a malfunction in the brain’s ability to reason which causes those infected with it to only experience emotion that is primarily void of logic.  It can easily be compared to the immature mind of a child.  To a child if something feels, smells, tastes or even looks good, then they want it.  And WANT is all they know.  They want what they want, they want what others have got, and they don’t feel that they have to do anything to get what they want other than to just demand that it be given to them.  In their minds you are WRONG if you deprive them of what they want, and they will throw temper tantrums and sometimes even do worse things if you refuse to give them what they want.  You can’t reason with them and tell them WHY they can’t have what they are seeking because they do not possess the ability to comprehend what you are trying to tell them.  Even if what they want will ultimately harm them, they still want it.

While in their adolescence they begin to try and develop “reasoning” skills to try and sway their parents to give in using phrases like “Well so and so gets to do it, or so and so is allowed to have it and they weren’t hurt by it, so I should be able to have or do it as well”.   They not only teach themselves to lie to try and get what they want, but they become so adamant about it that they actually begin to thoroughly believe their own lies.

As they grow they begin to develop more “reasoning” skills which they find can actually influence some others to their way of thinking, and they feel empowered by it.  Somehow believing that if they can get someone else to agree with the way that they think, then they MUST be correct in what they think.  They gravitate towards others who think like they do and as a group they develop an actual collective hatred for all those who don’t think and feel the same way as them.  But one thing will stay constant in their lives and that is as they mature physically, they literally hate authority.  Because in their minds authority is equal to restriction, and that reminds them of their parents depriving them of what they wanted when they were children.

They thoroughly believe in anarchy.  Somehow convincing themselves that no government or authority at all is better than authority that restricts them from doing whatever they want, whenever they want.

Marxism on the other hand is a totally different thing.  It’s an ideology based on PURE governmental authority.  Government is everything and everything is for the government.  It’s a form of totalitarian government where all are equal (except for those who are in control of the government) and no one has more than the other person (except for those in control of the government).  It is allegedly a “people’s republic” where the people “elect” those that are to represent them in government.  But those “elections” are not free and the ballots rarely mean anything because the people are restricted to voting only for those candidates that are appointed by the party.  And if the party puts up two candidates for the same position and one of them is a favorite candidate of the party but falls behind in those votes, then votes are counted over again and again until the votes “favor” the party’s favorite candidate.  The only thing that separates a Marxist Socialist government from a Monarchy or a Dictatorship is that it is a group that possesses the absolute authority over the people rather than just one person.

Both Liberals and Marxists have been involved in our government for a very long time.  Liberals would actually sneak into public office by campaigning that they were anything but what they were.  Using their lying skills they would convince the voters in their districts that they were actually on the side of the moral majority in those districts and the voters not really paying that much attention to politics as was usually the case, believed what they said and elected them.  Once in office they would ever so slightly and over a long period of time begin to work toward the Liberal agenda which primarily was to undermine all the simple, but strict laws that were setup to maintain order in a country with an ever growing population.  Laws then began to be constructed in a deliberately confusing way as to make them subject to interpretation.  The purpose of this was to lay the groundwork for future legal attacks on those same laws.  They purposefully worked toward their agenda in a slow methodical manner.

Marxists however used a much different approach.  They were initially not to seek public office.  Instead they preferred to work behind the scenes.  They wanted to bring no attention to themselves.  After all, Communism was the primary adversary of a capitalist and free society.  So they began to work anonymously by getting positions of at least some authority in the offices and administrations of those people who were elected to public office, where they could when possible influence those who actually make decisions and pass laws.  They spread themselves out in many different fields where they could slowly and methodically influence the populace of this nation.

Knowing the value of the media to influence the masses they targeted and eventually took over most of the movie industry.  Later they would branch out into the television industry.  Aiming not just for the shows where they could ever so slightly inject their views up the viewers, but eventually to the news media in this country as well.  Because as years passed, Americans began to slowly take their complete direction in life from the newscasts and if the Marxists could come off as authority figures to the populace then they could more easily influence the populace.  And it began to work more and more as the years passed.

A major example of the power they were gaining in the media was the Viet Nam war.  Although still not in complete control of the majority of the news media back in the sixties, they did become very influential in swaying the general populace against the United States involvement in Viet Nam.  There was not even one college or street protest anywhere against the war that was not directly under communist orchestration and control.  However the media was very selective in how they “covered” these protests in order to make it look like the majority of America was really against that war.  They succeeded in their endeavor and the Democrats forced a withdrawal from that country and then celebrated it as an American defeat.

But the Marxists still could not come out and publicly admit their presence and ultimate agenda.  Patriotism was still alive and well in this country.  To remain covert in their agenda was their best course of action.

A Liberal for the most part is a coward who is afraid of any type of physical confrontation unless they can be in mob where they can feel group “strength”.  That’s why so many of them go into the psychology field to try and convince others that it is mentally unsound to express anger in a physical way.  But a true Marxist for the most part is definitely not.  Their agenda is to ultimately take over this country even by force if necessary in order to establish their form of government, and many of them would actually be willing to give their life to accomplish that goal.

Liberals will whine and cry about any form of authority that restricts them from doing whatever they want whenever they want.   BUT … a long time ago the Marxists realized that they could control the actions of the Liberals and herd them like cattle in any direction they so chose to send them by exploiting that universal trait of the Liberals.  Thus came all the “movements” in this country.  The “Green” movement, The “Anti-Nuclear” movement, The “Black Power” movement, The “Environmental Justice” movement, The “Anti War” movement, The “Global Injustice” movement, The “Anti Morality” movements, The “No more American borders” movement, The One world order – Place us under the rule of the United Nations” movement, The “Anti Constitution” movement just to name a microscopic few of the categories.  Instigate … and you cause unrest.  Use the media to promote that unrest and slant the coverage to fit the Marxist agenda and you can sway a nation.

By catering to the adolescent desires of the Liberals which is, if anything feels, smells, tastes or even looks good then we have some sort of an automatic “Right” to it, the Marxists can spin anything they want in any direction they want, and the Liberals will blindly follow and promote it.

Cyanide … smells like almonds.  Cyanide will kill you.  But Cyanide SMELLS LIKE ALMONDS.  Therefore because of its smell the Liberals can be made to push the idea that we all have a right to Cyanide.  Just change the name of it from Cyanide to something else that even vaguely resembles almonds and not one Liberal will ever investigate to find out what it really is.  They will just demand their “right” to have something that smells good.

Like almost all of the politicians in this country, just totally ignore the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen of this country and therefore by our Constitution he is not eligible to be President.   Just ignore that fact.   BUT … Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist.  Those around him are Marxists.  He is supported by Marxists in Congress.  He is promoted by a Marxist media.  Barack Hussein Obama is CYANIDE for this country.  But because he looked good on camera, read his teleprompter correctly, and continuously used the word “change”, and had Hollywood Marxists stage every one of his appearances while campaigning, not one Liberal ever bothered to see who he really was and blindly voted for him.

So in closing:  Almonds are Good … Therefore we have a “RIGHT” to have Almonds?

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