A Question with NO Answer


A Question with NO Answer

After reading what that undeniable nutcase Gwen Moore from Wisconsin said pertaining to President Trump’s phenomenal economic track record of success over just the past two years alone, it makes one wonder if those chosen by our owners to represent the communist democrat side of their singular ruling political party, are chosen because they are truly mentally dyslexic.

It is very possible that the puppets they installed into their congress to control their communist democrat side could very well be seeing down as up; up as down; right as left; left as right; inside as outside, and firmly believe what only they and they alone could perceive as actual reality.

True, their primary “job”, the same as 90% of the media in this country, is to cater to the overall less intelligent side of our owners’ political party and do whatever they can, as often as they can, to keep those ignorant masses as ignorant and easily manipulated as they are.   But the statements they themselves make from time to time lead one to truly question whether or not those that are chosen to control THAT side of the herd are given their political positions because they are even LESS intelligent than those they are placed there to oversee and direct?

Regarding President Trump’s phenomenal track record restoring and building America’s economy, Moore had the following to say:

“GDP is great, unemployment is at an all-time low, African Americans are doing well, Hispanics are doing well, wages are rising at the fastest pace in ten years–BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.” – @RepGwenMoore

THEN she was actually stupid enough to say:

“Meanwhile,” Democrats grew the economy, shrunk the deficit, and gave everyone healthcare. Thanks, Obama!”

THAT statement alone would have caused a great many people to actually choke if they had been drinking or eating anything while hearing it.    Being that the Kenyan and his gang SEVERELY SHRUNK the economy, DOUBLED the national debt, and FORCED everyone into a healthcare system that no one could afford.   Even though there is not now, nor has there ever been anything in the original constitution that formed this country or even the massive new constitution (known as constitutional law) that congress follows as opposed to the original one, that says that GOVERNMENT can even provide “national health care”.

Donald Trump Jr. critiqued that ludicrous statement quite well when he said the following:

“If over his entire presidency Obama had accomplished 10% of what @realDonaldTrump did for these groups, the left would anoint him emperor for life.    When Trump does it in less than 2 years it’s Blah Blah Blah.    What a joke!”

But, obviously living in her own alternate reality; that severely intellectually challenged representative of absolute fools may have actually BELIEVED what she herself was saying.

And SHE is not the ONLY representative from the communist democrat side of the party to make such asinine statements.   Almost ALL of them do… and even quite often.

Naturally there’s Pelosi who can always be seen making strange and often incoherent statements.   But Pelosi may actually have a legitimate excuse for what she says and does.  She very well COULD be having serious bouts of Dementia.

But that does not explain others like Schiff, (although being a sexual deviant he “might actually have an STD that affects his brain); and Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas, who has provided a great deal of political Humor because of her obvious low intellect; and Frederica Wilson who is also known as the Mad Hatter from Florida, whose intellectual level rivals that of lee; and most definitely Mad Maxine Waters who has become one of the primary poster figures depicting the democrat side.   Then there are others like Hank Johnson who thought Guam would capsize from the sheer weight of a military installation on the island; and Al Green who feels his primary purpose is to immediately call for the president’s impeachment every time the president says anything at all.   As if the President saying anything at all on no matter what subject is “grounds for his impeachment”.  And of course there is that NEWEST nitwit, Cortez, who almost DAILY proves that she isn’t even anywhere near as smart as a fifth grader.

Then there are those such as that foul-mouth Talib character, and the anti-Semite Omar, who actually married her own biological brother to illegally gain entry into this country.   And we can’t exclude that physical woman abuser Keith Ellison.  ALL of whom have NO BUSINESS at all even being ALLOWED to hold political positions in THIS country because their so-called “religion” STRICTLY PROHIBITS loyalty to any country.   ALSO, there is an actual LAW existing in this country that even prohibits muslims from immigrating to this country UNLESS they renounce their loyalty to the political theocracy of islam.   Something that not only NONE of them DID, but the two females swore their actual oaths of office to support OUR constitution on their QURAN, which is a book PROHIBITING that same oath.   But then again that book ALSO states that to serve islam it is totally permissible to LIE to those that do not subscribe to the political theocracy of islam.   Yet those who align themselves with the democrat side of the party actually voted them into political positions in OUR government.

And… THAT side of the party contains a host of others whose intellectual capabilities are equally questionable.

True… the republican side of the party is chocked full of globalist puppets who serve our globalist owners and NOT the people who were foolish enough to vote for them.   But at least those puppets are capable of thinking before speaking.   THEIR brains are somewhat engaged before putting their mouths in gear.   It is the communist democrat side that possesses a clear membership majority of those holding political office who are so obviously intellect deprived that it overwhelmingly reflects upon the overall intelligence level of those who were stupid enough to actually vote for them.   And by continually voting such idiots into political office, those who align themselves with the democrat side of the party continue to add undeniable credibility to the fact that they still are as they have always been known to be, the overall less intelligent side and thus much more easily manipulated.

So the question as to how those who align themselves with the communist democrat side of our owners’ singular ruling political party can continually remain so ignorant and place those into political office who are even more ignorant than they themselves are, remains a question that has no answer.


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