A Possible Answer to Meaningless Wars

A Possible Answer to Meaningless Wars
Thanks to Patriot sites on the web there are many pictures posted of young men who have experienced combat and as a result were emotionally damaged to the point where they cannot handle the sound of fireworks at celebrations like Independence Day etc. and try to hide from those sounds.  One of the major reasons for this is the deliberate emasculating of America’s male youth by the communist controlled department of education, an endeavor that is re-enforced in much of the leftist controlled visual media.

 Then there are all those pictures of very young children wanting to spend hours at a time in front of the pictures of their fathers who they will never see again because their fathers were killed in combat.  There are pictures of the canine friends spending hours at a time in front of the caskets as well as at the grave sites of the humans they loved that were likewise killed in combat.

America won both the first and second world wars.  American led the way and although the entire world was involved in those wars, it was America that won those wars due to its manpower; it’s mechanical and technological superiority as well as its money.  But those were world wars, and even though it was later discovered that Roosevelt (first as undersecretary of the Navy in World war one and then as President in world war two) deliberately put us into both of those wars, we still won them.

We have not won, nor is it likely that we will in all honesty ever win another war, since the ending of world war two.  Korea was a stalemate, the Gulf of Tonkin which was used as the excuse to get us fully involved into Vietnam was totally fabricated but we did become fully involved.  And lost well over fifty thousand Americans in the process.  America was winning that war from the very first time Eisenhower put advisory troops into that area, all the way through the Kennedy and Johnson escalation of that war.  We were winning that war when Nixon took office and were poised to be completely victorious when the democrats forced us out of it only a few months (as we later found out) prior to a complete surrender by the North Vietnamese who were already in the process of drawing up their surrender requests when we suddenly left and abandoned that nation and its people.  But that was the last war we ever lost while actually winning.  However, even if we had stayed until the North Vietnamese surrendered, the end result would probably not be any different than it is now.  Why we really became involved in Iraq and Afghanistan quite probably will not be known for decades.  It may actually come out that Bush Jr. spent the lives of our young soldiers and billions of American dollars for no other reason than to avenge the failed assassination attempt by Saddam Hussein against his father Bush Sr.  But it will not change the fact that we lost thousands of American citizens and emotionally damaged millions more for absolutely nothing.

When going to war, Alexander LED FROM THE FRONT.  Hannibal LED FROM THE FRONT.  Caesar initially LED FROM THE FRONT.  Attila and Genghis Khan LED FROM THE FRONT.  Almost ALL of the Roman senators achieved their positions as the result of being military leaders who had LED FROM THE FRONT.  All of the not as well publicized leaders in history like Shaka Zulu, Geronimo, Crazy Horse etc. LED FROM THE FRONT.  They put their bodies where their mouths were.

Although something like the following could NEVER occur without an Egyptian style retaking of America from the communist left that now controls it, which in all honesty WILL NOT actually happen, because over the past hundred plus years Americans voluntarily surrendered their country, IF it WERE to occur and the PEOPLE once again controlled their own country, then;

It should be made a requirement that should America become militarily involved in any conflict, that any and all of those in government, FROM THE PRESIDENT ON DOWN – regardless of their age – who voted to support entering into that military conflict, should be required to participate personally and physically in the combat portion of that military conflict.  In other words, those who support sending our troops into battle should be required to LEAD those troops into battle and TO LEAD THEM FROM THE FRONT instead of from the uninvolved and well protected rear and the safety of their well padded chairs in the district of corruption.  Let them EXPERIENCE what combat is REALLY like on a first hand basis.

If THAT became a mandatory requirement, I wonder if we would EVER become involved in another military conflict anywhere in this world.  Other than to defend this nation from an actual physical invasion attempt against this nation, which may actually be coming thanks to the communist left control over this nation.

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