A Call to Arms?


On May 16th of this year there is yet ANOTHER mass demonstration to take place in the District of Corruption that has been SCHEDULED by its organizers many months in advance.  Scheduled so that many people can ‘arrange their own personal schedules’ in order to attend.  They will set their DVR’s to record their favorite television programs while they are away; many will arrange babysitters to watch their children while they are away; deliveries will be postponed until they return.

Then they will head off to the District of Corruption to join with others who have made the same advance preparations in order to listen to ‘pro America’ speeches that will be given by those who the media has appointed to be the highly paid “spokespeople” for the right side of what is actually America’s totally owned and controlled ONE political party system.

At each preset stage area the media cameras will have been setup at the most advantageous positions to give the most favorable view of the media darlings that will be giving those pro America speeches.

People will show up quite possibly in mass again and as before many will be decked out in colonial dress complete with three cornered hats.  There will be many carrying the Gadsden Flag.  Many will be carrying signs and banners stating their personal category of discontent, such as obamacare, or the attacks on the second amendment, or the encouraged and financially rewarded invasion of this nation by millions upon millions of illegals.

There will even be a police presence there.  NOT to keep the people in line because those on the right side of the party are too polite to even attempt to do something that could be construed as violent in nature.  The police presence will be there primarily for the cameras to also record, and their presence will be shown repeatedly on the media catering to the left side of the party, stating how the demonstrators were “successfully kept in line” by the police.  However … being that the event was “scheduled” many months in advance there will be no leftists found anywhere in the district of corruption on that day.  Being a Friday, congress will have left early.  Thus the only visible presence in the area that day other than those who live in that city will be the “demonstrators” and the police.

Then will come the speeches by the highly paid media darlings appointed to be the “leaders” and “spokespeople” of the right side of the party, where they will all in their own fashion shout out “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore”.   There will even be speeches given by a couple of the very few politicians that America’s actual owners have even funded for office to keep alive the illusion of political diversity in America.  They will state the importance of staying banded together because by doing so they will most definitely “keep the idea of freedom alive”.

There will be massive applause at each of those speeches.  At the end of the day everyone will pack up and return to their homes; once again feeling good about themselves that they were there.  They will actually feel that they have accomplished something positive by attending that get together.  They will feel that they have successfully drawn yet ANOTHER line in the sand that they dare the government to cross … until it does … and then ANOTHER rally will be “scheduled” months in advance where they will come back again to listen to more speeches by the media appointed “spokespeople” and they will draw yet ANOTHER line in the sand.

Will ANYTHING POSITIVE have been accomplished by this prescheduled rally?  MOST DEFINITELY YES.

The owners of the gas stations, whether private or corporately owned will see an increase in profits for that day and a couple of days prior and post rally.  Restaurants will see an increase in profits for the same brief period, as will Hotels, and Motels and Convenience Stores.  And in this nation where the economy is being deliberated destroyed, ANY increase in profits, even briefly, is welcomed by businesses.

Other than that … NO.  Not in the physical realm anyway.  However, in the emotional realm a great deal will have been accomplished.

America is a very unique country.  It was established on the concept of true freedom for all.  It was established in such a way that the people were actually meant to govern themselves by limiting the size, scope and power of government.  Those concepts made America almost invincible.  As such it grew to be a very powerful nation.  It truly was the shining beacon for all the people of the world to look up to.

But there have always been those that hated freedom and felt that all people should be controlled.  But America became just too powerful to outright overthrow.  That didn’t mean that it COULDN’T be overthrown … it only meant that to accomplish that task would take a very long time and it would have to be accomplished from the INSIDE and with the actual HELP of the American people themselves.  There was only ONE group that was capable of such a task because they had unobstructed access to ALL countries on the planet, and that was the financial group of international bankers and industrialists.  This group eventually became the dominant power throughout the world; America included.

The Media is the most powerful emotion driving force in all areas of the world.  ALL of the major Media throughout the entire world eventually wound up being owned and controlled by just six corporations; and the ownership of those corporations was comprised of the same group of financial globalists where they could control the emotions and actual thought process of all people.

Americans had long since, and under the guidance of the media, went against the wishes of the founders of this nation, and aligned themselves with primarily two political parties.  Those parties needed financial funding which the globalists gladly supplied in return for control of those parties.  The two parties in essence became actually ONE political party operating under the orchestrated illusion of there being two separate parties.

Communism is self defeating and cannot function without capital.  The globalists supplied this capital and because the left side of the party was considered to be the less intelligent and the more able to be emotion manipulated group, the communists were appointed the overseers of that side of the party, to further the illusion of political diversity.   They do not own or truly control that side of the party, they are only there to further an illusion, and those on the left side of the party willingly succumb to that control because they do not really know any better.

Those that aligned themselves with the right side of the party were more difficult to control and manipulate, so for them a different division of the media was created by this same financial group that would initially align itself with those people and then ever so gradually begin to move them back toward the center and finally to the left side; convincing them that this would be the ONLY way for them to accomplish anything politically.  And that plan is showing very positive results as time continues.

