A National Voting Survey.

This is a National Voting Survey.   PARTICIPATION in this survey and SHARING it with others via Facebook and Twitter and all other social media as well as via email would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.   Because this is actually the first part of a potential multistage program.



THIS is a VOTING SURVEY.    It is only an opinion survey to determine if individual state petitions should be created and addressed to each state’s legislature.

NO personal identification questions are asked.

America’s founders set this nation up as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC giving ALL states an EQUAL say in ALL national elections.  They did this by creating the ELECTORAL SYSTEM of voting to insure that states with larger populations could not control and dictate the outcomes of national elections.

The individual states however are based on pure democracy where larger populated areas control the outcomes of all statewide elections, thus negating the votes of the less populated counties.

So a question needs to be asked.    And it NEEDS to be asked because America has become increasingly more polarized over the past half century.

Should ALL of the individual states ALSO adopt an electoral system of voting, where ALL COUNTIES in each state could now have an EQUAL SAY in the political affairs of their respective states?  An EQUAL SAY in who should be governor of their state? An EQUAL SAY in who should be their state senators? An EQUAL SAY in who should be their U.S. senators? As well as an EQUAL SAY in any and all other matters that directly affect all people in their respective states? Should EACH county be allowed to elect one or two electors who would represent the MAJORITY VOTE of EACH INDIVIDUAL COUNTY in ALL state elections?

Should ALL states adopt the electoral system voting protection for their individual counties that gives them the same equality as the states have in National Elections?
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