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Although not a new concept, the revenue generating concept being suggested in this article is actually a very good solution to easing much of the ever increasing financial burden DELIBERATELY placed upon the citizens in this country.  This potential solution ALSO possesses extreme emotion releasing tendencies as well.  And this potential solution to easing the financial burden is not as comical as some will actually try to pass it off as being.  With this entire world in the state of being that it presently is, the timing for this type of a financial solution is actually perfect.   After reading this entire article, the reader should actually THINK about it in a very logical way BEFORE attempting to express an opinion.

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Like well over a hundred million others I watched the Super Bowl on February first and the same as everyone else I witnessed the craziest final 90 seconds of just about any football game that has ever been played.

Like most others I enjoyed several of the much hyped commercials.  My personal favorites were Budweiser’s and Microsoft’s spots.  But that’s just my personal opinion.  I’m quite sure others had their own preferences.

I started thinking about those commercials and the fact that a thirty second spot cost each of those advertisers’ four and a half MILLION dollars which to help out those who are learning math via common core comes to nine MILLION dollars per minute.

Then I started to think about the literally BILLIONS of dollars that singular event brings in worldwide.  Next I started to think about not only football in general, but baseball and basketball as well, that bring in so much annual revenue that HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars are paid out to the players in those games every single year.

I then started thinking about the absolute fanaticism of the fans of these events who possess far more loyalty to their favorite teams and players than they do even to their own country.  And it isn’t that way just here in America, it’s that way all across the planet.  Just look at the actual riots that occur around the world when a soccer team loses an “important” game.  Look at the hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars that are spent by fans every single year for team and player merchandise.

I went on to think about other sporting events like rugby and boxing and finally on to what is so far the ultimate in one on one sporting combat events which is the UFC.  And being political by nature I began to relate that massive amount of money all those sports generate to the problem America’s puppet congress has with their complete inability to even slow down much less stop their completely out of control spending of money America not only does not have, but has absolutely no way of even generating enough to cover their stupidity.

Now I will admit that for the last few decades and especially over the last eight years the out of control spending was BOTH deliberate and by design.   It’s the actual financial owners of America and their puppet congress subscribing to the Cloward-Pivon strategy of deliberately bankrupting a country.   It got its first truly major push when the owners of America pushed their corporate debt onto the American people via Bush Jr., when he proclaimed that those banks were just too big to be allowed to fail.   The public as to be expected reluctantly went along with it.  THAT idiocy was used by the owners’ latest puppet in America’s White House when he proclaimed that Bush Jr’s increasing of the national debt was “unpatriotic”, and in reality it actually was.  THEN America’s actual owner’s placed THAT totally inexperienced and totally incompetent MISFIT into office where in just the past six years alone he has actually DOUBLED America’s entire national debt and has no intentions of even stopping with THAT.   He wants to actually TRIPLE the debt before 2016 ends.   So where does and will that leave the America sheeple who will only and as always do nothing more than whine and complain about all of it, and then CONTINUE to place MORE of the puppets of America’s owners into office merely because they “say” they are against all of this?   Actually and as always it will place them deeper into debt that their “government” claims is actually THE SHEEPLE’S DEBT, and as stated, with NO WAY to EVER pay it off.

But wait … there COULD be a way to significantly put a major dent into all that obligation the owner’s puppets have placed upon the sheeple.    And … it could be done via a very UNIQUE (but definitely not new) type of MASSIVE income generating competition.

I have on many occasions looked at the faces in the crowd when the camera’s panned the audience at UFC events, as well as boxing events.   You could easily see that those people wanted to see blood.  People go to NASCAR events hoping to see a major crash.   Even though professional wrestling is a well-choreographed show, people cheer and scream the loudest when a wrestler is thrown from the ring onto chairs outside the ring or even hit over the head or across the back with one of those chairs.   Even at football and other games when one team loses, you can see the visible signs of not just disappointment, but actual HATRED on the faces of those whose team lost.