The Media, through all of its divisions, from network news to television and movies, and naturally through the highly influential music industry, has slowly and very painstakingly converted America into an overall passive nation.

After the end of World War 2 there were many smaller wars created around the globe that involved sending America’s military into.  The true reason for any of those wars was never disclosed, but the media covered those wars accentuating primarily on what they deemed to be the unjustified loss of American lives.  Ultimately the public became – and justifiably so – very weary of all those unexplained wars, where America only and always experienced not just the loss of its youth and career military personnel, but the loss of hundreds upon hundreds of billions of American tax dollars as well, and ALL for seemingly NOTHING.  Americans became not only tired of wars but tired of conflict of any kind as well.  THIS, like the destruction of America’s economy, was by design.  Americans no longer want conflict.  They have been programmed to want to avoid conflict in any way that they can.

This indoctrination has been so successful that to the vast majority of Americans today, if the term – A CALL TO ARMS – was sent out nationwide in an effort to retake this country physically, most people would interpret that as a request for — A SHOW OF HANDS – as to how many THINK the country should be saved.

Put the question to them, — “How many of you are against the leftist takeover of this nation?” – And people will just raise their hands.   Put the question to them – “How many of you will actually fight if necessary to retake this country from those who purchased, own and control it?” – And what will be seen is a massive number of replies stating how we should use the election process to solve all of our problems and save America THAT way.

The pacification of America has now been completed and the orchestrated destruction of America will continue on unabated.  The extreme few in this country who WOULD take up arms against what is now becoming a totalitarian government are actually so few in true numbers that if they actually did attempt a physical and armed retaking they would easily be put down with the rest of America saying nothing more than “oh those poor people … may they rest in peace”.

But Americans will once again gather for yet another prescheduled “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore” feel good about themselves rally, where they will listen to more in person speeches by their highly paid media appointed “leaders” and where they will draw yet MORE lines in the sand and then go back home and continue to complain about what is happening to their country.  That is until they are grouped together again, but only that time for transportation to “re-education camps.


Addendum:  I could have ended this article the way that I did above the line, but I will add this to it.  A PEACEFUL solution via the election process is by far the BEST solution.   BUT … when asked HOW people would pull off such a solution ALL that anyone hears back is that “We need to take back control of the republican side of the party”.


When asked HOW they THINK they can accomplish such a task, they ALL say “We need to put up and elect people that represent US”.  And THAT answer seems to be the universal and very LOUD answer to that question.

Then, when you ask the people if they TRULY THINK that the owners of America’s government would actually financially fund and get elected a sufficient number of people for office who are AGAINST the owners of this nation’s government, what you hear from them is absolutely NOTHING.  Nothing but dead silence.

So HOW can people take “back” control of what they NEVER had control of to begin with?  HOW can they expect the owners of America’s government to financially fund and get elected to office a sufficient number of people that are AGAINST what the owners of America’s government are doing to this nation?

The ONLY answer is to form and SELF FUND ED THIRD political party that is totally free of corporate control.  A party that will actually represent the American people themselves again, like it was in the very beginning of this nation.   It CAN be done and many including myself have published the way that it CAN be done.  But Americans have been successfully indoctrinated to believe that they cannot fight the financial power of the financial globalists and as such will continue to seek the help of the financial globalists to free America from the ownership and control of the financial globalists.


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    Any independent third party would have to take to its feet in order to accomplish what the other parties have done. People are fed up with what has been going on in this country. They have had enough of the government dictating what we can and cannot do. What the current leadership has put into place can be removed/overcome.

    Yes, it will take a concerted effort. That means that those who want real change will get off their seats and onto their feet to get the changes made.

    We need leadership that really wants what our founding fathers had in mind. Returning to basics is the best way to get to the right solutions. Paying lip service just won’t do it.

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      Thank you for your comment.
      Unfortunately ALL that people do in this country anymore is “pay lip service”.
      Those who claim to actually still care about this nation and its’ Constitution constantly complain about what is happening to this nation, but the “complaining” part is where they stop.
      American’s are totally lost. They keep looking for OTHERS to take action and then as the true sheep they have proven themselves to be, they will follow. BUT they will only follow ‘IF’ they see those OTHERS gaining headway. If they see someone or even a small group try and fail, the most they will do is say “oh that’s such a shame” and leave it at that.
      There have been a few of us who have shown HOW Americans can actually establish an effective THIRD political party, but people will NOT listen. Unfortunately those of us who have documented the HOW, like myself are seniors and in poor health, so all that we can do anymore is try to ignite a spark of reasoning in people before we ourselves leave this world and this country to it’s inevitable collapse. Americans voluntarily choose to stay with the party that is destroying this nation, somehow thinking that they can convince that party to change course and defend instead of destroy this nation.
      That delusion of theirs is leading them to their own end. And it seems more evident almost daily that nothing can or will be able to change them.
      But there is ALWAYS hope. Somewhere in America may be an individual or even a small group possessing not just TRUE patriotism, but also possessing a fire in his or their souls that can arouse the sheeple to not just believe in them but to join with them to save America from what is now totally obvious.

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