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Very few things have upset me as much as the national misplaced hysteria over the Michael Brown shooting, Ferguson, Missouri. So I have done some research and decided to post the facts that have come out of this:
Michael Brown was an 18 year old 6′-5″, 292 pound man with a juvenile criminal record and a history of drug abuse and belonging to a gang. By all legal definitions he was an adult man, eligible to vote and enlist in the military.
Video of the convenience store moments before the shooting incident occurred, he had just strong armed a clerk and stolen a $50.00 box of Swisher Sweets Cigars. Officer Darren Wilson was not aware of this crime at the time he stopped Michael Brown.
A Grand Jury consisting of local residents including 3 black members of the community deliberated for over 25 days, interviewing some 60 eye witness accounts of the shooting and all the forensic evidence.
Eye witness accounts report that Michael Brown was walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic when Officer Wilson’s patrol car encountered him. This is a classic thug technique to manufacture a confrontation.
The St. Louis County police, meanwhile, claim that:Wilson attempted to get out of his car and Brown pushed him back inside. A struggle ensued inside the car, in which Brown tried to take the officer’s gun. A shot was fired from inside the car. The officer then stepped out of the car and shot Brown, who died of his injuries.
Forensic evidence shows a gunshot to Michael Brown’s thumb at close range validating the testimony that he was attempting to take Officer Wilson’s service pistol during a struggle inside the vehicle. Also, the gun was initially discharged inside the police cruiser. There was also Michael Brown’s blood gun on the service pistol and Officer Darren Wilsons clothing.
The false narrative that the demonstrators have adopted of “hand up, don’t shoot” is pure fiction and straight out of the Saul Alinsky manual of “Rules for Radicals” and was probably taught and orchestrated by the protest organizers and all the race baiters that have come out of the wood work and have been choreographing this whole event. As if this situation wasn’t inflammatory enough by the constant 24/7 media coverage and distortion, adding fuel to this event was Obama sending 3 staff people and Eric Holder sending 41 FBI Agents to Ferguson to further the investigation and the ordering of a third autopsy. The autopsy performed by the county, showed that the sixth gunshot that struck Brown took a trajectory that did not suggest Brown had his hands in the air in a surrender position. The shot entered the forearm from the back and traveled into the inner arm from there, “inconsistent with Brown having his arms in the air, palms facing outward, in an attempt to surrender,” This suggests that he was more than likely in a boxers stance with his arms.
The fatal shot entered the top of Michael Brown’s head suggesting that he had his head down charging Officer Wilson as some eye witnesses have testified. What I find totally reprehensible is the mob mentality and all the wonton destruction, looting and burning that never even waited for our justice system to perform its Constitutional duty, but instead, the lynch mob mentality that would not be satisfied with anything but a conviction of Officer Darren Wilson, regardless of the facts.


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THEODORE MIRALDI What I try to convey are the socio-political ramifications of deviant social evolution. Behaviors born solely by convenience, and not conviction. Unfortunately many ethical mistakes have long lasting effects upon our lives, and our communities. My comments have been published in Letters to the Editor NYPost over 150 times since 2007.

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    William A. Hoveland on

    I have read your article and appreciated getting the information. I am sorry that any young person is shot and killed or any person regardless of age. I do believe that Michael Brown probably provoked the situation between he and officer Wilson. Officer Wilson did not just single him out and plan to kill him, and the events that occurred brought about Michael Brown’s own death. I think he was a thug and like so many young people today, have no respect for their teachers or the law.

    I feel that officer Wilson is a victim in this case and will continue to be one for his entire life. I feel sadness for him and his family. He will have to fear for his own life and maybe change his identity.

    I feel some real depression over the behavior of those people who were involved in the destruction and looting in Ferguson. That behavior is abhorrent to law abiding citizens, but is an innate behavior in others.

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