A MORE Perfect Union


A MORE Perfect Union

America is about to inaugurate not only its’ 45th President but the very first actual people’s choice for president in the hundred plus years that this country has been a privately owned and controlled concern.   For the very first time in that century of open servitude to their masters, the people rebelled against their controllers and placed someone into the presidency that was one of their own.    A president that was not a member of either side of the singular major political party that controls the entire political structure of this nation and thus what direction this nation moves in.

Yes President Trump did run as a member of the republican side of our owners’ political party, but THAT was only because he knew that Americans would never break from their masters’ political party in a group large enough to let an actual outsider become president.    So he chose to run as a republican member.  And he won.

The landslide electoral win that President Trump was granted by the people of this nation took our owners along with their national media and the entire communist left by complete surprise.    They were ALL absolutely convinced that they would successfully place Hillary Clinton into that office, to finish off the economic destruction of this nation and its’ conversion to a complete totalitarian state that Obama had made such giant steps toward after our owners placed him into that office eight years prior.

None of them could grasp HOW the people of this nation could possibly rebel against their masters the way that they did.    They had done everything they possibly could to make the election go the way they intended for it to go.    They spent well over a BILLION dollars in purely negative advertising against President Trump and his supporters.   They played the usual race card attempting to portray President Trump as a racist, even though they could not find any actual racism to attribute to him.    They played the usual bigot card even though they could not find any actual bigotry to attribute to him.    They tried the usual sexual victim card that they have always had success with against other contenders in the past, by once again hiring “sexual victims” to accuse President Trump of sexual assault.   They tried the “tax records” angle thinking that somehow even the intelligent people in this country would really care how much someone else has paid in taxes.

The primary area where our owners’ and the establishment and the communist left thought they were automatically guaranteeing themselves success was via the media’s polling of areas that almost always would vote for leftists.    Those highly selective polls were generated and then our owners’ media portrayed those as national polls that reflected the “true feelings” of Americans, showing how President Trump could in no way beat THEIR contender.    Even though with their own eyes they saw President Trump ALWAYS garner crowds from the THOUSANDS to the TENS OF THOUSANDS at each and every appearance he made as opposed to THEIR candidate who could only draw a few hundred supporters at best.

The national result on election night brutally struck and totally devastated the establishment and the entire left as they saw the absolute magnificence of our founders come into play which as originally designed, gave ALL states a say in the election of a president, and not just a few counties in the most densely populated states.   The populace in the majority of the states were victorious over the larger populations of a handful of counties in a few states and the very first true people’s choice for president was elected.

The result of this election was so damaging to the left that a few in the leftist “news” media that actually thought they totally commanded the thought process of so many in this nation, actually began to cry in front of the cameras while broadcasting.

Immediately the communist left rallied their mentally challenged followers to begin demonstrating and actually rioting in the streets of the cities under leftist control.    All claiming President Trump was NOT their president.    The leftist media as to be expected began to promote these riots and demonstrations as the “sentiment of the entire nation”, even though it was the clear majority of this nation that elected President Trump.

Their universal cry was “Clinton got the majority of the popular vote” as well as “democracy failed and the clear choice of the majority was ignored”.    They began to attack the brilliance of our founders who created the electoral system in order to give the entire nation equal say in who should be elected president.    They claimed the electoral system was outdated and should be abolished.    Then in true communist fashion, the left began to harass and make death threats against the electors in an attempt to force them to go against the will of the nation as a whole.    Even has-been “celebrities” from Hollyweird got together and produced a video imploring the electors to go against the will of the majority of the nation and place Clinton into the position of president.    Again citing “the majority vote of the people” as their grounds for their making that idiotic video.

The communist left claims that democracy failed and it failed because of the electoral system.    Well … the electoral system was created by our founders SPECIFICALLY TO PROTECT AGAINST true democracy.    True democracy is nothing at all more than mob rule.    Our founders KNEW that eventually some areas of this country would become far more populated than others and as such those areas could eventually outvote the rest of this nation, and as such make the will of the rest of the country irrelevant.    The electoral system PROTECTS the will of the individual states.

BUT … what the establishment and their useful idiots known as the communist left and the establishment’s main stream media REFUSE to acknowledge is that if one want’s to look at it in a different way, DEMOCRACY DID PREVAIL in the 2016 election.

President Trump won the vast majority of the individual states which means democracy DID prevail.

President Trump won the overwhelming vast majority of the individual Counties, Parishes and Boroughs which means that democracy DID prevail.

So the left trying to claim “democracy failed” is a totally invalid argument because democracy DID prevail.

However … with this past election the communist left and the establishment and their media were NOT defeated.    They only received a major setback not only with the election of President Trump, but with a large increase in state legislatures and governorship’s that are now controlled by the republican side of our owners’ political party.    And yes the republican side of the party did retain control of the House of Representatives and the Senate, but their control of both of those divisions of government is by less of a margin than they had prior to the election.    But control of the federal government and the state legislatures only changed over to the opposite side of the SAME political party.    Our owners’ STILL control everything.    The only change that will be noticeable with this election is that the destruction of this nation will be at a slower pace than over the previous eight years.

No the left was NOT beaten.    Their controllers are very patient and will continue with their agenda to dissolve this nation and convert it to a complete totalitarian state.    They will now assume the role of being very loud obstructionists, and our owners’ entire media will be siding with them constantly saying how the republican side MUST compromise with them in order to bring about “unity”.

The communist left is by no means done with their democracy over the republic agenda.