Now add to those the low life maggots that participate in dog fighting and cock fighting.   These vermin WANT to see violence and death, and they do it through the exploitation and abuse of innocent animals.   There are actually a great many of these vermin nationwide.   Look at bullfighting and the torture the bulls experience to satisfy the bloodlust of humans, and THAT abuse has been taking place for centuries.

Video games distributed to children and others have become increasingly more violent.   Street punks or what is now referred to as the ‘thug life’ has been deliberately glorified in movies and especially in ‘rap music’.   The brutal sadistic slaughter of innocent men women and children by muslims have now become a regular daily occurrence worldwide.   ALL of these have contributed to totally desensitizing death to the entire world.

Now take that very visibly seen blood lust emotion and place it into the ‘world events’ category.   Cruise the web and for the most part what one will see is comments of joy when it is learned that murdering muslim terrorists are killed in combat, or killed anywhere else for that matter.   True there are a lot of pansy type liberal “we all need to get along” comments but they are vastly outnumbered by those who want to see terrorists killed.   And the more violent the death the happier the people.

People need to accept that in reality most humans are very violent by nature.   It appears to actually be in the human DNA because it isGladiator 4 worldwide and has been an integral part of humankind since the dawn of man.

True, there are a great many humans who will not themselves commit an act of violence.   BUT … look at the faces of those who will not personally act out when they are at an event where OTHER humans can be seriously hurt or even killed.  They WANT to see not just victory for whomever they are rooting for, they WANT to see BLOOD and even DEATH.   BECAUSE for those people it’s their pent-up desire being remedied via the acts of others.   It is their personal emotional release valve.

Now take that inherent blood lust of human beings and apply it to events that have not been publicly seen in many centuries.   Being that humans are what they are, it quite probably HAS continued to be seen privately by many throughout the centuries, but kept secretive.

So … to help ease the ever increasing financial burden placed upon the taxpaying citizens of this nation, the government should make it an official government sponsored event and REINSTITUTE ACTUAL TRUE GLADIATOR COMPETION.   Exactly the way it was back when the Romans and others put on these contests.   COMPLETE – TO – THE – DEATH competition.   AND – TELEVISE – IT to a worldwide audience, and make it a WEEKLY event.

combat combo 1

Humans are what they are, and being what they are EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE TELECASTS WOULD GENERATE AS MUCH REVENUE (if not even MORE) AS THE SUPER BOWL.   And it would generate that income with EVERY single contest whether it be once a week or even DAILY.   Humans would NEVER become bored with it.  Their bloodlust is too great.   In fact spectator participation as well could even be very easily worked into it.   We now live in an age of instant communication and instant financial transactions.   The audience itself could instantly participate in the live or die outcome to a defeated gladiator with voters registering their live or die vote via the Internet at the cost of $1.00 per vote.   You can rest assured those transactions alone would generate MILLIONS of dollars in just a one minute span.

Now there are many liberals who would pretend to be outraged by the thought of this, but liberals are as phony as a human could possibly be.  They actually enjoy death as much as anyone else.  Especially since and as always it would be others that are dying, and not them.   They would spend just as much money on pay per view as the rest of the world would.   They would bet just as much money as the rest on the world would.   They would purchase gladiator merchandise just as much as the rest of the world would and THAT amount of money the entire world would be spending on watching this, could very easily reach the TRILLION DOLLAR level every single year.

