FOX News first aired back in 1998, about the time BJ Clinton was in the hot seat over his sexual “burps”. The mainstream media refused to cover the scandals, and even went after the accusers, or “victims” of Slick Willy’s “cream factory”. Thank God that Monica Lewinsky saved her blue dress, huh?

Since then, FOX News became what the rest of media wasn’t, a voice for “patriotic” America and the conservative Right. FOX aired reports that no other agency dared to cover, as the MSM turned politically correct, and FOX didn’t.

Through the years, many correspondents, anchors, and staff have come and gone. FOX always tried to remain “fair & balanced” but we all know that those who represented the Left and progressive Democrats were token pieces placed in the mix of the conversation just to show that the Left and Democrats have their head up their ass, because nothing they said produced anything logical, rational, or sound. FOX anchors were made to look good, and to represent the Right as being right, justified, and of sound ideology.

This, of course, set the Liberal-Left into a panic, as well as a frenzy. Eventually, anyone who sided with FOX was their sworn enemy, and a non-American bigot who wanted Republicans to take over America to rule it with an iron-Nazi fist against all the Liberal loons who were only trying to make America into their utopian “wonderland” of peace and harmony. In their mind, FOX was there to destroy them.

Now, it is hard to determine how much FOX did play in election results, and how deeply they influenced the movement to turn America around in order to make it a nation the Right believed in, again. There is no doubt that FOX did lift a “revival” in the Right-wing spirit of America, as the truth was now being shown as to how deviant and hostile the Left and Democrats truly were. FOX was pretty accurate in telling America where the hog ate the cabbage, as far as how the Left manipulated the people through the MSM. By 2008, FOX had become the No. 1 news channel in America, and since that time, the Left has been on a dire and direct attack to eliminate FOX from the competition, to no avail… until now.

Big named radio personalities were brought on board to get ratings. People like Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Tony Snow were the evening headliners. These three exposed the Left, and made mincemeat out of their exploited theatrics and political propaganda side-kicks, while delivering a valid, opposite side to what the Left does, and how the Right has a better solution. As the MSM melted, CNN, ABC, NBC began to fire their news people in a blitzkrieg of a conservative and/or Libertarian round up so that these networks would have no other side of the coin to reflect. Those like Glenn Beck (released from HLN/CNN), Lou Dobbs (released from CNN), Geraldo Rivera (released from ABC), and John Stossel (released from ABC), as well as many others, came on board the FOX Express to give FOX a solid, conservative viewpoint to America’s political problems. As ex-CEO Rupert Murdock once said, “If it wasn’t for the election of Barack Obama, I doubt we’d be as big as we are today!”

Unfortunately, straight conservative sponsors cannot pay the outrageous bills that FOX had acquired… there just wasn’t enough of them. The Liberal sponsors began to cry “foul” to FOX’s upper management, and started to threat in pulling their ads if they didn’t swing more to the Left. So, we began to see more of those like Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, and Megyn Kelly. This relieved some of the tension, but only temporary.

Since 2008, those like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Bill & Hillary Clinton, and the circle of Democrat Left-wing progressive globalists viciously attacked FOX with a vengeance. Anything that didn’t go their way was blamed on the FOX audience, “those fools who are stupid enough to believe the fakery and deception of the truth”, as Nancy Pelosi said. Bill Clinton called the FOX audience “mindless robots who distort reality”. Hillary blamed FOX for her loss this last election. Chuck Schumer calls FOX the “Donald Duck network of Trump loyalists”. And Harry Reid claimed “If it wasn’t for FOX, America would be far different today!” as he felt that the FOX audience stopped much of the Democrat decree that was reshaping and transforming America. I believe one Democrat senator stated while being interviewed, “I place my own life on the line for speaking to you guys right now”, as it was rumored that if a Democrat did speak on issues dire to the Left-movement, that they would be chastised from the Party, and made an example out of for being a “traitor” to the Democrat agenda.

George Soros created Media Matters to counter-punch FOX. Supposed to be a non-bias, non-partisan organization for delivering the “real” truth to the public, they have grown into a force that is indestructible and non-stoppable in the Left-wing propaganda circuit. Media Matters has splintered into dozens of radical, Left-wing organizations that now attacks the Right unjustly and provocatively. They make stories up, and then gets all their crony outlets to run with it to make it appear to be truthful. They spin the truth, and take advantage of the least little trivial negative story on anyone who sides with the Right. The blitzkrieg of anti-Right hate is carried out like the TEA Party was against ObamaCare. They bombard the advertisers with “Did you listen to Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity today? How can you people carry ads on a network that promotes hate, racism, bigotry, and sexism? We already have millions of people lined up to boycott your product if you don’t do something to stop this!”