There has been an actual subversion underway for several years now to destroy the republic by actually bypassing the original intent of the constitution and grant complete control over this nation to only those who live in the leftist controlled areas.    THAT subversion is in the form of a “contract between states” to DROP the republic and go with a pure democracy, but using our present electoral system to accomplish that agenda.

It’s called the NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE Bill and it has actually been signed on to by several leftist controlled states already.


The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The bill has been enacted by 11 jurisdictions possessing 165 electoral votes—61% of the 270 electoral votes necessary to activate it, including four small jurisdictions (RI, VT, HI, DC), three medium- size states (MD, MA, WA), and four big states (NJ, IL, NY, CA). The bill has passed a total of 33 legislative chambers in 22 states—most recently by a bipartisan 40–16 vote in the Arizona House, a 28–18 vote in the Oklahoma Senate, a 57–4 vote in New York Senate, and a 37–21 vote in Oregon House.


If a few more states under leftist control sign on to this bill it will totally INVALIDATE the votes of all people who do not reside in major counties and cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

In simpler terms, the left will have effectively ENDED the republic and we will fall under complete communist totalitarian absolute rule.  America will officially be over.


But this CAN be stopped, allowing America to continue as a free society under the protection of its’ original constitution.

FIRST: In any of those states that have agreed to end the republic while under democrat control were converted to republican side control of their legislatures with this past election, then THE PEOPLE OF THOSE STATES MUST PETITION THEIR LEGISLATURES TO BACK OUT OF THAT BILL.   They MUST continually apply political pressure to their entire legislatures to SAVE THE REPUBLIC and NULLIFY THAT AGREEMENT their respective states entered into.

SECOND: Just as it was the electoral system created by our founders that literally SAVED this nation from the collapse that was striven for over the past eight years; that SAME form of electing politicians could be used in the election of governors and state and federal senators on the individual states level.   If the states would adopt the same electoral form as the national election uses, it could guarantee the communist left to suffer a major and decade’s long setback in their agenda to end America.    If not PERMANENTLY destroy it.

REGARDLESS of the population of each County, Parrish or Borough, if each County, Parrish or Borough were granted ONE ELECTORAL VOTE based upon the actual winner of the popular vote in each County, Parrish or Borough, then the odds are extremely in favor of no longer seeing Leftist politicians in any sizable number in the U.S. Senate or even in the State Senates or even that many as governors.     The reason being that MOST Americans nationwide still regard themselves as more conservative leaning.    The ONLY reason we see as many leftist politicians in government is because the larger metropolitan areas are populated by extremely large numbers of people on state and federal government assistance programs, and they will always vote for whoever promises to maintain or even increase the “free stuff”.    As such those large metropolitan areas control the voting results for most of the states.    But if EVERY county, Parrish and Borough were granted an EQUAL SAY in who gets to hold public office, the left would be for the most part NON EXISTENT in ALMOST ALL levels of government, and America would be far better off as a nation because of it.

Where state and federal district representatives are concerned it would be a bit more difficult to accomplish that task because of gerrymandering (the restructuring of voting districts to favor one side of the political party over the other).    However, if representative districts were redesigned into tight square blocks while still keeping the same number of state and federal representatives they now have, the same result COULD be accomplished and the left would be history.

THE REPUBLIC COULD DEFINITELY STILL BE SAVED … AND AS A RESULT AMERICA ITSELF COULD DEFINITELY STILL BE SAVED.    And NOT JUST SAVED, but in reality if states were to adopt an electoral system of voting allowing ALL counties an EQUAL SAY in their state’s government, we would most definitely have A MORE PERFECT UNION.

But the ignored political reality of this is that to accomplish this more perfect union, Americans would actually need to TRULY care about their nation as a whole.    Unfortunately the vast majority of us only “care” once every four years during presidential election cycles.    If one side wins that election they are happy and if the “other side” wins they are sad.

However it’s only the right side that shrugs their shoulders and retires to their private lives saying “oh well we’ll try and do better NEXT TIME when what in all reality they regard as “a game” begins again.   The communist left is NOT so complacent.    Their agenda is the complete and permanent destruction of this nation and as such they NEVER give up.    And their useful idiot supporters continually back them and physically support them even during non-election cycles, because they offer their useful idiots “free stuff” and freedom from the constraints of morality.    The two primary areas that influence them the most and they do not want to lose either of those.    So the left never retreats as opposed to the right that always does.

But if those on the right would begin to care on a daily basis and actually become as physically involved in saving this nation as the left is involved in ending it, this beautiful dream that was brought into reality by our founders would continue on.

But to do that we as a people must FIRST and foremost STOP THAT NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE BILL and FORCE those state legislatures who signed on to it while the states were under leftist control  to NULLIFY it… PERMANENTLY.

If we as a people do not do that, then as with all other actions detrimental to this nation and its’ very survival that have been brought into being by our owners’ privately controlled government, we are again GRANTING OUR SUPPORTIVE CONSENT TO OUR OWN NATIONAL DESTRUCTION.

The revolution against tyranny that Americans have been hoping to see for MANY generations now actually began on November 8th 2016.    We can either group together as a people and continue caring enough to band together in our respective states to prevent that most damaging of anti-constitution bills from ever coming to fruition, or we can continue to prove that we are willing to surrender to the communist left by doing nothing at all, and as usual expecting OTHERS to do things FOR us.    And if we choose to do the latter we are sending our owners’ a clear message that we won ONE BATTLE and now we will surrender.

President Trump CAN NOT do it FOR us.


THIS VIDEO may help ALL to understand the LEFTIST ANTI-CONSTITUTION TYRANNY taking place ‘under the radar’.

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