There are those who would say “where would gladiators be found that would fight to the death?”  The answer to that is they do not need to be found.   At least MOST of them anyway.   They are already here and their presence gives America yet another financial incentive to reinstitute gladiators.   Prisons are chocked full of convicted murderers.   Not just those on death row because too many states no longer have the death penalty for murderers.   In the states without the death penalty those murderers get to live the rest of their entire lives at the complete expense of the taxpayers.   In the states that do have the death penalty they are living at taxpayer expense for literally decades before their sentence is carried out.   And for EACH of them that taxpayer expense totals into the tens of thousands of dollars annually.   By making THEM the gladiators, those who do not die in the arena get to live to fight again.   Those that don’t survive save the taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars.  THAT is a double incentive for this particular competition to be brought back.   The generation of BILLIONS in realized revenue for the government and the saving of MILLIONS for the taxpayers.  It’s a win-win situation all around.

combat combo 2

Now convicted murderers would not need to be the sole source for acquiring combatants.   There are the muslim butchers that slaughter innocent men, women and children.   As they are captured they could be immediately brought to the gladiator training compounds, and the citizens of the countries they were butchering people in would pay all they could get their hands on to watch these vermin die in the arena.

There are undoubtedly many that would feign outrage at the mere thought of this highly lucrative revenue generating concept and would deem this entire concept to be “barbaric”.   But ALL they would be doing is feigning outrage.   Because humans are a very barbaric species.   As I said, it has been that way since the dawn of mankind.   Humans are the ONLY species that is truly “barbaric”.  And in America liberals are in reality the MOST barbaric, because they strove steadfastly for and to this day still vehemently defend the extermination of MORE THAN 55 MILLION BABIES, and THAT is only the total so far.  The killings of babies in America averages 37 per hour 24/7.    In fact even though he may personally be a coward, the liberal sitting at the head of America’s executive branch personally put forth a bill to kill babies AFTER they were born that somehow survived being killed in the womb.   So liberals cannot even feign outrage at this concept.  They have made it so this country has now exterminated MORE human life than Hitler and Stalin COMBINED and will at the pace it is killing babies very soon surpass the exterminations of humans by Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot combined.  So liberals have no legitimate argument against this.

THIS CONCEPT is actually a very financially sound concept that Gladiator 3could easily generate BILLIONS if not actually TRILLIONS of dollars EVERY SINGLE YEAR after year after year.   Because it is something the human race would NEVER truly grow weary of.    And … I stand by this solution and actually dare anyone to TRY and prove that it would not be a massive revenue generating concept as well as an extremely good emotional release valve for literally millions upon millions of people worldwide.

The only foreseeable problem to this would be the puppet congress of America’s corporate owners and their excessive compulsive spending addiction.  If they see or even sense that a dollar will be coming in, they will desperately look for ways to spend three.   So the reigning in of congress’ excessive compulsive spending disorder would still need to fall upon the citizens in America.  But for the past century they have proven that they have no ability to do that, because they keep placing the same group back in control of the government.   Also the government would need to hire competent people to setup and operate the entire program because without even one exception, EVERYTHING the government gets involved with and tries to operate on its’ own … fails miserably.    But the financial and emotional benefits of this concept are actually very sound as well as uncontestable.


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    You are insane and you totally deranged idiots on the right have the gall to say that liberals are mentally unstable? Killing people for fun? I’m quite sure you can find a good shrink on the web who is in your area. Go seek some professional help.

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      How can you come to that decision?

      By your comment you indirectly said that you are a liberal.

      Was it not liberals who campaigned tirelessly for years to be able to legally kill babies and succeeded in their quest to the point where MORE than 55 million children have been legally killed so far via that legalized genocide? And that is only so far because as I stated 37 babies per hour 24/7 are legally killed. Is it not liberals who joyously celebrate that genocide? Celebrations that even the Nazi’s and the communists did not publicly show when they were committing genocide.

      If you really want to know who needs psychiatric help in this country, go find the nearest mirror.

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    If they see or even sense that a dollar will be coming in, they will desperately look for ways to spend three????????

    Try 5. Were you just trying to be conservative in what appears to be a pure guess on your part?

    The last I looked the federal government was bringing in 1 dollar for every 5 they were spending.

    Good article though. Keep doing more of them.

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    I thought about this and you are right we have become a much more violent society in general and only show token concern for death, so this just might work.

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