And in marketing, advertisers count. In stock trading, it counts. With shareholders, it really counts! And with upper management getting a huge ear full, IT COUNTS BIG TIME!

The Left has figured out a way to attack to ruin their media adversary by going after the sponsors, by going after the producers, by going after the anchors with made up scandals, and twisting the truth to create a mess that FOX will only want to sweep quietly under the rug in order to stop the bleeding. Now most would let the ball fall where it may when approached with fake news and contrived scandals. Their day in court can be justified, but as CEOs already knows, it comes with a huge price. This is why they settle out of court by giving in to people who are trying to scam them… even when they know they are in the right, it is easier to quiet the maddening and raging crowd behind the stage than to create a display of back & forth “he said/she said” rhetoric that only creates more bad publicity to have to deal with. For the Left, it is a win-win situation all around. Lies can out trump the truth if it is played correctly with effectiveness. And the Left has created a “machine” to do just exactly that!

I don’t care what you think of Glenn Beck today, as he certainly isn’t the same as he was when he was exposing the corruption of Obama, Democrats, Islam, and George Soros. When Beck exposed the truth of the Islam caliphate, and how they will manipulate sharia into every corner of the globe because of “political correctness”, he has been proven to be correct. When Beck opened the door to Obama’s “Deep State” back in 2010, and Obama/Jarrett black-ops government within the government, he has now been proven to be correct. When he exposed Soros to make him a household name of an evil man willing to spend a fortune and his entire life in destroying America and the free-market enterprise in order to establish a global empire, again Beck has been proven to be correct. Those three items alone got Beck discharged from FOX because the sponsors couldn’t handle the truth, and Obama, the Islamic Republic of Muslim Brotherhood, and Soros (especially Soros) got to the management of FOX by threatening attacks, law suits, and cuts in advertisers… even to go so far as full scale demonstrations outside the FOX headquarters on a daily basis, if they didn’t fire Beck.

The Left learns quickly, and they are now doing the same against Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Tucker. Each have claimed the attacks, and each now believes that their time is short with FOX. In fact, it is heard that Bill will not be returning to ‘The Factor’ on FOX, as he will be canned by the new CEO’s of FOX the day he returns from vacation.

* News Update: Bill O’Reilly was fired today at FOX News!

If FOX goes, our nation will no longer have a conservative media voice outside of talk radio and the Internet. Anyone who watches FOX can see how it has changed in the past several years. The news is no longer made from journalism. The news is now only ones opinion, backed by talking heads paid to agree with the opinion. The news IS propaganda, and it is only an influence to sway public opinion. Although points from a headline are made, each story has their little “Joseph Goebbels” to provide commentary of why the Left is correct, and the right is totally wrong by spinning the truth into lies. And it is well known throughout history that the media makes and breaks the times.

“Don’t confuse me with the facts!” That is what a typical Liberal will say. They don’t want to hear the truth, they don’t care about reality, they can’t handle the truth… they only live to drive their agenda further and deeper, as the ends justifies the means. Yes, this is much bigger than anyone thought, and deeper than anyone can fathom. The syndication cabal of government/media/Hollywood/education/union has taken over, and there is little without using brute force that will stop them. They all work in synchronization, perfect harmony and orchestration, to further their demise of Americanism, and establish their collective, global-state. As Michael Savage said the other day, “Trump not only exposed the Left and their corruption… he has intensified it 100 fold!”

Mark Levin said that within three years, FOX will become the same as MSNBC and CNN. You can bet that nothing will be done to overcome it, except for Internet news, like the Blaze, CTV, and Breitbart, to come to the needs of conservative-information broadcasting. Cable companies refuse to carry conservative broadcasting, so we will have to rely on the radio, computer and smart phone for accurate and informed truth, and you know 75% of America will still get their news from the propagandized central media.

I will probably turn off FOX now, as ‘The Factor’ has always been a part of my evening entertainment, along with Tucker and Hannity. Once they are gone, FOX will be totally Liberal, as I’m sure the rest will be shown the door by the new management of Leftist ideologues who now run the network. Oh well… having no conservative viewpoint for so many years… it was nice while it lasted!

Too bad, Americans are letting America slip through their fingers without giving them a one finger salute. As I’ve said, if America falls, we only have ourselves to blame for letting it happen without doing anything constructive enough to fight back to stop them. We are giving America to them without a fight, as they are laughing at us for another job well done in their agenda of stealing this nation from us. I’m glad I’m old enough to remember the good old days, and old enough that I won’t have to live through the Hell we are about to receive.

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Written By: Jim Hovda




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