2016 A Year in Review



Well, here we are at the end of another year, and thank God for that! The year 2016 has been a strange year, one that saw anger, sorrow, madness, frustration, worry, anticipation, revival, and joy. Yes, 2016 was a roller-coaster ride of emotions, one many will not soon forget.

We learned that miracles can happen, as both the Chicago Cubs and Donald Trump won in their run to be champions. The ones who really won in 2016 are the people… well, most of them. Sure, there are a few who are beside themselves that both of these long-shot bets would ever be holding the trophy, as in those two races there can only be one defined winner and no trophies given for participation. A wise betting man would have placed big money on either one, or both, to be the ones victorious out of the numerous crop of top contenders vying for that winner’s circle, for he surely would be dancing in riches today.

No one could have predicted in May that the Chicago Cubs would win the Series, let alone the Pennant, as teams like St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta have danced upon victory square more than a dozen times in the past 108 years, as Chicago has never returned there once. And no one would predict that a businessman with no political experience could pull the upset in June to win the nomination of Republican Presidential Candidate from the big league players of Bush, Cruz, Rubio, and Paul. Yes, there must be a God, as both Chicago beat a persistent group of Indians in a tremendous comeback in October, and Trump beat a devious group of established-elitist pythons in a tremendous landslide in November.

Christmas did come early for many Americas, who are ringing in the New Year with a smile of great hope and faith that justice has finally prevailed, while seeing revenge for the past ten is bitter sweet.

But it wasn’t all roses and Santa Claus for Chicago in 2016, as the Windy City blew away last year’s record for their murder rate by 72%, leaving Chicagoland in deep sorrow and turmoil, as more than 700 people have lost their life to criminals who have basically taken over the south and west sides of America’s third largest city, and home of our current president, who will remain in Washington DC to fight the next president, instead of going home to attempt to calm the waters as a past “community organizer” in his hometown, where he would be needed more.

Chicago hasn’t been the only city with double digit increases in murder and criminal activity in 2016, as 91% of every city above a 100K population has surged in violence. Soros funded groups, like Black lives Matters and Occupy, have set a tone for rebellion against conservative ideology of the Right. From disrupting Trump and Sanders rallies, to starting riots and cop killings, these Leftist anarchists have spawned new aggression among the lost souls of the basement dwellers at mom’s. Driven by the lame-stream media and social nitwits who think they are important in the fight for social justice, the deception of a fictitious world created for political, social, and economical gains have incited outrage over a cop using lethal force in defending himself against a zoned-out criminal with a weapon, and a racists billionaire coming to town to speak how he will end the chaos and mayhem that has taken over this nation during these past eight years under a black president.

Race has become the leading issue in 2016, and also the divide, by keeping America in turmoil by oppression of the middle and lower classes, and creating a social dilemma out of thin air and lies to give the rebels an excuse to create their blood sport. Something that this administration proudly wears as a badge of honor, becoming one of their major accomplishments in electing America’s first black as President. Sounds racist, but it’s not. America could have chosen any black leader with a career of success, and with a background of leadership in the cause of civil rights. But instead, America chose a nobody from nowhere who hasn’t accomplished anything, yet who created a surrounding, protectionist army of socialists, communists and globalists to progress him forward into the “House of Change” to fundamentally transform this nation 180 degrees from its Founding. It baffles many how Obama can still have a 52% approval rating, as there are only but a few today who can claim they are better off because of him and his tyrannical policies. Unfortunately for America, it has to put up with “the beast” for another 20 days, as there still is enough time to ring in the New Year with a war, or economic meltdown, to leave the 45th President with one hell of a mess to clean up in 2017.

This year also saw a great loss in the fields of sport and entertainment. Many famous names have left us this year, as the list is about as long as one has ever seen of those who passed away, leaving a great void in many hearts and memories. May they all rest in peace, as we will forever remember their mark upon our life of fun and excitement.

This year also saw an uptick in illegal immigration and importation of Islamic refugees into our nation to further stretch the “entitlement honey-pot”. The military has also seen its lowest point since before WW I, as terrorism has caused more deaths in 2016 since 9-11. The Mediterranean now has no US naval fleet to protect our allies, as one of the last orders of our Commander-In-Chief was to recall the USS Eisenhower back to Norfolk, VA… something America has never done since the end of WW II. Do you smell an Obama rat lurking in the dark?

Meanwhile, Europe and the Mideast are now in flames, as Muslims have embolden their move to caliphate the world, and set Sharia as their only doctrine they will now follow. The year is also ending on a sour note that this administration has spent billions in bribes to ICE, DHS, and DINR to purposely protect illegals who have ties to the Hispanic cartels in drug and human trafficking, leaving our streets that more open to criminal espionage from them, and from the record number of felons released back into our cities by Executive pardon.

But 2016 won’t end completely bad. Lower gas and energy prices have put back over $168 billion into our economy, giving consumers and businesses a little more money to play with. We saw more available jobs on the market, but most were part-time or at a lower wage than before Obamanomics took over. Technology has put a computer, 50 inch big screen, an iPod or iPhone, and other gadgets, into most our homes, as even the poor can now afford these once pricey items with the huge increase they now receive in all those entitlements they get. America did see the greatest spending on Christmas this year since they began keeping track of it. And, Christmas is now making a tremendous comeback, as Americans are now telling humbug atheists and the politically correct to go screw themselves, because we now have “Trump-Almighty” standing by our side to vanquish our oppressors.

We hope that the transition from last year into the next moves swiftly, cleanly, and without purposeful complications. America is leaving last year with a new hope and vision that the American Dream through the American Way has returned to claim their places once again upon the Spirit of Americanism. Although a new year is before us, we can never take it for granted, as our duty is to carry on the momentum of this movement to restore our nation and vanquish her enemies once and for all. To unite our America, we must close the division through truth and the projection of reality, not fantasy of lies and deceit. For we have at our feet the opportunity we have searched for, and a way to use our hands and our mind to sculpture America’s future by restoring her past. The road will not be smooth, and there will be plenty of roadblocks and detours placed before us, but if we stay determined in unity, we shall overcome them to make America great again. Thank God 2017 is finally here!


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Written By: Jim Hovda


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